Obamas Fly to Los Angeles on Same Day, But Take 2 Separate Planes… Wait, What?

The president and the first lady were both in California this past week, on the very same day. Obama was making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show in Hollywood. Michelle was making an appearance on Ellen in Burbank. These locations are just 7.7 miles apart.


Since they were essentially going to the same place, you might imagine the Obamas traveled together on Air Force One (which costs the American taxpayers approximately $228,000 for every hour spent in the air), but you’d be wrong. Apparently, that wasn’t convenient. President Obama took the presidential jet, and Mrs. Obama traveled on her own.

When the president appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he entertained the audience (as is the custom for Kimmel’s guests) by reading “mean tweets” about himself. Later, he attended a Democratic National Committee fundraiser, then continued on to Phoenix for another event.

The first lady appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show, then flew back to Washington.

According to Breitbart News:

When asked by reporters on Air Force One if the President and the First Lady saw each other yesterday, White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz replied, “I don’t believe so,” adding that he was “not even sure they overlapped.”

“I believe on this occasion the schedules were not in sync in order to travel together,” Shultz explained.

Since a nonstop flight from D.C. to L.A. is more than 5 hours one way, we can quickly calculate that the president’s flight cost $2.3 million by itself – not counting any additional expenses. Add in Michelle’s flight, which could have been $1 or $2 million.

You know what they say, a million here, a million there and it starts to add up to real money.

Of course, the Obamas didn’t foot the bill. You did! Aren’t you glad your tax dollars are being used for important things like appearing on Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel?

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