Liberal TV Newscast Admits Something About to Come Down on Hillary

hqdefaultHey Hillary, even your liberal friends in the media are hearing the buzz about your email mess…

It seems that there’s lots of nervousness and chatter going on.

Will she be indicted?

When will it go down?

Will something go down soon?

Is it all just talk to gain viewers and social media clicks…

Or, is something about to happen soon regarding the FBI investigation and an indictment against Hillary?

Well, according to Morning Joe, their insider sources seem to think something big is about to happen:

As the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server continues, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” panel discussed Friday the impact it could have on her presidential campaign.

Host Joe Scarborough shared that “for several months” he and co-host Mika Brzezinski have been hearing “the same thing” from “all of our sources high-up … that this investigation is far more advanced than the public knows.”

Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor Mark Halperin told Scarborough and Brzezinski that “there are three things people are keying off of” regarding the investigation.

“First of all, there’s a lot of chatter amongst FBI agents, many of whom have never been big fans of the Clintons,” he explained.

Second, he said, “from a legal point of view, some of the recent developments … it’s hard to see how the Justice Department, the FBI, doesn’t want to interview Secretary Clinton.”

Halperin said he believes “that interview alone, short of an indictment … would be a huge political development. It would undermine confidence in the notion of some Democrats going forward with Secretary Clinton.”

The third thing, he continued, is that “there are some people in the White House who are starting to talk about this.”

Halperin said though it is unclear to him whether White House officials know what is happening, but “the body language among some Obama Administration official is, ‘This is more serious, and something’s gonna happen.’”

He went on to say that if Clinton were indicted, “the timing of it could be, if not cataclysmic, pretty bad for Secretary Clinton.”

Scarborough said that he has been hearing from people in the Obama Administration and law enforcement “more and more that something may be coming down the road.”

Yes, it is serious.

Will the FBI interview Hillary?

If they do, will we know about it?

Will the Obama Administration indict based upon FBI evidence?

Here’s what’s puzzling?

How can even the most rabid Democrat vote for Hillary in these primaries with this hanging over her head?

If the FBI can’t out Hillary…

If Obama won’t get her…

Will the voters do it?


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  • Americans Wake Up

    We can only hope its an indictment and prison. The only thing better than this is if she had to share a cell with Obama.

    • DOC

      I been hearing about the Clintons going to jail for years maybe you haters will get lucky. If you put all the dirty politicians in jail you and me would have to run the country. LOL

      • BA

        And we would probably do a better job. Sure couldn’t do any worse.

        • DOC

          You be the pres. I will be VP

          • BA

            Sounds good. Ordinary citizens will be our cabinet.

          • DOC

            Right on

          • valinmpls

            Hey can I be a cabinet member? LOL

          • DOC

            You got to talk with the president LOL

      • freedomoutpost ken

        and that would be far better than what we have been getting from those elected.

    • sue

      Obama’s administration belong in prison as well. No one is above the law!

  • don lavrich

    lets hope the voters can figure it out if not we are up s##t creek!

  • mrp15

    Problem is Obama can’t blow the whistle on Clinton because she knows where the his bodies are buried and will retaliate.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      And it’s vice versa, he knows where she hid hers, so to speak, Foster for one

  • apzzyk

    The 2 Secretaries of State under Bush said that they had done the same thing, and Powell was wondering why this was such a big deal. I have been under investigation since about 1964, and all that it has done is damaged my reputation when it was revealed to others. The same with Hillary, and if you only knew what was in your FBI file, which you should try to get under the Privacy Act, but won’t, then the word might spread about you too – everyone is constantly under investigation by the IRS – that is how it works. Why is the IRS wasting its time and your money when all of my income comes from VA disability and SS disability – neither of which can be taxed. A friend who was high in the Government as an Inspector General, told me to count my fingers if I should ever shake hands with an FBI agent. They are in the business of finding dirt, not finding the truth. Any crime with which she might be charged is a specific intent crime, which are very difficult to prove absent anything being done with what ever information she had. This site and others depend on ‘IRS Insiders’, and all of the rest of the ‘insiders’ – most of whom happen to be out of contact with reality, for their rumors. For those buying gold for home storage, I have making some neon signs for you to hand over your front door. Ron Paul has been predicting the fall of the dollar since he first ran for Congress almost 40 years ago, and there seem to be enough idiots left who still believe him. Since the FBI became a ‘law enforcement agency’ in 1930 under J. Edgar, it has mostly been a den of crooks who do not investegate themselves, because if they did they would all have to do time – they commit crimes in the name of catching criminals, so are definately the ‘good guys’.

