What Happened Before Cops Showed Up at McKinney Pool Party Might Change Your Mind about “Rambo” Cop’s Actions

pool-partyA pool party with a bunch of innocent kids in a nice neighborhood gets out of hand.

The kids didn’t have passes to the private community pool.

They were asked to leave.

Verbal insults start flying. Supposedly some were racial.

Things got out of hand so the pool security guard called 911.

The police show up and attempt to sort things out and establish order.

One gung ho cop does a barrel roll, screams profanities at the kids, pins an uncooperative black teenage girl to the ground, and draws his gun on a couple kids sneaking up on his blind side.

Anyway, if you believe the one partial viral video clip of the McKinney,TX incident, that’s how things went down.

But, that’s NOT the full story.

And to scapegoat the ONE white gung ho cop captured in the video is dangerous because it removes responsibility from EVERYONE who should share the blame here.

This article from The Blaze reveals the whole story:

So we have an unsanctioned, heavily promoted, loud, sexually charged teen party right in the middle of a neighborhood filled with parents and children of all different races. This party is being organized by people who have shown themselves to be both loose with the facts and unconcerned with respecting the peace, privacy, and rules of the community. And we have no adult supervision —  save for a few alleged grown ups who see no problem with a bunch of bikini-clad 14 year olds playing the role of ”dime pieces.”

This is called “context,” my friends.

And with this context, we can now take another look at the latest racial outrage surrounding this event in McKinney, Texas over the weekend.

You’ve likely been made vaguely aware of some butchered, half-cocked version of something that approximately resembles a few of the facts related to the incident in McKinney. Nevertheless, if you operate like so many in our country these days, you’ve formed a full and unchangeable opinion on the matter.

Smart, well-informed folks first ask why, rather than hopping on Twitter and Facebook and making fools of themselves about police brutality and black racism.

Was Officer Casebolt wrong and the guy to blame here?


But the most dangerous thing we can all do is to start using white cops trying to do their jobs, getting caught up in the media and social media racial frenzy, without knowing all the facts and the full story.

There’s plenty of blame to go around here.

It starts with the parent who supported her child’s throwing this pool party knowing it violated neighborhood regulations.

Blaming the white cop is the easy, lazy way out.

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  • PatriotVet

    This is one excellent reason to never live in a “planned” community.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Unless it’s planned with it’s own militia! Stop this sheet in a heartbeat!

    • 13gatorgrowl

      There is no reason for anyone trespassing on any property. There is NOTHING wrong living in any community. IT is the TRESPASSERS that need to be dealt with.
      Planned community is private property. The PARENTS do NOT teach their kid to stay off other’s property and leave other’s belongings alone. Then whine when they get in trouble.
      The people that knowingly trespass on someone else’s property go there for ONE reason–TO STEAL!

  • Dave T.

    Put too many Rats in one cage and soon they will be biting one another!

    • eclark53

      A racist grown woman had no legal right to strike a minor. But you seen to negate the fact that they came out of their homes to start a confrontation with teenagers.

      • Dave T.

        Like I said, Too Many RATS in the cage!
        By the way, teach the little MORONS to respect others and not to DEMAND what they have no right to! The teenagers came out of THEIR homes to crash a pool party!

      • women100


        • Combat Veteran Seabee

          Not anymore, America is about to fight back real hard! Tired of this Bullsheet!

          • ADRoberts

            That is the plan. And when the fight back occurs, Obama be declaring martial law to protect his “sons and daughters”.

          • Mavis Wilson

            But he cares no more for Black Americans than he does for White Americans!!

        • 13gatorgrowl

          Every week the news reports a Black Teen shoots others at a “party”. Why does a teen (illegal to possess a gun to begin with) carry a gun to a party.?
          That would be “premeditated ” if someone is shot. Those teens are so stupid it is sickening.

          • ADRoberts

            It is only premeditated if it is a white person who is carrying and shooting. Otherwise they say it is just trying to stop all that racism of keeping them out of the their entitled places.

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        Ever been spanked by your mother or father? Racist? I suggest that you go away now before you really implode!

