Liberals Drool Over Hillary’s Gay Friendly Ad – And Totally Forget What She Said 11 Years Ago

gay kissingThe Internet is not Hillary Clinton’s friend.

She sure has a hard time using email.

She, or here handlers, are kinda awkward when it comes to social media.

And, Hillary totally forgets that everything she ever said in public is captured and archived on one large video search engine- YouTube.

So when Hillary decides that based upon the latest polls, she needs to take a new stance on an issue, her past is likely to come back and make her look kinda ridiculous:

The Hillary Clinton campaign is out with an ad highlighting her record as an advocate for LGBT rights. The spot includes images of gay couples kissing each other.

The liberal website Slate praises Clinton for including same-sex kissing in her campaign ad, saying, “Given the distressingly puritanical rules that govern gay PDAs, it’s both impressive and heartening that Clinton includes gay kisses in her official campaign spots.”

“The ad forces viewers to confront images that might make them feel slightly uneasy, then encourages them to view such affection as a normal, healthy manifestation of adult intimacy.”

Isn’t it amazing how enlightened Hillary has become over the past 11 years:

“The ad forces viewers to confront images that night make them feel slightly uneasy?”

“… Normal, healthy manifestation of adult intimacy?”


No, it’s two adults defying nature.

Doesn’t the image of Hillary as President make you more than slightly uneasy?

It’s a picture that can make anyone sick to their stomach.

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  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    The Hilda-Beast is insane, nuts, desperate, and a major flake. The Beast is in trouble, and she knows it. Her stance on everything is going to come crashing down on her. Once she gets the nomination, she is done. The left-wit media will not be able to protect her, or even spin for her. There is just too much garbage, with more fact, then just innuendo.

    • kbfallon

      Lets not forget that she was the shoe-in for the dems once before and got beat by Al Sharptons pal……the community organizer who never had a real job in his life….the one and only—-Obammie!!! TRUMP 2016!

      • used_to_be_a_liberal

        Yup, we need Trump. The DNC aren’t complete fools, I think possibly they dumped the Hilda-Beast in favour of Obama simply because they knew Obama could win mainly on the guilt vote, and they weren’t all that sure about the witch. I have a feeling that she would not have won the presidential election at that time, the nomination yes, but that would have been it for her.
        and now, well, she is headed for the nomination, highly unlikely that anything short of criminal charges will stop that, but then she will be dead in the water, as the left-wit media will not be able to protect her, or even spin for her. There is just too much garbage, with more fact, then just innuendo.

  • eastedie33510

    The mirror and camera lens are not kind to Hildabeast. The camera doesn’t lie – nor does the mirror, but Hildabeast sure as hell lies more than any rug could ever do.

  • Austinniceguy

    Just another glaring example of how she will say anything to get what she wants at the moment. She’s a confirmed liar, cheat, scandalous and corrupt. She says it is our responsibility to take in 250,000 savage “refugees” as an act of humanitarianism but, that’s what Europe did and look what happened to them…

  • GrizzMann

    Democrats seem to have the attention span equal to a sponge.

    • Paula

      That’s cuz lots are sponges. Our “representatives” are the biggest welfare frauds we got going!

  • are_we_nuts

    “My best asset is my LIE-ABILITY” — The Supreme Compulsive Hilda-Beast

    • typicalwhiteguy

      LOL !

  • cowboy

    I’ve been having problems with nausea for the last two days. I really didn’t need to see this.

    • Jim Hale

      It’s ok Cowboy. It happen to me too, until I quit looking at her or listening to her pathetic lies This female so called woman if elected, will bury our country. ( It looks like bad weather out your way. ) stay safe……

      • cowboy

        Thank you Jim. Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas! And, yes, the storm is blowing in now, and the wind is blowin pretty good. Got all of our cattle brought up to a pasture close to the house, and we put out extra hay and feed for them. Shouldn’t have too much trouble feedin them in the morning.

  • and what does this say about the DNC – can we back up and use a ‘wide-angle’ lens just a sec’. –> The “best” the Democrats have to offer this last 40 years is Carter, Clinton, Obama, and now Billary. In order, they are: Mr. Helpless, Bubba-the-Screwball, Mr. Mystery the Sinister I.D. and now “Lady Corruption.” The Democrats are a party of ghosts, crooks, liars, turncoats, and flip-flops. Millions of Americans (mostly the ‘gimme’ crowd) call themselves Democrats…And Billary is the Grand Marshall at their culture parade! Holy Tomatoes, and people still vote Democrat? it staggers the imagination.

  • Jim McCormack

    A laboratory perfect example of self will run riot for TOTAL SELF SERVING.

