Liberal Loon Fest – With One Lone Voice of Reason

20561598986_9898df4827Liberals love calling the GOP line-up of candidates for President a “Clown Car.”

If that’s the case, the Democratic debate was clearly one liberal loony tunes…

With ONE lone exception:

Sure, this batch of candidates sounded like a bunch of loons.

They contended socialism is mostly about standing up to the richest one percent and promoting entrepreneurs and small business; climate change is the biggest national security threat facing the nation; college educations should be free for everyone; all lives don’t matter, black lives do; Obama is simultaneously an enormously successful president in managing the economy and the middle class is collapsing and there’s a need for a “New New Deal” which is in fact an Old Old Idea, considering how FDR called for a Second New Deal in 1935.

The audience in Nevada applauded higher taxes, believes that Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to answer any more questions, supports the complete shutdown of the NSA domestic surveillance program, and that Obamacare benefits should be extended to illegal immigrants. There are kindergarten classes with more realistic assessments of cost-benefit tradeoffs than the crowd watching this debate at the Wynn Las Vegas.

The ONE exception to the liberal loon fest?

Jim Webb.

Jim Webb pointed out how affirmative action disadvantages poor whites, the need to respect the rights of gun owners, the seriousness of foreign-policy threats that Democrats rarely acknowledge — like cyber threats, hacking (ahem), and China. He was the lone voice of reality saying,“With all due respect to Senator Sanders, I don’t think the revolution is going to come, and I don’t think the Congress is going to pay for all this.”

Mr. Webb, please don’t run as an Independent.

We need you in the Democratic debates to show how detached from reality Hillary and Bernie are.

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