      • 13gatorgrowl

        The teenagers were trespassing and had to be asked to leave.
        ANYONE with any sense would not have to be asked to leave when they are NOT invited. NO INVITE MEANS NOT WELCOME! GOT THAT????
        What makes the woman a racist?
        You say anyone that asks a trespassing Black teen to leave is a racist?? You are so full of S#*T!

        • ADRoberts

          You don’t get it. Any request that a black person does not like is immediately deemed to be racist. It is not relative to the facts. It is a cultural thing designed to give immediate white privilege guilt.
          Strange. It is not working any more.

          • Mavis Wilson

            That don’t make it B SO!!

          • ADRoberts

            ‘What is B SO?

      • Oldvet

        I suppose it would violate the parents rights if they were held accountable for the actions of they’re children.

      • ADRoberts

        They did not come there. They were at the pool that they had paid for.
        Now you seem to be implying that as long as the grown woman was NOT racist, she had a right to strike a minor. You be go back to school. Learn to think and talk.
        Teenagers at a place they did not belong is what started the confrontation. Unless you are claiming entitlement? Then I guess you be saying that anything the white folk were doing was racist. LOL

      • Mavis Wilson

        She definitely had a right to ask them to leave the premises if they trespassed, if she lived there.

  • 83footsailor

    When the community is gated and there is a break in – – then time to toss some people into jail for breaking and entering. /////////////////////////////////////////

    • eclark53

      I do not recall hearing that there was a breaking and entering in this situation. You are trying to incite a riot with you untruths.

      • mannasage

        Well they weren’t invited so what would you call their appearance on private property?

        • Robert Pekarik


          • ADRoberts

            And if we resist that entitlement, are we racists?

          • Robert Pekarik

            In the fundamental transformation of America racism is anything that the left decides is racism.

          • jeannemartin

            Beautifully said!!!

          • Mavis Wilson

            If they broke into your home or car would that be entitlement?

          • Robert Pekarik

            The way it’s going now with the criminals hollering every time they break the law that they are being harassed or mistreated by police none of us stand a chance as things deteriorate by the day. The attitude now with law breakers is we are entitled to anything we want and the police better not get in the way. No respect for anyone or anything but they expect to be treated with respect? Give me a break!!!!!!!!!

        • lonnieosgood

          A teenage pool party…how ’bout you?

      • sensrbtch

        no! eclair u wrong. it states clear that it was in A private/protected community, and the other peoples wer not invited. and hoos showed up, the uninvited? i wanna be here cuz ams here!? NOT! go the phuck away u peoples.

      • 13gatorgrowl

        Every time Black teens show up at a party someone dies.

      • 13gatorgrowl

        Trespass is against the law. If the community is gated–YES that is breaking and entering.

      • Rodney Steward

        U B Wrong! 🙂

      • ADRoberts

        That is an irrational statement. Whites don’t riot. Just blacks. And they were the ones illegally entering. LOL

      • Mavis Wilson

        What did you think “some youths came over the fence and were using pool unauthorized” means?

  • eclark53

    Each time the story is told it grows. What do you mean by a sexually charged party? That term is just thrown in to cloud the situation.

    Telling 14 year old to leave is just a stupid. After all a 14 year older does not have a Corvette parked at the curb. The 14 year older has to call for a ride from his parent or some other responsible adult. So in reality, these kids had no place to go. Their parents had dropped them off at the pool party and were to pick them up at a designated hour. This incident was not a part of their plans. So if the kids hung around they were not defiant of police orders to disburse, they had no way to leave. Hey y’all, these are kids. They are just ad dependent upon parental supervision as a 5 year older.

    Would you lock up a 5 year older because he did not leave? Because he had no vehicle to take him from the scene. And remember, these kids had on bikinis which would be inappropriate attire for them to have on while attempting to take public transportation. This is totally ridiculous. Do you want these kids raped on the way home. When is the last time you saw a bikini clad 14 year older on the bus or subway train? The kids had no place to go until their parents arrived to take them home. Is that a crime? Should they be jailed because the law does not permit them to drive?

    Gimme a break!

