The Liberal Media’s Outrageous Protection of Hillary

23747296192_ec43da8900_bWe see it every day.

We read it online.

We hear it whenever we turn on the Main Stream Media news.

The liberal media is doing EVERYTHING to cover for and protect Hillary.

Here’s the latest, most ridiculous, case in point:

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” network commentator Cokie Roberts said when Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump attacks his opponent Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as “unhinged,” it is code for “we shouldn’t elect a woman.”

Roberts said, “About unhinged and she doesn’t look presidential, is totally code for we shouldn’t elect a woman. That is exactly what that is.”

No, Cokie, it’s not any kind of code speak.

Hillary is unhinged.

Look at her.

Watch how she acts on the campaign trail.

She is a roller coaster of emotions. She does not appear at all genuine. She appears tired, run down, and unhealthy.

She displays signs of someone who is mentally, emotionally, and physically unstable.

But that’s really no surprise now is it?

After all, Hillary is pushing seventy years old.

Her public life has been a series of one scandal after another.

Her defense to fight off these scandals is to flat out lie.

After decades of living this kind of life, it has to take a toll.

It would unhinge anyone.

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