MORON Matthew Dowd: ‘An Atheist Can Be A Christian’

Benjamin Franklin famously said that there are two certainties in life: death and taxes. If Franklin were resurrected from his grave in Philadelphia and took one look at the political and religious climate of the United States, he would have added a third: A member of the media will make an asinine statement about religion.

Matthew Dowd, the chief strategist of George W. Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign and a current Political Analyst at ABC News, tweeted this monstrosity:

I am Catholic. Being Christian is a state of being. Practicing love. Some of the most Christian folks i know in life are atheists.

For a self-professed Catholic, Dowd’s tweet successfully minimizes one of the central tenets of Christian theology: the belief in G-d that subsequently rationalizes the existence of His son Jesus Christ. Being Jewish, I do not agree with Christian theology on the topic of Jesus being the Mosiah or that he could possibly be the son of G-d. However, Judaism and Christianity share the belief that G-d is The Lord, the Creator of the Universe, and that He exists to ensure a moral order amongst ourselves and our communities. While the Jewish identity is further complicated by the Jewish people being an ethno-religious people from the land of Judea, those who would identify as Christians would logically adopt the truth in G-d’s existence and in His greatness. This should be self-explanatory.

Atheism, however, does not believe in the Judeo-Christian G-d that Jews and Christians spend countless hours in synagogue and in church praising. This makes Dowd’s tweet immensely problematic because it calls the following question: How can one identify as being Christian while also not believing in the Judeo-Christian G-d? This demonstrates either intellectual dishonesty or a complete bastardization of what Christian theology represents.

The Resurgent‘s Peter Heck also makes this point in ripping Dowd’s idiotic tweet:

If I was attempting to guess what Dowd was trying to get at, it was this: “some of the most loving people I know aren’t Christians; they’re atheists.” But even that is intellectually vapid from a truly Biblical perspective. Dowd commits the worldly error of confusing “being friendly” with “love.”

But a Christian understands (or at least should) that apart from offering the redemptive promise of salvation through Christ alone, there is no love. If I bind up your wounds, give you food, chat sweetly with you as we journey through life together, but I never urge you to turn around from the path you are walking which I know leads to a pit of eternal despair, I do not “love” you.

If this worldly fraternity is the only type of “love” that Dowd knows, then he simply doesn’t know Christ. For the sake of what remains of his own reputation and credibility, I would implore Matthew to remedy that glaring void before issuing any more Twitter pontifications about the faith he so apparently misunderstands.

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  • BDC

    Definitely unclear on the concept. What else is he unclear on?

  • Jim Vincent

    Some of the most abominable acts have been perpetrated by individuals who proclaim that they believe in one god or another. The Holocaust, Armenian genocide, past and present day slavery, and numerous other examples of man’s inhumanity to man are almost always caused by self righteous groups or individuals proclaiming that the horror is being done in the name of god. You keep your magic shows and give me someone who lives a good life, helps others, and allows others to live their own lives as they see fit. You thumpers of whatever “holy book” you ascribe to need to get over yourselves. I believe in Live and Let Live until your beliefs interfere with my ability to live the way that I choose.

    • lighteredknot

      Psalms 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, “There is no God”. To each his own. Also, a good read would be, Pascal’s “The Wager”.

      • Jim Vincent

        I’ve read The Wager and many other books concerning the philosophic discussions on the existence of a supreme being in addition to being raised a Christian and attending parochial school 1 thru 12. What I have learned is that the best any of us can do is to be accepting of the fact that not everyone believes the way that I/we do. Just because I don’t believe in a god does not cause me to be evil. Your belief does not necessarily exempt you from acting in a way that would be seen as despicable by the person sitting next to you in church or by the atheist volunteering at the homeless shelter. I live by the “do unto others” mantra and it works for me. Have a good life.

    • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

      Can you name any Atheist Hospitals anywhere? What about Atheist food pantries? What about Atheist homeless shelters? Atheist drug rehabilitation centers? What about Atheist mission trips where congregations of Atheists get together to feed and clothe and build shelters for indigenous people all over the world? Not too many, huh? Your belief system has NO FRUIT!! It’s a convenient LIE, to make yourself feel better!! Basically if we judge Atheists on what Atheists actually DO, then we can judge you to be KILLERS!