    • Mark

      They should go the way they came. They were NOT invited, they crashed the party.

    • Sam W

      You make it sound like some of the parents dropping off kids should be held responsible as well…….

      • sensrbtch

        good komentits/tors sami, slow butt good.

    • women100

      Your post are not only stupid your a racist? First let’s look at some facts
      1. The innocent child who BTW acted like a screaming banshee. SHE AND HER MOTHER BROKE THE RULE OF LIVING IN THE COMMUNITY.

      • sensrbtch

        THERE IS A HILLIE,BILLIE,GILLIE,CHILLIE CLINTON SHOW CUMIN U R WAY SOON. CHK U R CAR BEFORE U GIT INTO IT WEN U GO HOMIER.hillie will do anything to git chur vote,even frame u?!wet dogs smell bad, n eat catshit!

        • 13gatorgrowl

          You are a dimwit.

      • 13gatorgrowl

        You are right but you are talking to a dead head. They do not get it and never will!
        The media has reported a party every week where Black teens show up uninvited and someone gets shot. Anyone with any sense at all would not take a gun to a “party” unless they intend to shoot someone. Anyone under 21 years is breaking the law when they possess a gun. Question: Why does a teen have to shoot someone else. It appears to be deliberate and premeditated. In other incidents Black teens always get violent when the gather in groups. There has to be intrinsic evil in minds that do these things.

    • Snid

      Bet they had cell phones.

      • John Galt

        Bet you helped pay for them.

    • sensrbtch

      nope! u wrong again gurl!that lick wen i was the security detail @ the local mall. and that is just what the parents did everi afternoon, drop the kid @ the mall and go git laid in the motel across the street; with a stranger. i got jpgs of all this. so; anyway. the kidz git bored, didn’t take long ,and i had THEM ALL LINED UP @ THE FRONT DOOR, CALLED THEIR SLUT MOMIES N TOLL HER TO CUM IN THE CAR AND GIT R DUN DUMMIES! DOGS EAT CATSHIT!

    • It is the parents responsibility to know if the party is LEGAL before dropping their children off. Do you just leave your children at any “unknown” place when they ask to go to a “party”, especially when they’re 14 yearsold? I always check to ensure there are adults chaperoning any party my kids go to. Had these parents known this was a closed community, they never should have dropped the kids off in the first place…

      It’s hard to be a kid at 14, being cool and accepted by your peers is everything. They are going to want to go to a party, it is the parents that have to be the rational ones in this instance to check their kids and realize something could go wrong. Unfortunately, in this case it did.

    • 13gatorgrowl

      How do you know more than anyone else?? You a psychic??
      You are stupid and it shows!

  • BJM2

    There is never just one side to a story. However, you cannot ignore the video which shows a cop viciously attacking a girl in a bikini with no possible way to hide a weapon. A grown cop cannot subdue a 14-year-old bikini clad girl just be grabbing her by the shoulders and sitting her down? Then he needs to resign. And, how come the white kids have said the cops didn’t even LOOK at them, much less attack or verbally abuse them. All they had to do was stand at the entrance, ask a “responsible adult” which kids were breaking into the “unauthorized” party and then proceed to make them leave in an orderly fashion, then make that “responsible” adult terminate a party she was not authorized to have. We have to stop making excuses for racism!!!!

    • women100


      • BJM2

        Of course. Racists don’t mention it as the fact because then they can say, like you, that I was the one mentioning something that wasn’t fact. Really, you believe that? The truth is they create other reasons for their prejudice and convince themselves that is the reason. And – I am one of the rare ones who are not racist and comment on this website. I am told I am crazy to subject myself to criticism for what I believe, but I continue to try to reach racists and wake them up to the truth.

        My father was a good man who never believed he was racist, but the day he came to our house at lunch time to have lunch and left his black partner in their truck, that told me he was racist. So, if I just reach one person who realizes that their thinking is truly racist and changes, I will feel that it was worth my efforts.

