How McMullin hopes to make a Never Trump miracle

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are unacceptable. Jill Stein is full of “weirdness.” And Gary Johnson is “astonishingly weak and dangerous.” But Evan McMullin, according to a memo the independent conservative candidate’s campaign is using to woo anti-Trump Republicans, is a miracle worker — and the one who can work the miracle America needs.

“The great American experiment has been challenges by war, economic disruption and cultural crisis before,” reads the memo, which was written by McMullin campaign manager and chief strategist Joel Searby. “Each time it seemed the great American experiment was on the ropes, someone stepped up. In this moment, that someone is Evan McMullin.”

That’s no small step for McMullin, a Utah-born former CIA officer turned chief policy adviser for the House Republican Conference. Now 40, he’s running for president in what many see as a conservative protest run against Trump.

It is, to put it mildly, a long shot. National pollsters don’t even list him in their questionnaires, and he has already missed making the presidential ballot in Texas, California, New York and a host of smaller states.


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