Liberal Fool Declares We Just Weren’t Ready for Obama

geraldoSo why is America so divided after more than seven years of a black President?

Well according to token Fox News liberal, Geraldo Rivera, maybe we simply we’re ready for a black President?

Geraldo Rivera appeared on Fox News’ Outnumbered to give his two cents on why the country seems so divided. His theory, is that America was just not ready for a Black President.

“I think what is clear is that the nation was not ready for a black president, and I think the gross divisions we suffer right now in this country are, when you strip away everything else, the gun rights, terror, and all the rest of it, what you have essentially is a nation divided between white people and everybody else in broad strokes.”

Geraldo, you got it completely wrong.

Barack Obama was simply not ready to lead a racially divided America as a black man.

As a result, his lack of leadership resulted in making the racial divide larger.

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