        • bariola

          As a whole, Blacks in this country are proportionately far more likely to engage in all manner of violent, illegal and uncivilized behavior when compared with Whites. That is a fact. However, IMO, it is not their faults and they are not genetically inferior. Rather, they have been socially engineered by the power elite to the point that most of our inner-city areas are barbaric hell-holes. If Blacks had a chance in hell of changing their situation for the better, that chance was destroyed when the CIA shipped TONS of Contra cocaine into the country in the early the 80’s.

          So, the cop in the video was an out-of-control psychopath and may or may not have been a bigot. Yes, there is racism amongst police, but that is far from the whole story. Growing police-brutality is only partially related to racism and many Whites are brutalized and murdered by cops (not to mention dogs and one piglet); as well, many cops in the hood are Black. What I’m trying to get across (and which I get into in greater depth in my post below) is that there are problems on BOTH sides that need to be addressed immediately.

          • 13gatorgrowl

            Parents bear the responsibility to teach the children. Black Parents do NOT!
            Anytime police are called to a scene–THEY DO HAVE AUTHOTITY.
            ONLY criminals want the police out of the way so they can carry on their trade. In Baltimore, it was reported one CVS drug store was looted and burned. However there was no mention on National or local news that 67 drugstores were looted and destroyed in Baltimore. THAT shows the protest was simply staged to distract the police for criminal reasons. Those people do not care about that snitch Freddie Grey! ALL that was bullshit.

          • bariola

            Police have authority IF there is probable cause of a crime. They just can’t go up to anyone and ask for ID or search a person for no reason – we have something called a 4th Amendment. This isn’t North Korea or China or Nazi Germany.

            I already stated that there are major problems in our predominantly Black inner-city areas (as well as inner-city areas that are largely Latino). I don’t consider myself left or right – I simply try to ascertain the truth as best I can. So, unlike many liberals, I don’t gloss over the obvious, namely, that we have several million barbarians amongst us who cannot live in a civilized fashion and must be dealt with. Unlike many conservatives, I don’t blame these barbarians (implying that they are genetically inferior) but consider them victims of the power elite.

            Now, you may say that slavery ended 140 years ago and these people should pull themselves up by their bootstraps, but Jim Crow laws in the south lingered until the 1960’s. If you were Black, how the hell would you feel about that?

            Beyond that, as suicided journalist Gary Webb showed us in the 90’s via his “Dark Alliance” newspaper series and book, our very own CIA caused the crack cocaine explosion that destroyed any chance of Blacks ameliorating their dire circumstances. Couple that with largely White record producers promoting the gangsta rap movement and the destruction of an entire group of people was complete. The fact that ANY Blacks can escape the hood is close to a miracle. Poverty is bad enough, but the deliberate demoralizing and cultural destruction of a group of people is pure evil.

            I’m not saying that we should coddle gang bangas and the like – they should be behind bars where they belong. However, the worst criminals are the inheritance class of the West who are behind it all.

    • GK

      The girl in bikini was very clearly refusing to cooperate with the cop. When I was her age I absolutely hated all cops and I myself was hardly a very perfect kid. But every time I had a confrontation with the police, nobody had to teach me to follow their orders. If you don’t like what they’re doing, you can deal with that later. Incidentally, while it’s true that I am white, not all of the cops I had to deal with were. I didn’t always feel they were justified (and they weren’t always), but if they told me to sit down, or to place my hands behind my back, or to put my hands on top of the car, etc., etc., I did it, because I was smarter and less of a spoiled brat than some people are.

    • 13gatorgrowl

      The parents do not teach respect of others and THE POLICE DO HAVE AUTHORITY when they are called for help. THAT IS A GIVEN.

      • BJM2

        What you all refuse to address is that RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT. I have seen the difference. My daughter works with children in an after school care program. When she started, all the other aides pointed out to her the “troublemakers” and she saw how, when those kids started to do something they were not supposed to do, the aides yelled at them, scolded them, threatened them, and those kids were constantly getting in trouble. Well, my daughter took a different approach. When she saw them start to do something they should not be doing, she called them over asking for a “hug”. She then spoke, only to them, telling them that it was wrong, and she didn’t want to report them or have to tell their parents and she knew they were better than that. Now, when she sees one of them start to do something that they shouldn’t, she quietly says their name or just looks at them and calmly shakes her head no. They immediately stop what they were going to do. Now, when she arrives, they all run to her, give her a hug and tell her they love her. She respects them, so THEY RESPECT HER!!!!! That is how it is supposed to work. She learned that from my parents and from me and it works. What the police are doing now DOES NOT WORK!!!!!

