Mexico Vows $50 Million to Fight U.S. Deportations

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico’s top diplomat said Monday his country will spend about $50 million to hire lawyers for migrants in the United States facing deportation.

The money will be channeled through Mexican consulates in the U.S. and also go to outreach programs “to promote respect for Mexicans’ rights.”

Foreign Relations Secretary Luis Videgaray said the effort “isn’t about obstructing the enforcement of the law in the United States, or much less opposing law enforcement.”

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  • Mike

    The Mexican government is playing with fire. Do they think that a lawyer can convince our government that a person who entered the country illegally and is now being deported for breaking our laws should be allowed to remain here? Lots of luck. There’s fifty million that is being tossed in the garbage. They may as well use it as a down payment on the wall.


    That 50M would help build a lot of wall. These countries attack this new administration and guess why? The USA has been feeding this beast long enough with tax payer money! They realize that once that teet is gone, they are in trouble! Best of luck to the rest of the world! We’re making America Great Again and really? To hell with the rest of you. The free paydays are fixing to be over!

    • Kent2012

      the taco benders will spend that money and the barrier will still get underway and then the scum sucking pigs will watch as the gravy train begins to peter out…oh do not say peter around the madonna ho or the judd ho or the ak69erho…there will be a strange sound begin to build to a deafening crescendo as the Giant Vaginas prepare to attack….Lord it is happening NOW…..ayeeeeee

  • scot_belle

    IMHO…ILLEGAL entry into the U.S. should be
    …treated EXACTLY like Mexico does to anyone
    who enters their country ILLEGALLY. Period.
    As for this supposed $50 million to fight
    ……that would make a great start on the wall.

  • bwyatt33

    They do not want their low life criminals back. If they have committed crimes, send them back.

  • Nancy Montoya

    Mexico can never be trusted! Ask it’s people how their crooked government is run. Mexico has done nothing for it’s citizens, We have footed the bill for too long, while the cartels, government has enriched themselves!! Time for Mexico to take care of their own people and stop using America!!! To those who oppose our immigration laws know nothing!! Come live close to the border and quickly you will change your views!! Time to enforce legal immigration and stop all the abuse!! Time for much appreciation and respect for our country!!!!

  • sarge

    send them all back and that money they want to spend for a lawyer will not do any good but would surely help them out on the wall payment for sure

  • Cheez! If the el-Presidente of Mexico is willing to spend that much money to prevent his compadres from being returned to Mexico, they must really be the dregs of humanity.

  • Rae Miller

    Use the money to help migrants FIGHT THE US by OBSTRUCTING THE ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAW ! What ? And that is a legitimate argument ? Fuck off , want to go to war because you don’t respect our laws ? I do !


    I believe the price for court time just went up, $25.000 per hour sounds fair as illegal lawyers can not get a license in the US !

  • Beverly Parrott

    No he’ll no. Your people are going to come back to you. Suck it up. Conprando

    • American Male

      Take ’em back in a Huey. Open the door let them hop out from about 1500′ problem solved!

  • David Hummel

    18 U.S. Code § 2385 – Advocating overthrow of Government? This seems to be what Mexico is advocating by defying the laws of this country. They are probably using drug money to enlist the shysters/ambulance chasers in this country to help their people stay here and make the US taxpayer pay for their welfare and medical.

  • dude76

    This school bag is trying to force the US to keep illegal scum and respect them. Sorry dip shot. That isn’t going to happen

  • Moe

    There are countless millions of poverty stricken Africans in Africa, why not ask the USA to use our ships to bring them to Mexico and then Mexico can provide welfare or assistance to support them. Then allow them to illegally vote, why not? Show us how Mexico can handle ten to twenty million illegals then tell me or show me how to be fair. Maybe the Pope could sell Vatican treasures to support everyone? Why just burden the middle class in America, maybe Obama will share his money with you guys too? Mexico screwed us, now they want to tell us what we must do? No one in America troubles legal Mexican immigrants, only need to do background checks on those here illegally, then decide what to do in individual cases.

  • KingDon

    I may have empathy for the plight of those people, but they are not our problem. If you’re here illegally, you get thrown out and returned to your country. We’re done carrying the weight of the rest of the world’s problems. Our weak-kneed elected non-representatives have ignored those of us paying the bills of all of this for far too long. It’s way past time to rebuild our nation internally. This has been going on for decades, but went into high-speed during the past 8 years. It has nothing to do with becoming hard hearted. It has to do with exercising common sense.

  • Todd Hartshorn

    Mexico makes billions off of the US so why wouldn’t they throw money at open boarders!

  • DirtyDaveyDownEast

    Mexican rights are in Mexico not AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah. I find Foreign Relations Secretary Videgaray’s comments to be racist and xenophobic. Therefore; I reject him as a legitimate Secretary of Foreign Relations.

    Nothin’ complicated about it. Get on board or get outta tha way!


  • Russell

    I respect Mexicans s long as they are in Mexico. The real bottom line is Mexico don’t want their criminals and drug dealers back. Screw Mexico.

  • Kent2012

    well Luis you would probably get more effective results with your $50 mil by hiring the ho clintoney’s Janitor Team…they are very adept at handling those “wet” assignments when your desire is to have the deceased appear to have gone on the “big vacation” through suicide or accident…

  • Nelson

    Screw Mexico and all of its criminal citizens who have enter America illegally. Not only should America build a wall but the wall should be guarded 24/7 by the United States Military with orders to shoot. The southern border is being violated by drug dealers, slavery, terrorist and illegal immigrants not just from Mexico but from all over the World. Mexico known for being one of the most corrupt governments is deeply involved being bought off and allowing these criminals and terrorist to illegally cross into America from Mexico. America should take sanctions against Mexico for allowing these criminals and terrorist to pass though Mexico into the United States.

  • BearFlagNative

    This coming from a country that has some of the strict’s laws in the world for coming into their country unlawfully; yet somehow and most wondrously does not and can not seem to find the people crossing over from the countries south of the Mexican border and making their way ACROSS Mexico to the US southern border? How about we all Hmmmmmm about that little fact eh?