Based on Facts, This is the ONLY Logical Response to Mexican Criminals

Mexican_drug_cartels_2008Donald Trump nails it.

Our politicians in Washington really are stupid.

You see, first we allow drug and human trafficking criminals from Mexico into the U.S.

Then they commit crimes, get arrested, and put in prison.

These criminals are costing us millions of dollars.

We could simple send them back to Mexico.

But we don’t do it.

Taxpayers are shelling out millions each year to house an increasing number of foreign criminals in U.S. federal prisons because their home countries won’t take them back.

Federal prisons are housing more than 40,000 non-U.S. citizens from 79 countries that participate in the International Prison Transfer Program, in which eligible and willing inmates can serve out the rest of their time behind bars in their homeland.

Used correctly, the treaty should ease prison overcrowding and save taxpayers millions of dollars, the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General said in a report made public Thursday.

Mexican inmates account for 54% of the DOJ-approved foreign prison population.

Yet we fail to enforce the treaty to ship these prisoners back to Mexico and eat the cost of housing them.

And, too often turn them loose to once again commit crimes in our country.

While housing Mexican prisoners only costs 7.2 millions dollar a year, it’s the principle of the matter that undermines our immigration policy.

It gives the Mexican government the upper hand in shaping our immigration policy.

That’s just stupid.

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