Look Out, Obama – Conservatives Will Bring the Heat If You Dare Do This

warGet ready for it…

You’ve heard that while Obama was busy playing golf in Hawaii over the Holidays, he was hatching his latest scheme.

Obama knows lots of people fear guns.

Especially after a couple mass shootings.

But Obama… he sure do love him control.

Especially anything involving government control.

So, bingo… lots use play up the people’s fear of guns and gain more control.

Let’s do gun control.

But, here’s the thing Obama…

Patriot minded conservatives don’t fear guns.

And they’re sick and tired of your control.

So get ready for a war:

Conservatives, lawmakers and gun advocates are beginning to mount a defiant opposition to President Barack Obama’s plans to order expanded background checks for gun buyers.

The go-it-alone move signals “war,” Chicago radio host and former congressman Joe Walsh warns, calling it “time for civil disobedience.”

Make no mistake…

President Obama will use the power of his pen to enact gun control.

He will avoid speaking and acting as a leader.

Leadership would require explaining the facts about gun violence.

Leadership would mean Obama wouldn’t avoid talking about Chicago’s gun violence problems that gun control has failed to address.

Leadership would require Obama to take his case for gun control to Congress.

You see President Obama, it really has nothing to do with guns.

Guns don’t scare us.

Your constant and unending grabs for more government control…

No that…

That scares the hell outta us.

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