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      So, what is your point. The Hilda-Beast got caught, good about time, and this has opened the door for even more investigation. Now the Clinton Foundation is under investigation, over “donations”??? Try bribes. money laundering,

      • apzzyk

        Nice name calling – makes you appear like a more perfect ass hole. Non Profits all have open books which were not what the Tea Party ones wanted because it would disclose the identities of its donors and then did not want to disclose how much the non-profit spent on political activities, so this disqualified them. If you want an accounting from the Clinton or the Bill and Melinda Gates foundations send them a request and there might be a small service and postage charge – so go ahead and make my day. You are being investigated for the accuracy of your 2011 and 2012 tax returns right now so if you fudged in your benefit they can impose both civil and criminal penalties. Next to Drugs, IRS offenses are the leading contributor to the prison population. Good luck on your audit.

        • used_to_be_a_liberal

          Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed the name Hilda-Beast, it suits her very well.
          I would not trust a damn thing that comes from any office or business that is associated with any one of the Clintons. If you choose to blindly support them, because you think that either one of them gives a damn about people, and that they will give you your utopia, then you are dreaming.
          My understanding is that it is an F B I investigation into the Clinton foundation, re-donations, rather bribes, and possibly money laundering as well.

          • apzzyk

            Your use of the name reminds me very much of my racist bigoted dad, and as with him, it tells me more about you than do your accusations. I do not blindly support any candidate, and if the election wee to be held today, I would vote for Bernie, because I think that she is too conservative. In just surfing and catching the debate during commercials, they both cae about the people of Central America, but would have handled the child immigrant problem differently where all we hear from the GOP candidates is deport them all,even though that is economically impossible, and then there is the total blocking of the mid east refugees – where the GOP orientation is totally un-American so far as I am concerned.
            Money laundering, when it comes to non-profits comes when a donor to the non profit also ibenefits almost as much as the donation or more. According to a Conservative site, the Clintons, over the past 16 years have made an average of $10m per year in just speakers fees, and there has been no whowing that they made any money from this charity, and so if you get a copy of what I suggeted before and find anything, you have the duty to report it to the authorities, so either put up or shut up.
            Also, please name the alleged ‘Liberal’ reporter – this is not Deep Throat again.
            By the way, my dad was diagnosed as being the most demented man that his Dr. had ever seen. Check your plaque level.

          • Rex Tyrano

            apzzyk – are you suggesting that because others did the same crime she shouldn’t be prosecuted? Wrong – prosecute all who commit the crime. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

            As US Sec of State Hellary was about the number two communications intercept and intel target for mostly everybody. Everything she said on and particularly off the record was of interest to intel agencies everywhere. ANY communications to or from ANYONE at that level ANYWHERE are high priority. I have NO DOUBT Russia and or China and or several others have ALL her email. Just imagine what they could do if they leak them or threaten to leak them through – say some Albanian or whatever hacker – say during a political crisis or in October 2016. Can you say “Blackmail” and/or “October Surprise”??? If as Sec of State she didn’t know her communications regardless of security classification were of interest then she is, to put it charitably, clearly far too out of touch with reality to be President.

