This Member of the British Parliament Just Sounded an Alarm for All of Us

FarageNigel Farage, a Member of the British Parliament, in a piece just published in The Independent, is arguing that it is time for countries in the west to turn their attention away from war with Islamic jihadists in the Middle East and Africa, and focus on the dangers we face at home. He says it is “incredibly stupid” that Britain has committed to another foreign war to weed out the very danger that is lurking within our own towns and cities. Our greatest threat, he says, comes from “jihadists” who are being radicalized abroad and then easily slipping back into western countries, ready to attack us from within. Our resources, he says, would be put to much better use finding and rooting out the troublemakers within our own ranks.

Farage writes:

The fear with which Western civilisation has been gripped is never more apparent than when our own citizens are massacred at the hands of a hateful few. While our political leaders are often quick to “condemn” attacks, and immediately champion the freedoms we all hold dear, I would argue that actually, in terms of policy, very little is ever done to back these words up.

Multiculturalism, as a political perspective, has obviously contributed to this weakness. But I would probably go so far as to say that the instigators behind multiculturalism, which is now a political philosophy in and of itself, would not have believed that the word necessarily meant abdicating security. Either way, this is a reality we must now face…

Time and again we’re told that radical Islam is a perverse, minority ideology that is to be defeated. But to me and millions others across the country, simply not enough is being done. Our schools, our prisons, and indeed many mosques in this country have been infiltrated by those pushing a fundamentalist, hate-ridden interpretation of the Koran.

… We [must] actively support and rally behind the people who are leading the charge against radical Islam, especially those in Britain’s Muslim communities. These voices, who are often sidelined, marginalised, and threatened into silence — are to be elevated and projected as pioneers of Islam’s reformation, and inclusion into Western civil society. There are groups and individuals trying to drag the religion and its adherents into a barbaric era. We must not let them.

Farage went on to remind his readers that 6000 Jews have left France, reacting to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and anti-Semitism. In Europe, liberal Muslims also face attack, something we saw in Paris as the terrorists targeted Muslims along with Jews and Christians.

“Are we just going to ignore these problems, and commit our resources to a battlefield some 3,000 miles away? Or are we going to demand of our political leaders a more robust approach into securing Western nations and their lawful citizens?” he asks.

It is an important question, worthy of consideration in the U.S. as well as Europe.

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