    • Jean Cooper

      You are assuming any kid or adult that was on the property without permission would talk with reasonable, answer any questions and leave peaceably.

  • doormouse

    Why is it so hard for black people to understand that it’s far better to cooperate with police than to resist? That snap shot on the news with the skinny girl resisting the cops effort to handcuff her… it appears that she got what she deserved and her parent(s) likely share her blame for preaching racial beliefs in the home.

    • sensrbtch

      racial disbeliefs,black power bull shit, be proud,be black, alls the same crap that the clintons bespoke during his reighn. be black lick mes? an the obolah sez”ams white 2″?! no! dat the 12 pakbutt burl.

      • Myra Estopinal

        Sensrbtch how old are you?

    • jackel

      They have that chip on their shoulders and won’t let it go. They should be damn happy their ancestors endured the slavery for them. No other country do they live with opportunities like here. If anyone should be screaming as well, it should be The Jews, Spics and Chinks.

    • jackel

      It is getting so you must have people drop their drawers to know who they are .

  • The Fox

    Being black has become a special right just like homosexual special rights and needs to stop.

    • sensrbtch

      the neu black is ORANGE! snd um alls to the kamps. in fact it is time to turn Ferguson into a kamp!

      • Matthew V. Brown

        When you learn to speak English, get back to us…

  • Brenda Williams

    I did not think half of these kids were dropped off by parents. They either walked or piled in a car together. Most of them were not invited. Why is it when their is a party or cookout blacks come for miles all around? Most of the time they fix 5 or 6 plates to take home to their kids.

    • sensrbtch

      HOW Far did u go to git to A GOOD PARTY? AND HOOS CARES WHAT,HOW,HOOS DO THE DEED, That they wer there is the problem.

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        G.T.F.A. you illiterate fool!

        • 13gatorgrowl

          They are speaking the boobonics like the black teens.

  • bariola

    It is true that tyrants always want their citizenry to be divided. It has always been easy to do via propaganda and false flag attacks. I for one admit that maybe I jumped to conclusions re: this case. That isn’t to say that we don’t have a major problem with police brutality (and it’s not always aimed at Blacks, and many cops are Black). However, we will only be able to solve our problems if we admit that there are problems with ourselves as well as the other side.

    EVERYONE must be honest and say what they feel and believe at this point in time, otherwise we will descend into an Orwellian nightmare (we are well on our way). Political correctness is one more tool of the power elite used to stifle debate and create division, all with the ultimate goal of creating their despotic New World Order.

    Speaking of propaganda, I don’t need Big Brother preaching morality to me, which seems to be happening more and more. Our government was occupied long ago by globalist traitors who are the worst criminals on the planet. I don’t need war criminals, global drug runners, white slavery runners, pedophiles, thieves, money launderers and traitors telling me what are good thoughts and bad thoughts. Hey Big Brother and your lapdog media – FUCK YOU!!!!! I can think for myself.

    All of this moralizing about gay rights and inter-racial relationships that is being increasingly shoved down our throats on TV, as one example, is NOT about creating a kinder and friendlier people. I happen to be for gay rights and who cares who goes out with who? But think about it – people who have no problem with gay rights or inter-racial relationships will see all of the stuff in the media promoting these things and think, “Well, that’s nice, it’s about time.” It won’t really have an effect on their lives. However, people who are not in agreement with said issues will become more and more inflamed. Additionally, people who do not think “good thoughts” per Big Brother will have their rights increasingly infringed upon, like what is happening to Christians across the country. I may not agree with religious fundamentalists on certain issues, but they have the right to think and say what they want like everyone else.