          • apzzyk

            Every other country in the world knows that each agency has its own official servers, and we know that many of these have been hacked. For example, HHS has publicly annouched that SS numbers, names and other things have been taken by generally unknown hackers, and that it is generally believed that China has been hacking into DOD servers to get top secret information. Hillary and the previous secretaries, all had official email accounts on the State Department servers, and now from Powll and Rice we also know that they used their private email accounts for official business. By Clinton having a private server, whose existence was known only to her, Bill and a very few others, until its existence was revealed in the Gowdy hearings, with its existence unknown, it would not be a prime target for hackers, and even if they went after it, her emails were probably encryped – the algorithms for this process can be found in any Theory of Numbers text, and without the key, even the law enforcement agencies of the US are usually unable to read them, so it is more likely that the foreign intelligence organizations would have gotten more information from her govt server, than from here private one.
            Then, the use of an unofficial server or email address must have been illegal at the time. With Rice admitting that she used private one or ones, and there being no changes in the law between the time that she left office and Hillary when Hillary took over, there could have been no change in the law which would make her conduct illegal – it might have been against the Federal Rules, but since these are administratively made, there can be no criminal penalties. The equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment requires that equals be treated equally under the law, and so treating Hillary different from her predicessors would violate this part of the Constitution.
            Then there is the Gowdy committee. The reason for haveing any legiislative committee is to make laws. At no time that has been discovered regarding this Committee was there any discussion of new laws which would make this conduct illegal and subject to criminal penalties, the only reason for it must have been political, and House leaders and a GOP member of the committee have admitied that, so it had no legitimate legislative purpose. This would mean that any information which it might have collected would have been illegally obtained. Material which has been illegally obtained and that which is subsequently gathered, are ‘the fruit of the poisonous tree’ and cannot be used in any prosecution.
            For example, if you are pulled over while driving on some pretext – you really have not violated any law, and your car is searched and they find pot, it would have been illegally obtained, and while they could seize the pot, they could not prosecute you for having it.
            With Hillary, the existence of the private server was not known until the hearings got the information through its power, which, from the beginning was being mis-used, so without that the FBI would have been totally unaware that it existed, so without this there would have been no investigation – you cannot invetigate somethng unless you know it exists.
            The conclusion was that this was just a fishing expedition, which is not a reason to have a Congressional Committee, and so anything that it managed to learn would have been gained illegally because it is always assumed that the Congress and its Committees have the making of laws as their sole purposes.
            We have had Clinton haters since Bill ran for his first office and maybe before, and I doubt that any President and his family has been investigated more than he and Hillary – all at govt expense, and the reason for his impeachment was that he had not been entirely truthful in the investigation into Monica. In the case of impeachment, the House only serves to find if there is probable cause, but then it is the Senate that serves as the Court, to determine if the evidence available is serious enough to warrent conviction and removal from office. The Senate did not find this, so Bill was not removed from office, even though the GOP really did not like him at all. So without him to be the target, he was replaced with Hillary, and so she became a target.
            Now, with the perpetuation and continued bitching from conservatives about all of this her reputation and integrity have been damaged – which was the only goal of Gowdy and the GOP leadership in the house which let this go forward, and even though nothing can be legally done, it is still being used to her detriment. If she were a private citizen she could become a very rich person by filing suits against all, including you, who keep insisting that she has actually violated the law, so you and many others are simply lucky nor ro have this risk hanging over your heads.
            With me, as soon as Bernie announced, I was one of his supporters because we were both student radicals at the same time, and our main difference was that he seems to have gotten busted for his activities while I didn’t, and we still have very much the same views, and soon I will be sending him some suggestions on how to fund his plan for tuition free education and the single payer health coverage for all that will actullly lower taxes for the middle class, balance the national budget, and give the new Congress more money to try to catch up with as much of the damage that it can by restoring funding to sufficient levels for all of Federal Government resposibilities and liabilities. You will be amazed at its simplicty and effectiveness if I can actually get it to him.

          • valinmpls

            Hey – isn’t General Petrayus sitting in prision right now for doing some of the same things as HRC??

          • apzzyk

            Last I heard, Petrayus was being considered for a post retirement demotion, and since all General Officers are O-9’s that might mean that he would just be another Col, but that has never, to my knowledge, been done.

          • valinmpls

            You know, apzzyk, you go on and on about this but even if everything was just as you say about HRC’s private server – HOW COME? she’s allowed to run for president of our country with everything else hanging over her butt – such as Bengazi, Whitewater, TravelGate, Filegate, and etc, and claiming to ‘BE FOR women” when she was the first person to call her own husband’s rape and abuse victims lliers and go after them with all she had? This woman has more baggage in her past than American Airlines!

          • Rex Tyrano

            Gee – “Progressives” have achieved in Venezuela about the same results as Blacks have in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Now BSanders wants to do the same here. Hmmm … is … is … is that called Stupid Privilege?

            If you want socialism go to Venezuela. Oh and bring food and toilet paper – they seem to be running low on both these days. BTW did you know Chavez was a billionaire? One wonders what the bus driver’s net worth is these days. He certainly looks like he’s eating well – even if his countrymen are having a bit of trouble with the food thing. But every cloud has a silver lining – after all the food shortage is helping with the toilet paper shortage.