      Stalin was an Atheist! Lenin and Trotsky were Atheists! Communism is BUILT on Atheism!! And Communism killed 200 MILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE IN 100 years!! That’s THE RECORD, idiot! No RELIGION, no PHILOSOPHY, no other IDEOLOGY has EVER come close to killing and destroying life, like you Atheist Communists!! You are THE CHAMPS!! So just shut up, “good guy”!!

      • Jim Vincent

        Have another sip of kool aid and relax. I didn’t attack you or your beliefs. I’m fine that you have your set of beliefs so respect my right to disagree and follow my own path. I’m not a communist. In fact I have served in two wars and a number of short term skirmishes in Panama, Grenada, Africa and the Middle East. So I would appreciate it if you would tone it down but because you have the cloak of anonymity of the internet, I’m sure you will continue to hurl insults knowing that you won’t be held responsible for them. Nice guy? No, I’m not a nice guy. I have performed many acts required of me by my country that pansies such as yourself would consider downright nasty. I did them for my country so that, what was it you called me, oh yes, “idiot”s would enjoy the right or privilege to spew such hateful drivel without fear of reprisal by the government or other citizens who do not agree with you. Nothing like a good self righteous Christian.

        • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

          That’s not the point you made, Jimmy old boy! You SPECIFICALLY declared that “the most abominable acts have been perpetrated by individuals who believe in one god or another”!! Remember that, Jimmy? So you have another toke on your reefer, old man, and I’ll give you a chance to TAKE BACK your stupid and PATENTLY UNTRUE STATEMENTS!

          Once again, STALIN was an individual! LENIN was an individual! TROTSKY was an individual!! YAGODA was an individual!! ( you’re probably too stupid to know who that one was!) these men were INDIVIDUALLY RESPONSIBLE for up to FORTY MILLION DEATHS!! And they were ALL ATHEISTS!! We can stop right there!! It’s a FACT! Atheists reign SUPREME in the “abominable acts” category, Jimmy! So that means that I WIN THE ARGUMENT! Your attempt at smearing those who believe in God, and specifically in this forum, Christianity, as the source of abominable acts, has been proven WRONG, by clearly showing that ATHEISTS who share YOUR belief system ( because that’s what it IS, Jimmy!) are the greatest criminals the world has EVER seen!! That’s how you argue, old guy!

        • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

          Secondly Jimmy, you and your old butt don’t want to threaten me, I’m MORE than armed at all times and willing to do what is necessary. And I don’t have to make up my “tour of duty” bull crap. So YOU tone it down, or you can send me your address, big talker.

    • Miyako

      I See You Left Out…..The ‘Bolshevik Jews’ And ‘Menshevik Jews’ Who Executed a CHRISTIAN Czar And Gave the World..Their Creation…………………..Communism. I Wonder Why YOU Did Not Mention…..The CREATORS Of Communism”?

  • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    Glad Shapiro is against the laughable position of an Atheist being a Christian, thanks for being so sharp, Ben! Now let’s discuss the stupidity of you declaring “Being Jewish, I do not agree with Christian Theology on the topic of Jesus being the Mosiah (sic), or that he could possibly be the son of G-d”. Hahaha! Ben you are quite the JOKER! Many JEWS, more Jewish THAN YOU, believe that Jesus is THE MESSIAH, and that HE IS the Son of the living GOD! To declare “I’m Jewish” and insinuate that your self-identification as a “Jew” somehow includes a universal belief system based on your supposed ethnicity,IS RIDICULOUS! Let me assure you and everybody else, that it DOESN’T.

    Your claim of Jewishness is merely a myopic, racial distinction that has become much more important to those of you who claim to be Jews, then actually what you BELIEVE! You don’t believe the entire Law Of Moses!! You don’t keep the Sabbath!! That’s laughable! The Sabbath includes not just every time period from Friday at sundown,till Saturday at sundown, and notjust every Sabbath of the seven other feast days (high holy days), but EVERY SEVENTH YEAR! Your form of “Jewish religion” is just another flavor of Jewish disobedience to the Hebrew Scriptures,and pride in what you THINK you are! Not in actually obeying the WORD OF GOD!!

    If there were actual Jews, who ACTUALLY believed in the scriptures, then you would know that the possession of the promised land of ehatbis called Israel, ONLY goes to those who are COMPLETELY obedient to the Law of Moses! Which it is evident THAT THERE ARE NONE!

