Major Corporate Donor to Clinton Foundation Reveals the Dangerous Depths of Hillary’s Hypocrisy

703px-ExxonMobil_Logo.svgFor years, this global oil giant funded challenges to climate change.

Now liberal Democrats, especially liberal Democrats running for President, want answers.

They’ve had enough of this company misleading the public about climate change.

The three Democratic presidential candidates are calling for a federal investigation of Exxon Mobile.

Hillary wants answers from Exxon Mobile, even though only mere months ago Exxon Mobile stopped the money flow to The Clinton Foundation:

Hillary Clinton is now supporting a federal investigation of ExxonMobil following the latestdisclosures that the giant oil company worked to hide the effects of climate change. Her call for an investigation comes only months after the company decided to stop sponsoring her family’s foundation.

The Clinton Foundation has accepted at least $1 million from ExxonMobil, despite the company’s history of financing challenges to climate science. And Clinton’s State Department touted ExxonMobil as an example of how America should look at Iraq as “a business opportunity.”

Clinton’s new call for a Justice Department investigation into ExxonMobil follows a similar call made by her Democratic presidential rivals Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders. She declared in New Hampshire Thursday that a probe was now justified because “there’s a lot of evidence that they misled” the public on the effects of climate change. There has long been ample evidence of ExxonMobil’s role in promoting “skeptics” who challenge widely accepted climate science.

You gotta wonder…

If Exxon had kept the money flowing to The Clinton Foundation, would Hillary have joined in the call for a Federal investigation?

Is this just one astonishing coincidence, or an illustration of the power-hungry hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton?

So, Hillary, are you lying about your support for climate change?

Or, were you lying when you gave Exxon Mobile cover for their exploitation of Iraq’s oil fields as a business opportunity?


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