            Or you can stay here and vote for BSanders. Like all socialists/Marxists he will certainly eliminate the wealth problem. It’s totally amazing that there are people who believe giving control of all the money to the same people who control all the guns is a “really good idea”! (see Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, _Pol Pot, the Kim Family, the Castro bro, Chavez, Maduro, etc. etc. etc. What do they call doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? Oh – I remember – “progressive”!

          • apzzyk

            The Capitalist banking system worked so well in Iceland that the country went broke; the low tax system in Ireland worked so well to attract new actual business, that it is broke; the condo building boom in Spain and Portugal went so well that there are many empty units and way too many homeless people; if Greece would have had an enforceable tax code, it would not have to be in the 2nd bail out and more austarity. All of these were based on firm US Capitalist ideas, which failed when applied. There are plenty of bad examples to go around.
            In the US we have has some socialism since before the revolution – the post roads, that carried not only the mail (to facilitate Freedom of Speech, and the right to freely associate), but also commerce and people – we now have the Federal Highway system and the Interstate Highway system so that people will not have to pay 50 cents a mile to cross scenic KS. We have had various forms of Socialized Medicine since the VA healthcare system was established about 80 years ago – which has gone to hell because the politicians in DC want to see it fail so under fund it by keeping it on the discretionary budget, where Medicare seems to work much better without micro managing it. We have socialized free, clean (in most places) drinking water, and a public waste disposal system so the people down stream do not catch the good old Typhoid. One of the only two mandatory functions of the government, the USPS, is also going to hell because of lack of funding – better to cut taxes on the wealthy that to treat vets and deliver the mail. Most cities have a socialized mass transit system so that people can afford to go to work and back home. We also have one of the safest air travel systems that relies on the socialist FAA and its controllers so that we do not have Newtonian problems (2 solid objects trying to occupy the same space at the same time) and all that many structural failures because of inspections.
            We are the only country with a 2nd Amendment, and have the highest rate of misuse of guns anywhere in the world and the NRA wants to scare more people into having them. Officially, the control of money is a Federal problem, but when the money hoarders have more money than does the Federal Government that does not work well. Too Big to Fail banks, as we should have seen a few years ago, are too big to exist. Deregulation of the Savings and Loans was such a good idea that we no longer have any of them. Making mortgages so that anyone who could fog up a mirror could have one worked so well that the people who bought them could not afford them, and by not regulating the rating agencies, made it possible to have highly rated mortgages that were not worth the paper they were written on, and people becoming homeless.
            New Medical Doctors graduate with $400-500K in private student debt, which they have to pass on to their patients or insurance companies, so why is the price of healthcare in the US several times that in other countries with free higher education? Those dollars of interest that they pay come out of your pocket.
            A 25 yr younger man who has been staying with me for 11 months, just went back to AL today. He had been employeed as a highly skilled worker at the same job, which carried no health insurance for 20 years, and had to quit because of undiagnosed and untreated medical problems (High BP, Diabetes, etc. as well as untreated bi-polar disorder), so why is the death rate in AL, MS, FL, LA, so much higher than it is in CO? What price to put on a early death? Under capitalism all things have a price, so please tell me.
            The Koch Bros want to privitize the VA Healthcare system – I am 100% VA disabled, so how much will they charge me for my medical care? Will my disability pension (14th Amendment) increase or decrease next year relative to inflation. Will the signs in front of the VA hospitals and clinics be changed to read “Free Healthcare sold Here”?
            The Socialism that Bernie wants is of the type that will fit here, because it has before, not the socialism which is practiced in other places. During and After WWII, the highest income tax rates were at 95%, and the wealthy still made money, and we had the creation of the middle class and consumerism. If everything is about profit, which requires that goods and services be sold, and no one can afford the goods and services, will there still be profits?

          • Rex Tyrano

            You confuse Capitalism with the corruption Crony Capitalism. Would you really rather live in China under Mao rather than China today not that they have discovered markets and private property? Capitalism has raised more people out of poverty that any other system in history. Socialism has failed everywhere it has been imposed. Socialist/Marxists have murdered more than 100 million people – see Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, the Kim family, the Castro bros, Chavez, Maduro, etc. etc. etc.

