In Liberal Oregon, Builders Who Use Nail Guns Might Be Subject to Background Checks

NailsGuns kill.


So in the liberal mind, to keep Americans safe (and voting liberal and Democrat)…

If it includes the word “gun,” it can kill, and must be regulated.

Even deadly nail “guns.”

Here’s the asinine regulation happening in Oregon:

Could nail guns be subject to background checks? Some in Oregon think so, and lawmakers are in hot water over the recent anti-gun laws passed. The subject arose when Jon Chandler, a lobbyist for the Oregon Home Builders Association, was asked by Illinois Tool Works if the nail gun is going to be subjected to a background check.

But Chandler said some nail guns — used primarily to fasten materials to steel and concrete — are powered by powder-actuated cartridges. Under Oregon law, firearms are defined as a weapon “by whatever name known, which is designed to expel a projectile by the action of powder.”

Yep, gotta stop all those school and mall shootings with nail guns…

Hey liberals, why not get rid of the use of the word “gun” for everything?

No more glue gun, caulk guns, and squirt guns.

Don’t you feel safer now?

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