Melania Most Popular in First Family

A new poll reveals that Melania Trump is the most popular person in the Trump family, with a favorability rating of 44 percent.

This compares to President Donald Trump’s 41 percent favorability rating — matched by daughter Ivanka Trump, who also has 41 percent, according to the CNN poll.

Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, has the lowest favorability rating, coming in at 20 percent.

“The fact that Melania is more popular than her husband isn’t an uncommon occurrence,” Elite Daily reported. “Many first ladies have enjoyed higher favorability ratings than their spouses, Gallup Polls data show.”

“Looking at the previous White House family, Michelle Obama was ahead of Barack in approval ratings during most of his tenure, according to the Washington Post,” Elite Daily reported.

CNN said in its reporting on the poll that gender played a role in favorability ratings for the first lady, as did the fact that people tend to view the president and his spouse separately.

“Digging into Melania’s poll numbers, the first thing that jumps off the page is the major gender gap in them,” CNN reported. “Among men, survey respondents were 21 points more likely to view her favorably, while women who answered were two points more likely to view the first lady unfavorably.”

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