What John Kerry Said Right Before Mali Attack is So Stupid You’ll Wonder How He’s Still in Office

kerryFirst it’s Obama, downplaying the reach and might of ISIS.

Then the Paris attacks happen.

Next, we’re seeing another Islamic terrorist bloodbath in Mali.

And guess what Secretary of State, John Kerry said mere hours before the attacks about al-Qaeda, who claimed responsibility for the attacks:

Today, we’re witnessing another bloodbath at the hands of Islamic jihadists — this time, in Mali. The Daily Mail is now reporting that bodies lay piled up in pools of blood in gore-spattered corridors of Mali hotel where at least 27 hostages were slaughtered by jihadi gunmen. According to reports, as many as 10 gunmen took dozens of hostages inside a Radisson hotel — testing hostages’ knowledge of the Koran before allowing Muslim hostages to leave. But, no doubt, this had absolutely nothing to do with Islam, right?

And this time, it’s not ISIS claiming responsibility, but al-Qaeda. Remember those guys?

If you’ve been following closely, you might recall that just hours before the Mali attack, none other than our awe-inspiring Secretary of State John Kerry was reflecting on how al-Qaeda has been “neutralized” by the Obama administration’s stellar efforts.

Remember how Hillary and Obama blamed the Benghazi attacks not on coordinated terrorism, but out cry over an insulting video?

They refuse to use the label “radical Islam”.

It’s simple.

When our leaders refuse to clearly identify the enemy, we have zero chance of defeating them.

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