Michael Moore’s Silly Confederate Flag Tweets Draws Fire from Black Iraq Army Vet

301px-Michael_Moore_american_film-makerHow do you know when a liberal issue has reached full-stop stupid mode?

It’s when leading liberal hypocrite spokesperson, Michael Moore, puts down his bacon burger and shake, and comes out from one of his mansions, and chimes in.

In a series of Tweets, Michael Moore demands the removal of the Confederate flag because it’s a symbol of terror.

IJReview spoke to Steven Hildreth, a black Iraq war veteran and author of The First Bayonet, about Moore’s comments. Here is Hildreth’s pitch perfect response:

For many Southerners, the Confederate flag isn’t a symbol of racism but a symbol of sovereignty and rebellion. But when the Vice President of the Confederacy gave the Cornerstone Speech he talked about how one of the things the new government was founded on was the idea that blacks were inferior to whites. That’s just an established fact.

However, the people who originally founded the Confederate flag were not terrorists. You could definitely make the argument that they were racist. They were insurrectionists.

In this instance, we are looking at the modern usage of the flag. I’m not offended when I see a Confederate flag because while being cognizant of history is important, being cognizant of context is equally important.”

Let’s never forget or destroy our history, even the painful, ugly parts. If we deny or destroy the pain, change and growth is impossible.

An awareness of context helps us all from expressing emotional, illogical reactions, and expecting immediate change to deep-seated, complex issues.

So, Now Really?

Do we REALLY believe that taking down the Confederate Flag will some how rid the United States of racism and gun violence ?

Have another burger, Michael.

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