    Thus, what appears to look like a government/mainstream media campaign to create a more moral, dare I say, more Liberal society, is, in fact, one more method used by the power elite to divide the masses. Dividing the citizenry distracts people from crimes in high places and political corruption and in extreme cases (e.g., riots, anarchy) gives the power elite the excuse to instate martial law. Additionally, it gives the commoners the illusion that the system is not thoroughly corrupt; yes, there may be a few bad apples but Big Brother still cares about us. This moralizing by Big Brother and the controlled media maintains the matrix, so to speak. Socio-political Stockholm syndrome is one of humankind’s greatest scourges.

    Getting back to race and police brutality, the truth of the matter is, there are MAJOR problems in Black communities in this country, especially in our inner-cites, AND there is a growing problem of police brutality that is only partially related to rising inner-city crime and the growing gang banga problem. Until both problems are honestly addressed, the Balkanization that is being socially engineered by the sociopathic, mega-rich power elite will continue.

  • sensrbtch

    ann that it tuat it thwe problem wid the blacks! racially misled up means smart an stupit! so no0w the white-MAN showed up an this give the blacks a bugle call to start another Ferguson. where were the whites in the racially mised hood? an let 200 # black mens CIRCLE me AN AMS GONA DRAW MIES GUNN 2!?PAKA DOGS! LIL HOO SHOULDA SHUT HER DIRTY ASS MOUFF!? this is in obolah spek,kald OBOLAHMIKS!

  • lee

    Well now seems we is back to the racial hatred of the 60s an 70s all because you people insist on voting lawyer in to congress. It is not the fault of the yoouth it is the fault of ever low life in congress.

    • 13gatorgrowl

      The youths are deliberately stirring up trouble. The parents are most of the problem. The Blacks need to stay off private land and mind their own business.
      This is so obvious. Many Black teens go to parties with guns. That is against the law to start with and premeditated if they shoot someone. They carry guns—because they INTEND to shoot someone.

  • John Galt

    What do Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Grey and the little hoodlum in the yellow bikini have in common that resulted with police intervention?
    Not one victim of racism by police among them.

    • Rodney Steward

      And all the trouble, being pushed by Obama, the DOB, and alley-cat-al.

  • Doc

    What you will end up with are white cops who will refuse to police “non-white” areas. You have a problem with black crime in your city? Send BLACK cops to take care of it.

    • 13gatorgrowl

      Let the Blacks fight it out. They need to stop sending these teens to deliberately stir up race trouble. Why would Blacks go to a White party when they were not invited: TO STIR UP HATE and CAUSE confrontation with cops.
      ALL is PLANNED!

  • tired

    Enough said about all of it! Several people (kids and adults) was at fault and keeps building the story! Why doesn’t everyone just decide NOT to talk or write about it again??

  • R. Eilers

    and in the end you still have a Rambo cop that didn’t know how to do his job

    • 13gatorgrowl

      That is an UNTRUE blanket statement.

      • R. Eilers

        You saw the video, the rookie cop resigned in disgrace of the badge

  • Mys77

    Sorry, but that teenage girl looked much older than 14, and sure behaved in a way that seemed It was second nature to act that way gainst any adult, let alone a uniformed officer. That girl was angry, rebellious, and as far as I am concerned deserved to have her face in the ground.

    • 13gatorgrowl

      These incidents are probably deliberate trespassing on their part. It seems the adults are pushing the TEENS to do these things to stir up trouble.

  • Sean Rickmin

    I think anyone with any sense know what happened.A bunch of black thugs went into a fenced in pool where they thought that they could stir up trouble.This is typicical Obama mentality.They all should have been jailed.

  • myfordtruck

    There is enough blame to go around but the main ones is the parents of the kids having the party and the officer that lost his cool that should not of man handled the girl just cuffed her and let it go

  • eclark53

    Let us be real. There was a posting on social media that there is going to be a last day of school pool party at X address. Kids show up. Parents drop their kids off to enjoy the end of the school year pool party. There is nothing that says that you have to have permission to go to the pool party. The posting is by another teenager. Hey y’all, we are having a pool party — and end of the school year pool party at X address. The kids go home and get their swim wear and head to the party. These kids know nothing about the condo rules or the rules of the pool. They just heard that it is an end of the year pool party. So they get parents and other interested individuals to drop them off at the pool party.

