Man attacks police, yells ‘Allah Akbar’…

Chasity Fraley was shopping with her three children at a Goodwill store in Muncie, Indiana, over the weekend when she said she heard a man screaming at the front of the store.

“A guy had become very irate and was screaming at one of the employees and then grabbed him by the collar and start pushing him and screaming, ‘Are you scared?’” Fraley told WISH-TV.

Fraley told the station that “he was just so full of rage and violence. I never seen anything like that before.”

She told WISH she moved her kids to another aisle “because they got very scared at that point and then I heard him say ‘I’m going to kill everyone in here.’

The man reportedly became angry while trying to convert an employee to Islam, the station said.

Fraley told WISH that a female employee tried to intervene and deescalate the situation, calmly offering to talk with the man outside.

No dice.

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  • desert fox

    This is why I am for gun control. Every home should have one. This is the change that obamawamadama promised when he secretly brought in millions of his muslim terrorist colleagues. Be ready to protect yourself. Remember if you feel threatened (which is a legal defense) shoot first.

    • JL Brown Jr

      Yep if you don’t have a gun, the police will not respond

  • Dave Ledford

    Its time for us to start banding together. This is getting out of control and cops can only move so fast. Start giving these animals a real american welcome. The government is not moving fast enough. plus,the idiots on the other side protecting these pieces of crap. Making it hard to do anything about them. We are Americas security,its time to start acting like it.

    • JL Brown Jr

      Damn straight, enough of allowing these animals into our country. Stop refuge program, we can go over there, built a tent city, put fences up, 2 with dogs and roaming patrols.
      we won’t need to bring anyone here again, save us money, when the threat is gone they head back home

  • Dennis Ray Wall

    The Muslim, Barack Obama, was bringing in as many Muslims as possible! And this is why! Watch this shocking video!

  • msueh

    shoulda tazed him the family jewels.

  • John Green

    Kill the sob