  • Paula

    I have found that most of the time, anyone that supports same sex anything, is because they are gay or bi themselves, but closeted. By condoning everyone else LGBT, when they come out, it will appear as “normal” and they will fit right in with ease. In Hillary’s case, we already know.

    • Ross Blankert

      Of course you know Michelle Obama is really Michael as this is a transgender individual. The president himself is a queer for sure but then I must be a racist for saying that. These folks are not normal but they are taking million dollar vacations on your dime.

  • The Fox

    Hillary Dillary Dike is a lying sack of crap, she changes as the wind blows a two faced lying witch from hell and needs to get her head out of where the sun don’t shine and smells like her own butt.

  • Ross Blankert

    What the Democrats have going for them are all the dead voters, the repeat voters who vote three and four times in three or four states, the black vote because their welfare check depends on it, the illegal alien vote, and the stuff the ballot boxes and fix the voting machine vote. In other words, the elections are predetermined. There are precincts in Florida where more people voted than lived in the county and 100 percent of them voted for Obama.

    • donald clark

      I agree with you, Ross Blankert. I live in Precinct 9, St Lucie County, FL, where the 2012 Presidential Election produced an astonishing 148 percent of the precinct’s registered voters. I have asked ‘how could this happen?” too many times without an answer. This is one of the counties that cost Allen West his job, and gave us the media’s choice, Patrick Murphy, who was hopelesssly behind the night before the election and miraculously surged just ahead as the final votes trickled in, from all over the district, many ‘discovered’ after the fact. The media has hand carried their choice through all the hazzards for the last three years. He’s a dull tool compared to Allen West, but he’s the only one you hear about.
      This severe bias, I believe, has kept this rotten regime in office, but I also believe the people who are paying the bills have had enough. I want an answer to the anomaly that stuffed the ballot boxes in my precinct, number 9, St. Lucie County, before I ever vote again.
      Donald E. Clark, North Hutchinson Island, Fort Pierce, FL

      • Don Mann

        Donald Clark, don’t you have election officials at every voting site? Are they all crooked, too? Can’t someone speak up and say those numbers are impossible? Isn’t 143% of the voters a huge red flag? Come on, people! If you want a legitimate election, you must demand voter I.D. to stop that garbage! Seriously, that’s why the Dems don’t want voter I.D. so they can continue to have their voters give any name off a tombstone or just make one up and go vote all over their county! You’ll never have an honest election in Florida as long as you let the Dems get away with their frauds! Thanks for speaking up, Donald, but please don’t stop there. Get in touch with your Congressmen and Senators and get a grass roots organization going to force voter I.D. It’s the only way to stop the fraud!

      • Ross Blankert

        Voter fraud is the only way these morons can get into office. They have not had an intelligent Democrat since John F Kennedy. They are known for their corruption and perversion. Lyndon Johnson stuffed the ballot boxes and everyone knew it and that is how he got into office the first time.

  • C K Johnson

    Hillary has told so many lies now she is lying to cover lies that were lies ! Hillary Clinton is as unfit to be President as Obama is. She lied about ISIS using a Trump video as a recruiting tool. Hillary’s staff said no such video ever existed. Then 2 day’s later Hillary is telling another audience of 20 people on her campaign trail. Donald always fills the place where he is speaking. Hillary did not get the backing of any of President Clinton’s staff including Al Gore

  • apzzyk

    If all of the members of the Tea Party came out of the closet at the same time it would be wonderful!

    • Kent2012

      all three of them ??

    • Paula

      We have never united and organized and I have no idea why not.

    • Daniel Wright

      If you would stop aiding and abetting criminals it would be wonderful.

      • apzzyk

        The Georgia laws, and all of the rest of the State Laws against Sodomy – gay sex – went down about 60 years based on the fact that these were acts not done in public – the indecent exposure laws still cover if done in public so this behavior has not been illegal since. If you personally find that PDA’s are repuslive, just don’t watch. The behavior may offend some people but it hurts none when done between consenting adults.

        • Daniel Wright

          Are you saying that HIV hurts no one?

    • paulrph1

      There is none so blind as those that refuse to see. Even blind people want to see but can’t.

    • shamu9

      Fuk You And your Cat too!

  • 3CatLady

    If Billery is out of the race (which she won’t consider), then a Dem can vote for a socialist or an invisible man OR they could vote Republican and elect one of them (like Trump in 2016). But rumor hath it that the Dems and Billery are hoping Trump wins the nomination so they can beat him because the GOP won’t support anyone but THEIR selected candidate, no matter what the voters say. (BTW, God owns the rainbow – no one else.)

    • Paula

      If Trump doesn’t get the nomination….then the fix is in! Same POS propaganda machine that lied and cheated -0- into the White House TWICE!