          • apzzyk

            Several of the really successful countries that practice Socialism are not on your list – there is all of Scandanavia (4 countries), with Denmark being the most socialistic, and of all things, its government has the highest approval rate of any Western Country. When Thatcher was PM, her goal was to privatize everything, so the rail roads were the first. The passenger traffic on these were essential to the entire economy since many people do not have cars and if they did their roads do not have the carrying capacity, and the mayor or London has when traffic on its old narrow streets, has made odd/even licence plates – eo day – the law. Since this ‘trial’ of about 20 years, the entire RR system servicce had gotten so bad the the current Conservative government is thinking about taking it back. Then there are the rest of the European Countries, witl all having high speed passenger RRs, which make it a shorter in time trip by train from one part of the country to another – we do not even have a mile of such transportation. Japan has had a socialist form of economic system since it was recovering from WWII, and also has high speed RR passenger service.
            In Russia, in 1917, Lenin and Trotsky came to power just by accident. The peasants had revolted earlier in the year and killed off the royalty and nobility because during WWI they were demanding kick-backs for buying war supplies. The first rank in an assault would have rifles and as they fell, those behind them would pick them up and might make a few more yards – the people got pissed and off with their head, leaving your desire – no government, so a group of Moskow Intellectuals and idealists stepped in to form a government based on these ideals set forth by Marx and Engles. Marx and Engles, in their book, had expected that this type of government would be formed in an industrial society, but instead it was imposed on a great big farm, and the leaders knew nothing of agriculture. Took the estates of the dead nobles and turned them into communes, also without leadership, so they were chaos, and famine came upon the country with some aid from their minister of Agricultre, TD Lysenko, who made things worse by trying to impose the absolute equality which Marx had proposed on the Society, or Ag, and tried things such as growing citrus crops near Moskow – citrus does not tolerate cold weather. Stalin was a despot who captured power, and had all of the opposition killed – more russian causalties during his purges than during WWII. This was Socialism or Communism in name only – just a plain old dictatorship, The terms fit just as would calling a lamb’s tail a leg – the names did not fit the actual structure. At he beginning of WWII, the govt of China, actually only had control over an area about the size of CO, and it was result of a coup against the heriditary monarchy, so the leaders of the coup were all about themselves and what they could steal from, and were not popular, while Mao lead a much larger area and more people, so when the war was over and Japan had surrendered, he too jumped into a vacuum with the support of Russia, but he knew agriculture and just left it alone, and in the ‘Long March” he and his followers were able to force the retreat of the Chang Kie Chek govt to Tiwan, which had been an independent country which they sole fair and square.
            During the period between 1917 and the end of WWII, because conservatives were afraid that the same would happen to them as had happened to the Russian nobility – off with their heads – they did the thing that Conservatives do best – paniced, and took the name ‘Communism’ very seriously even though it still did not fit – the idea of Comrade General and Comrade Private – both being equal – did not work out well, and Stalin, being a native Georgian did not really understand Mother Russia so he used the brute force method, which was not all that popular, but with no real long term General Staff, there were none to lead a coup which would have done better – had to, so his first successor only lasted a little over a year before he was killed, and each following successor gradually lost power because they were not supported by the people, and the creation of the buffer states – Hungary, Czechosovakia, Poland, et al, which had been independent were held in line by force, which did not sit well. I have known several men who survived fighing in the Hungarian uprising of 1956 who have told me about why they revolted and how the Soviet Army came in and did the same as the German Army under Hitler – no way to make friends, so with decreasing popular support, the end of the USSR was predicted in about 1950 – but this prediction came from liberals and progressives who could not counter the Communaphobia that had begun in the early 1920’s. If the ‘Bonus Army’ which was made up of WWI vets and their families (including cows) had actually intended to overturn the government rather than just asking for the bonues which had been promised, they could have, but probably would have left FDR and his administration in place because the Socialist New Deal was actually starting to work, and it would have been very good for them and most of the other people in the US if the Conservatives had been eliminated from Congress, but after winning the bonus war and getting their bonus when it was needed, they just went back home and used their bonuses to help with the recovery.
            Right now, for reasons idiological more than practical, the Current conservatives actually want to abolish all government without considering the fact that there is no nation which has ever existed without one. But, since Reagan, the goal has been to privatize everything. Reagan wanted to get rid of the Department of Education to leave it to local governments, so now we have private charter schools, which take the taxpayers money, make a profit, and turn out graduates with very questionable qualification – very very few go on to higher ed, so this is sort of a dumbing down of the population. Then there are the proposed voucher systems which would allow parents to choose the schools, at the taxpayer expense, that were ‘right’ for their children. How do we get new medical doctors from schools which do not usually teach any science classes because they are too expensive? Will McDonald’s ever offer a hamburger flipper retirement plan?
            Tell you about Cuba and Castro some time – look up the ticker tape parade he got in NYC just after the Revolution.

