What Happened Before Cops Showed Up at McKinney Pool Party Might Change Your Mind about “Rambo” Cop’s Actions

pool-partyA pool party with a bunch of innocent kids in a nice neighborhood gets out of hand.

The kids didn’t have passes to the private community pool.

They were asked to leave.

Verbal insults start flying. Supposedly some were racial.

Things got out of hand so the pool security guard called 911.

The police show up and attempt to sort things out and establish order.

One gung ho cop does a barrel roll, screams profanities at the kids, pins an uncooperative black teenage girl to the ground, and draws his gun on a couple kids sneaking up on his blind side.

Anyway, if you believe the one partial viral video clip of the McKinney,TX incident, that’s how things went down.

But, that’s NOT the full story.

And to scapegoat the ONE white gung ho cop captured in the video is dangerous because it removes responsibility from EVERYONE who should share the blame here.

This article from The Blaze reveals the whole story:

So we have an unsanctioned, heavily promoted, loud, sexually charged teen party right in the middle of a neighborhood filled with parents and children of all different races. This party is being organized by people who have shown themselves to be both loose with the facts and unconcerned with respecting the peace, privacy, and rules of the community. And we have no adult supervision —  save for a few alleged grown ups who see no problem with a bunch of bikini-clad 14 year olds playing the role of ”dime pieces.”

This is called “context,” my friends.

And with this context, we can now take another look at the latest racial outrage surrounding this event in McKinney, Texas over the weekend.

You’ve likely been made vaguely aware of some butchered, half-cocked version of something that approximately resembles a few of the facts related to the incident in McKinney. Nevertheless, if you operate like so many in our country these days, you’ve formed a full and unchangeable opinion on the matter.

Smart, well-informed folks first ask why, rather than hopping on Twitter and Facebook and making fools of themselves about police brutality and black racism.

Was Officer Casebolt wrong and the guy to blame here?


But the most dangerous thing we can all do is to start using white cops trying to do their jobs, getting caught up in the media and social media racial frenzy, without knowing all the facts and the full story.

There’s plenty of blame to go around here.

It starts with the parent who supported her child’s throwing this pool party knowing it violated neighborhood regulations.

Blaming the white cop is the easy, lazy way out.

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