  • Rodney Steward

    At least these pathetic Connards are just kissing and don’t have each other bowed over a park bench! U think OL Billy-Bob tried some of this sick stuff in the day!

  • billlajolla

    It is surprising that Hillary has not gotten Trup to commit Suicide- However the “Clinton Body Bag” is kind of long, Perhaps an accident could occur. But then she would have Cruz to confront and the American people might get concerned if the two front runners both had accidents. Perhaps she will have to keep lying and her cronies can keep swearing she only tells the truth.

  • steven60

    Is it me, but what does this have to do with the headline, I clicked on. I am dropping out but Trump don’t you dare mess up the republican party?, where did this article go? I do not care what Hidabeast does one iota.

  • Trisha Holmeide

    Personally, I find it offensive for adults of the opposite sex to be sharing intimate kissing in public–a peck on the cheek is about all my civilized manner can take–holding hands, yes, but groping is vulgar and out of place with the common rules of decency. So, if I see Gays and Lesbians in similar situations I feel the same plus wonder whatever happened to them in their youth to so pervert their sexual affection…and wonder why our society is forced to tolerate, encourage and celebrate these poor people who are so confused and mentally deranged.

  • TG80905

    Her message is clear ….. Elect me and I’ll grow the new normal. …… It definately sets her apart from the others.

    A Clinton victory in 2016 guarantees the end of the USA by 2020. The physical location will remain; the morality and social values that have defined is as a nation will be gone.

    These are scary times
    The devil is tossing his blessings every which way. The majority of births are now happening outside of marriage. Christian values are something the media despises. Traditional values are reviled.

    It’s up to the choice we make that will define us. HTC is the inferior choice hopefully the majority sees it my way.

  • wcgraybill

    Get rid of the slut

  • There is no Voting, Wake Up Sheeple, your middle men enforcers & scapegoat puppets have been Handpicked & Selected since the turn of the 1900s, by the Rich & Mega Greedy.

  • The Fox

    Since she is a homosexual Dike and can see why she supports her own life style just like Obozo the Islamist Immoral Homosexual Illegal President from Kenya in the White House married to Michael LaVaugh Robinson better known as Michelle:

  • sturgis

    Except for a few, most politicians in D.C. are scumbags! That includes most if not all demorats and, most of the so called republicans! clinton will do and say, whatever it takes to become the first woman president! Like most politicians, she cares only for herself and, to hell with the country!

  • Shirley Ferrell Smith

    I am a liberal and will not support Hillary. Where does this Liberal thing come from. I think we have a large number of Americans who do not watch the news or read and just know people in the headlines. I like to hear all sides and understand the issues the best I can, but we have people in Congress who are all about the money and power and I think the Clintons belomg to that group. To me, they have had their day, retire! They have made millions while in the public, they did not start out with that kind of money. I think Hillary has a grouip behind her that does the thinking, and she will say whatever they think the public wants to hear.

  • Bernie Lounds

    The picture of two gay people kissing makes me sick it’s almost as bad as imagining Hillary as president.That makes me sick too.

  • chameleon pimp mama be Billary this year. With her running mate, they’ll be Billary and Hernia

  • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    It just proves what LIARS and HYPOCRITES all Dems are! Anyone who can defend Hillary’s obvious contempt for the truth is worse than she is! Here’s the slam dunk: Hillary couldn’t debate her VERY OWN WORDS! She couldn’t even prove her OWN WORDS WRONG! How pathetic that anyone could ever consider this imbecile as a potential POTUS! She can’t even run on her own record of facts!

  • andrew

    Hillary is a one-woman Cluster-F**K — Complimentary to the One – man C-F- in Obunghole…

  • jrogersp

    What can you expect from someone who holds her politics more sacred than the Word of God!

  • Ibcamn

    so this is hillary’s SOTUA ad……you know,the liberals fawning all over obama and practically getting on their knee’s and suc…kissing his ass over it!

  • billlajolla

    She may have changed her mind after finding her female friend.

  • Austinniceguy

    This woman lies to fit the moment. There is no subject that she hasn’t flip-flopped on and her supporters are such morons they couldn’t care less. The hope today is that the FBI and Whoretta Linch will take up the cause and indict this filthy C U Next Tuesday!!!

  • freethinker4

    The sad part, these socialist nut jobs even getting elected is because the conservatives aren’t true conservatives. Both party’s have pissed away trillions, Both party’s have done shit against illegal immigration. And both party’s are for free trade and you have ask your self has it made our country stronger and or more wealthy from top to bottom No. And know we are tied to a global economy which directly affects us. We are moving toward a monarchy, Wall street and Corporate America are the Lords of this Country. And I’m for Trump also I am Christian, NRA life member and a Union tradesman. God help this Country as it is being lead by non Christian Greedy self important morons on both sides