Look Who Is Now Showing Up to Support Trump – Is Hillary’s Pandering Backfiring in Her Face?

lgbtHere’s a real surprise.

Look who is now showing up at Trump rallies and supporting Trump.

Yes, after the Orlando shootings, Trump is gaining support from the LGBT community:

In the wake of the Orlando shooting at a gay nightclub a week ago, the LGBT community is rejecting Hillary Clinton’s gun-grabbing policy, turning out in droves in support of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee — Donald Trump.

And in turning their backs on Clinton, they’re also rejecting President Barack Obama’s anti-gun narrative after the slaughter, and supporting Donald Trump’s message that we must combat radical Islam to prevent future such attacks.

“I knew I had to fully support Trump because he called out the threat for what it was — radical Islamic terrorism,” Stephen Zieman, 23, a gay Trump supporter told FoxNews.com. “He stood up for the LGBT community and called himself a friend. It’s something we all needed and he was there — Hillary was not. She was making excuses for the religion and calling for gun control, which is not what I needed to hear.”

No doubt Hillary feels she has a lock on the LGBT vote since it’s been historically voted with liberal Democrats.

Perhaps the Orlando shooting does change things.

Maybe Trump’s leadership reveals the weakness and hypocrisy of Hillary’s pandering for the LGBT vote?

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