Mitt Romney Launches New Career – Thanks to Donald Trump’s Foreign-Born Wives

6878662109_da089964f6_bWho knew a stiff and stuffy middle aged ex-Presidential candidate would choose this line of work?

It seems that Donald Trump has brought out Mitt Romney’s inner stand up comedian.

Check out the one-liners Romney recently delivered about Trump’s foreign-born wives:

2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney took a swipe at GOP frontrunner Donald Trump during a GOP dinner on Tuesday night, mocking him for his foreign-born wives.

“Donald Trump has had several foreign wives. It turns out that there really are jobs Americans won’t do,” Romney reportedly joked at the Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) GOP dinner on Tuesday night.

Two of Trump’s three wives were from other countries. Ivana, Trump’s first wife, was born in Czechoslovakia and Trump’s current wife Melania is from Slovenia.

Romney was a bad Presidential candidate.

He’s an even worse comedian.

It’s sad really that this is the level the GOP Elites have sunk to in an effort to take out Trump.

It reeks of desperation.

The funny thing is that the more they stoop to this level, the more it plays into Trumps hand.

It proves the point of Trump’s campaign.

He’s nothing like a Romney.

And that’s no joke.



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