Why are so many Trump accusers suddenly coming forward now?

Why now? If all these women were violated by Donald Trump years ago, why are they just speaking up now?

That’s what Joe Scarborough asked this morning on MSNBC, questioning whether there was a coordinated scheme behind the fact that a number of women came forward within 24 hours to describe sexually inappropriate acts by the Republican nominee. “If I had been sexually harassed by this man, the Megyn Kelly story would have given me an opportunity,” Scarborough said.

Trump surrogate A.J. Delgado had already suggested the same on “All In With Chris Hayes” the night before, saying “These allegations are decades old. If somebody actually did that, Chris, any reasonable woman would have come forward and said something at the time.”

And Donald Trump himself questioned the time lag in a tweet shortly after Scarborough went off the air:

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source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/why-are-so-many-trump-accusers-suddenly-coming-forward-now-222248534.html

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  • Earn nest

    Somehow the real issues/answers facing the next President don’t seem to be getting much airing.

    • slidenglide

      The real issue is that Hillary doesn’t have real issues. The only thing the Democrats can try to do is make others look worse than they are. These women were probably snubbed by Trump because of their aggression’s.

  • The Redman

    MOst white-folks love to conjure up evilness.

  • Dave

    They’re coming forward NOW, for the SAME REASON they came forward with their SUPPOSED ACCUSATIONS for Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, and Bill Cosby – the LIBERALS and DEMONCRAPS are TERRIFIED and NEED to get the HOUNDS OFF HITLERY’S SCENT before the “intellectuals” realize that THERE’S SOMETHING ROTTEN WITH THE CROOKED, LYING WITCH and CHANGE their UNEDUCATED MINDS and NOT VOTE for her…….

  • Joe S Hill

    Why are so many Trump accusers coming forward now? hmmm,,let’s see,,,can it be because his campaign is still putting up a good fight? could it possibly be,that these people have been paid off by factions associated with the DNC? its just so very convenient that these woman just suddenly come forward,,and we’re supposed to believe them? a good and effective tool,that the liberal media
    likes to use-scandals,,the kind,that’s supposed to destroy the image and campaigns of a running candidate,while the liberal left welcomes Hillary Clinton,,a depressing thought!

    • Karll

      How many have been convincingly debunked so far?

    • slidenglide

      Wait until the National Enquirer hits the streets tomorrow. Get your copy early I’m sure they’ll fly off the racks. Look it up if you doubt me.

  • Karll

    Why are so many Trump accusers suddenly coming forward now?

    For the same reason so many came out against Herman Cain. It’s SOP for the democrats

    to drag out lying bimbos to allege sexual misconduct against their enemies.
    What happened to all the broads that lied about Cain and their allegations?
    They disappeared, just like the paid bimbos making up stories about Trump will
    eventually fade away.

    What I’d LIKE to see is Trump WIN, go after these broads and make them TALK.

    • truepatriotintx

      Yeah, I wonder how many will keep talking after they get a subpoena to talk under oath?

  • Alexander Horvat

    Scarborough is right to question it, but is there anyone in the media looking into the payments they are likely receiving for coming out after 10-30 years of not saying anything about an alleged harrassment. The use of allegedly has practically vanished from the liberati’s airwaves on this one. They don’t need no stinking verification on this stuff, just the word of three women all at once who suddenly feel like lying, er speaking at the same time. As the media anoints more credibility on those without any credibility, they will lose any last remnants of their own…credibility. If they have ANY left now

  • Timothy

    Hillary is the criminal but nobody cares about what she does and Bill is the rapest but nobody cares what he does.media is so crooked

  • Jan Kenneally

    They are being paid by the Soros democraps!

  • Tom Farrell

    Because they were paid off by Clinton and the Liberals to lie about this shit. For one thing, Donald Trump has his own jet so why would he fly on a commercial plane? Anyone who has ever flown knows how cramped they are with three seats in a row and even with just two seats, it’s like traveling in a cattle car. Not to mention the fact that other people on the plane including the flight attendants would have seen him sexually assault this woman. So, when this one particular woman said, “He was like an Octopus. His hands were flying all over the place”, everyone knows she’s lying.

  • Hopeful_One

    It’s an obvious question with an obvious answer: it’s more rumor and unsubstantiated stuff that can kill a candidate and cause many naive voters to be affected. It’s dirty politics at its dirtiest.

  • KWG


    On November 8th we have the choice of Trump or Hillary. One will make us strong and prosperous the other will continue the weakness and laughable state we have become under Mohammed Obama.

    1. Trump: First and foremost, “The Supreme Court” and “Make America Great Again”.

    2. Hillary: More of this! Look at all of this crime and corruption listed below, over the last thirty years, DEPLORABLE, as Hillary would say. And, a vote for Hillary includes a second opportunity for Bill, the ray-pest, to take up where he left off. You, as an American citizen and proud of this country, surely you do not want a repeat of the crime and corruption of the Clinton’s past administration, and an extension of Mohammed Obama disaster.

    Sept. 8, Hillary was caught wearing a BLUE TOOTH EAR BUD in the debate and new allegation of the same cheating two week’s ago. Come on America! enough is enough. Will some one please stop this life long criminal. What is it going to take to tape her mouth shut for good? CHEATING IN THE DEBATE!!! Cheating and lying is what she does best. This time she was caught!

    21 day’s left, who will it be, the electorate have chosen two candidates, Trump or crooked Hillary, that’s it. I will vote for the candidate who will “Make America Great Again” not a self professed, devout left winger.

    I am voting for Trump. Trump’s colors do not run! Donald Trump’s colors are Red, White and Blue.

    For Hillary’s color you have to go here.
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  • old_salty_dawg99

    The reason is simple Hillary’s campaign paid them to. Given that several have been proven LIARS you would think that the others would come up with different stories not us ones that are word for word that of another such case by another man. The MORON MEDIA needs to make sure the reports are true and not borrowed from some other woman charging another man. The IDIOTS should also make sure the story has at least a little truth in it given that one accuser was the actual person doing the harassing as was the case of the first accuser and then there was the one who said Trump harrassed her yet wrote a letter praising Trump on his wonderful treatment of women now how can the Media not check these stories before airing them? But then again a so called journalist wrote stories while sitting home in his closet for months before anyone at his work place caught on. So people need to throw the BS Flag on all these stories and go after the proven criminal Hillary and Bill both who have treated Women like CRAP and expect the people to give them a pass because they are LIBERALS and that makes it ok for them to be such MASSIVE A**s.

  • Carla Slagle