Major University Shuts Down Freedom of Speech – for Conservatives

UofMStudentUniversities all over the world, but particularly in America, are considered safe places for free speech. More and more, however, that is proving to be true only for those who speak and write from the political left. Recently, a junior at the University of Michigan has lost his job, because he wrote a humorous piece showing the irrationality of the liberal point of view.

Muslim student Omar Mahmood wrote the satirical column for the Michigan Review, a conservative student publication. The article, titled “Do the Left Thing,” angered many students who posted obscene notes on his door and threw eggs at his home. In retaliation, Mahmmod was fired from the “mainstream” student paper, the Michigan Daily.

Michigan Daily issued at statement that said:

The way in which the author satirically mocked the experiences of fellow Daily contributors and minority communities on campus in his Review column violated our values and integrity as a publication. His actions created a conflict of interest regarding his employment with both the Daily and the Review.

Fox News reports:

…Mahmood called Michigan Daily a radical leftist publication, and he recalled a conversation there about endorsing Green Party candidates because the Democratic Party was getting “too conservative.”

He told Greta Van Susteren, “I don’t understand how an 800-word piece, a satire… threatened anyone.”

Mahmood said he has received hundreds of emails from liberals and minorities saying that he did nothing wrong.

“Freedom of speech, which is what the left actually preaches and what these social justice warriors promote – tolerance, equality – is exactly the opposite of what they did to me,” he said.

It is worth noting that earlier this month, U of M liberal professor Susan Douglas published a piece in In These Times stating, “It’s okay to hate Republications.” She was not sanctioned by the university. Rather, the university spokesman said:

…The university must and will work vigilantly to ensure students can express diverse ideas and perspectives in a respectful environment and without fear of reprisal. The university values viewpoint diversity and encourages a wide range of opinions.


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