          • Rex Tyrano

            Clinton broke the law. Prosecute her. The fact that hackers have on occasion penetrated government security is hardly an excuse to just do away with security and put everything on an unsecured un-encrypted servers and let the world have it with no effort.

          • used_to_be_a_liberal

            You are one funny guy.

          • valinmpls

            If you think that the Clintons are lilly white then maybe you should ckeck YOUR plaque levels!

          • apzzyk

            The last lilly white people that I ever saw, even in pictures were just bleached bones, and unlike GW neither Bill or Hillary have claimed that they never have made a mistake.

    • freedomoutpost ken

      This has already been proven to not be true. The content is as different as apples and oranges. Even if they were similar, we should then go back, investigate and indict the others if needed.

      • apzzyk

        Here, we have an unidentified ‘liberal’ reporter saying something about possible, but not proven investions into so are alleged official allegations of misconduct, with out an official release of any information. “Bring the Guilty Bastard In” Fidel Castro, about the ‘trials’ of his enemies. By the way, you can never prove a negative.

  • BA

    I am sick of hearing talk, talk, talk. Get off your butts, grow a pair and indict her sorry a$$. Put her where she belongs and get her out of this race.

  • DangRight

    bho hasn’t the stones to indict the witch. The Clinton Crime Family probably has dirt on bho and vice-versa. The WDC crooks win again.

    • freedomoutpost ken

      Nothing will happen because most of the politicians who would have to push for her indictment have similar problems hiding in their closets.

      • DOC

        The old skeleton in the closet hell some of them got a whole graveyard.

        • freedomoutpost ken

          Not some of them, but most of them.

  • oldfed

    another vast right wing agenda…I’m innocent

    • David Kledzik

      Yeah, and I’m the king of England.

    • Daniel Max Ketter

      Nutting of the sort. Me & my Linda Rae will be proud to give Hillary our votes. God bless our democracy and the democratic party along with our labor teamsters.

  • paul

    I’m wearing my Hillary for prison thirty right now

  • Progressive Republican

    Joe Scarborough a liberal.



  • Jeffrey Fojtik

    Hillary and Billy boy are as dirty as they come. Their scandals go so far back and in double digit numbers. I still cannot believe how the mainstream media stands behind them. And during her last testimony on Benghazi they said she did great. She was caught lying and less than upfront numerous times. How can anyone support this criminal? Furthermore, name one thing she accomplished as SOS? Every country she touched is on fire. Obama is a useless, no nothing POTUS, and the Clinton’s have dirt on him, so don’t expect her to be wearing orange, although she should be.

  • Savetheanimals

    Judge Napolitano said that if Lynch won’t indict Killary then they will indict her assistants and if they offer to testify against Killary then their sentences will be reduced.

    • valinmpls

      Please, please do that!!

  • 77099

    She should be indicted, but she won’t be, because it would “reflect badly” on Obama. Unfortunately the “freebies” promised by Bernie, and everything currently supplied by the dims will decide this election. It does not look good for our country.

  • Rex Tyrano

    As US Sec of State Hellary was about the number two communications intercept and Intel target for mostly everybody. Everything she said on and particularly off the record was of interest to Intel agencies everywhere. ANY communications to or from ANYONE at that level ANYWHERE are high priority. I have NO DOUBT Russia and or China and or several others have ALL her email. Just imagine what they could do if they leak them or threaten to leak them through – say some Albanian or whatever hacker – say during a political crisis or in October 2016. Can you say “Blackmail” and/or “October Surprise”??? If as Sec of State she didn’t know her communications regardless of security classification were of interest then she is, to put it charitably, clearly far too out of touch with reality to be President.

  • Mike Carter

    When Obama hid so may emails claiming “National Security” and “Executive Privilege” he inadvertently admitted that she broke federal laws regarding the use of official email. And that he was a party to them.

  • PatriotForever

    sheet… nuttin hap-nin to that ole traitorous lesbian

  • Shirley Ferrell Smith

    To me, it is all about money and power. I think the Clintons should have retired. And, as for those speaking fees, they have so much money, why not either donate it or speak for free. Unless they, the organizations, are trying to justify giving the money, what are those fees all about. Ridiculous, what could they possibly say that is worth that much money?