Mike Pence Is Donald Trump’s Secret Weapon

mike penceIn the Vice Presidential debate at Longwood University, Indiana Governor Mike Pence took on Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.

Mike Pence was polished, well-mannered, and well-spoken at the debate. He answered the moderator’s questions clearly and rarely raised his voice. Unless a comment from Kaine was extraordinarily defamatory, Pence refrained from interrupting him.

Tim Kaine, however, interrupted Pence repeatedly. From the start of the debate, he interrupted almost every answer Pence gave while Pence respectfully let Senator Kaine speak during his turns to answer.

Republican voters worried about a Donald Trump presidency should feel secure after watching the debate. Governor Pence was cool, calm, and collected, despite hateful and untrue remarks from his counterpart.

Pence is a great VP pick for Donald Trump. Trump draws in those who are fed up and demanding change, and Pence is able to draw in those who are not so fired up but still cannot stand for the liberal agenda. His eloquence on the debate stage will be key to drawing in undecided voters and those turned off by Kaine’s performance.

Pence is clearly fit to take office should he ever need to. He presented himself in a professional manner, and voters who may be wary of Trump’s loud rhetoric and issues from his past should be comforted in seeing Pence’s behavior. He will be Trump’s key to those unsure votes.

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