Liberals Love Gun Violence

gun violenceWhen it comes to guns and gun violence, liberals avoid facts and reality.

They never fail to jump on sensational acts of gun violence to advance their gun grab agenda.

And the media plays along.

They give liberals a free pass about gun violence because sensational gun violence stories draw eyeballs and drive ad revenues.

So, forget about the mass media sharing the real truth about gun violence.

Here is what’s really happened when it comes to gun laws and gun violence.

They never remind us of the truth of what’s really happening:

In areas with the most restrictive gun laws, gun violence has increased. In areas where people are allowed to practice more free, though still regulated gun ownership, gun violence has declined – dramatically.

Why then are Democrats using an act of Islamic terror in San Bernardino, California to demand yet more gun laws?

Do they really desire more gun violence? It would certainly appear so.

Isn’t it funny?

Liberal Democrats constantly accuse Republicans of spreading fear.

Yet, when it comes to gun violence, liberals ignore the truth and never hesitate to play on people’s fear of guns.

Innocent people getting gunned down in a gun free zone is no laughing matter.

Ignoring the truth to advance an agenda to restrict Constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners will do nothing to stop these gun free zone massacres.

But gun-grabbing liberals don’t care.

As long as they can scare people to vote for them.


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