    Can anybody see this????? Now racist come out because there is a bunch of black kids at the pool. But none of these kids have a car that they can just put the keys in the car and move on. These kids have been dropped off. Now come the police to disperse the kids. But the kids have no place to go, they have to call for a ride to leave the premises. So now the police interpret this as being insubordinate and resisting arrest and lawful orders. But where can these kids go??? They have to wait until they get a ride from the scene. We are talking about 13 to 16 year old youngsters. They have no means of leaving until they are picked up.

    This entire scenario is fu**ed up. These racist whites just wanted to interrupt these Black kids from enjoying the pool party. These kids could go no where until they were picked up.

  • Rodney Steward

    Typical blacks, starting trouble, on purpose, like the typical thugs do. Starting trouble with the Police, with a thug recording it, not all of it, just the part that makes everybody look bad, and not their sorry A$$e$. And now, the news media will play it over, and over again, and of course, the blacks look so mistreated. Now, the big clown goes to work. Al-boy, and the bused in thugs, do their thing. Riot, loot, and pollute.

  • ADRoberts

    Well, that is brand new. So the party was against the rules of the community. Why is that no a surprise. And then some UNINVITED people decided to show up. And when told to leave by by LEO, they decided that they didn’t have to obey the cops because the cops had used bad words.
    Now where did this “intelligent” girl get her information? LOL.
    And the ONLY one to get hurt in all of this is the LEO who had saved one life that day and seen another suicide.
    What a bunch of black and white losers.
    And who is the WORST OF THE BUNCH? That would be the Mayor and Police Chief.
    Time to call the Chamber of Commerce and BOYCOTT the entire town.

  • danny kimbrel

    The officer had a few people sneaking up on his blind side ? what were they going to do to him ? no one besides them knows but i bet it wasn’t for something friendly so, hell yes pull out your gun and protect yourself. Do you really believe teenagers are unable to commit murder ? if so , you are delusional as hell ! plenty of our boy’s and girl’s homes are packed with the most violent offenders , some are in there for just that reason. one girl near my home said she just wanted to know what killing someone felt like…..

    • eclark53

      Say what you may. But if the police had not dragged the unarmed teen girl to the ground, they two boys would not have come to see what was going on. If you watch the video, when the teen started to yelling after the officer assaulted many other teens came to see what was happening. This officer was out of control, he escalated the situation and drew his gun on these kids because they came around while he was assaulting an unarmed, 14 year older, who was clearly not resisting arrest.

      These were kids at a pool party. Not once did you see these kids doing anything but following the police orders. No one tried to strike the police or be provocative in any way. Where do you expect a 13 – 16 year older to go? They did not have a car at their disposal? Be real, these kids were dropped off by their parents. They had to wait to be picked up. When is the last time you saw bikini clad girls on the bus stop or on the subway?

      This officer was out of control and deserved to be prosecuted and fired.

  • lonnieosgood

    Sorry, what you call “context” is nothing more than your “Victorian” Teabilly style “get off my lawn” fear based sunglasses.

    You sound like the church lady from Saturday Night Live. Maybe you should take a deep breathe and join the 21st Century.

    It was simply kids having a pool party with some racists who thought it was icky having black kids share their pool.

    The main source for your “context” is a person who helped begin the insults of the kids, telling hem to return to their Section 8 housing. Oh yeah and by the way, he’s one of those ass-wipes arrested and convicted of killing animals. Good source, eh?

  • Mavis Wilson

    The earlier part of the video showed the grown-up looking teen in the bikini striking the officer involved over and over. What was his alternative? The security guard called 911 and asked for police. This was not racist!! If you don’t want police to do their duty, DO NOT CALL THEM!!

  • Jim Schafer

    where’s the security officers?

  • KatRob

    The african ghetto trash are always innocent, they do nothing wrong, the cops continue to racial profile them for no reason. Yeah, and they don’t like fried chicken and watermelon! I say since they’re so miserable here, go back to the jungle, live in mud huts with no running water. Ungrateful bastards!