    The word “Christian” is a slang word, meant to insult followers of Jesus, starting in Antioch. Jesus himself NEVER used the term. It means “little Christ”, and is a derogatory term meant to denigrate and make LESS. All true followers of Jesus, including JEWS, know that Jesus taught us we would do MORE and GREATER things than Jesus did!

    The word “Christ” is the English version of the Greek word, “Cristos”, which is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word, “Maschiach” which means MESSIAH. Do you know who TRANSLATED the word “Maschiach” into the Greek word “Cristos”? It was JEWS, 300 years BEFORE Jesus was ever born! The JEWS translated the entire Hebrew Scriptures into the official language of the Roman Empire!!

    So your best bet, is stop trusting in your stupid, ignorant, racial, identity, that your kind have confused as religion, and begin to search THE SCRIPTURES. You’ll find that your “Jewish” racial, belief system has little to do with what the Jewish Prophets actually taught!

  • The Redman

    He is right. lots of hater white-folks play “Christian” on sunday, and R demons in pink skin the other 5 days. hahahahahahhahahaha

  • 615GEJ1

    A tree is known by it’s fruit.

  • R Monty

    TO KNOW GOD, AND WORSHIP HIM, LOVE ON HIM & HEAR HIM (with an audible voice), THEN FOLLOW HIS WORDS IN YOUR LIFE! THEN YOU ARE CHRISTIAN!! GOD & HIS SON & THE Holy Spirit Are The Inseparable One! They Were Here At The Formation Of The Universe & Earth Too!! That Is Much Longer Than The Bible, Or Anything That You Can Think Of!! The Commandments Are A Measuring Stick To Follow, In Order To Get Into Heaven & Be With Your GOD, & JESUS, & THE HOLY SPIRIT!! If You Slip Up, And Break One Of His RULES!! Then Get On Your Knees & REPENT OF YOUR SIN!! THEN ASK HIM FOR FORGIVENESS!! And Believe Me When I Say ASK HIM & THEN ASK THE PERSON YOU HURT WITH YOUR SIN ALSO!!! You Will Be Blessed By God For Doing It!! If That Person Does Not GIVE IT TO YOU!!!! THEN YOU GET THEIR BLESSING ALSO!!! OH!!! THE 10 Commandments ARE IN THE BIBLE!! THAT IS WHY WE CALL IN THE RULE BOOK OR MANUEL!! THE NEW TESTAMENT Is Where All This Is Explained In Detail, Several Times In Fact!! But If You Choose Not To Read About GODS SON & The HOLY SPIRIT!! Then, Quickly Have Someone Read It To You!! A LIFE OF SHEAR JOY,KNOWING YOU ARE GONNA BE WITH GOD FOREVER!! There Is Nothing I Will Let Into My Life, To Keep Me Away From My GOD!! HALLELUJAH!!!

  • Vangie Martinez

    With out agreeing with Dowd. Actually just because you are an Atheist they do follow the 10 Commandments at least some of them with out even realizing it. Ok. Ask an Atheist. Would you allow someone to come into your Home to “Murder” you and your Family? How about “Stealing”? Would you allow your Home or your Vehicle to be broken into or Stolen with you doing nothing about it or filing Charges to get Justice? How about “Adultery”? Would you like it if your Husband or Wife went with other People and had sex with them? How about “Lying”? Do they think that it is ok to be Lied too? How about “Coveting” someone else’s Husband or Wife or their Land and Home? Would you like it if someone tried to take them away from you turning their Heart away from you or try to take your land and home? Do they “Love others as themselves”? How could they “Marry” someone or have deep feelings for someone like their Spouse or their Children or even Family Members if they did not have Love or even have Love for themselves because they do take care of themselves and others. What they do not Obey in the Ten Commandments is “they Bow down to Other gods” Humanism and Evolution and they Commit Idolatry with those things because that is their god and religion, they are to only Worship THE ONE GOD and that they are to LOVE HIM. Which in reality makes them Hypocrites and actually there is no such thing as an Atheist or an Agnostic. One way or another in their life they will call out to THE GOD. THE ONE and ONLY TRUE HOLY GOD and when they die they will stand before HIM just like the rest of us and will bow their Knees to HIM before entering into eternity. So yes they do have Christian “Attributes’ with out being a True Blue Christian Believer. Any one can do that but they won’t go to Heaven with having “Attributes”