Liberal Public Schools Support Islam – They Never Expected This Response

classroomMake no mistake.

This is what’s happening in public schools across American.

While prayer has been removed, and kids no longer Pledge Allegiance, they are getting a full helping of Islam.

But while public schools are indoctrinating kids in Islam, informed, concerned parents are fighting back:

As Islamic forces slaughter Christian minorities and terrorist groups gain an ever greater hold of territory in the war torn Middle East, American public schools have embarked on a liberal multiculturalist program whose end result would be the Islamic indoctrination of American children. Parents aren’t standing pat. As the Conservative Tribune notes:

When a county in Georgia started indoctrinating their students in the Islamic faith, they figured that parents would just let it slide under the banner of multiculturalism. They figured wrong.

Now, hundreds of Walton County parents are set to address the school board’s Oct. 10 meeting, looking to get equal time for Christianity and Judaism and to fix some of the misleading information in the curriculum. Especially controversial is a worksheet given to students where Allah is referred to as the “same god worshipped by Jews & Christians…

Without question, something is seriously wrong when we remove God and prayer from our public schools, but now teach kids all about Islam.

It takes more than concerned Christian parents.

This is an issue we should all protest.

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