What the media WON’T report about the attack in Germany

I have one question to pose: how do you fight against an ideology, a belief system that uses a truck to drive over people at a Christmas bazaar, or at an independence day celebration?

What type of depraved mind can encourage such abhorrent behavior and what type of mind embraces the notion, believing it is justified? At what point in time shall we cease the obfuscation and delusion of denial that such a scourge exists, and has for nearly 1,400 years?

When do we finally say enough, and stop with the politically correct speech such as that of Attorney General Loretta Lynch advocating compassion, unity, and love as a means to defeat Islamic terrorism and jihadism?

These are not “man caused disasters” a term coined by Obama’s first Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano. Shall Barack Obama now call for “truck control” — since he blamed gun control for the Islamic terror attacks in San Bernardino and Orlando? And remember the Obama administration still refers to the December 2009 Ft. Hood Islamic terror attack as “workplace violence.”

Yes, we have a problem, and we’ve gone well beyond the tipping point. Sadly, the terror attack in Berlin just days ago was not the only instance of islamic jihadism this month in Germany.

As reported by the Daily Beast, “The so-called Islamic State is recruiting very young ‘martyrs’ for terror in Europe. But this kid in Germany was exceptional even by the cynical standards of ISIS. 


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source: http://www.allenbwest.com/allen/chilling-media-wont-report-attack-germany

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