Muslims Fleeing from Libya to Italy – You’ll Be Shocked with What They Do To Christians Onboard

Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard  police say   CNN.comWhile here in the United States, we’re debating how to screen refugees from Syria and Libya, reality plays out on the high seas.

The passage across the Mediterranean Sea is a dangerous one for all those fleeing The Middle East.

It’s especially dangerous for Christians.

Here’s a CNN report of 15 Muslims arrested in Italy for throwing 12 Christians off their rubber boat:

Rome (CNN)Muslims who were among migrants trying to get from Libya to Italy in a boat this week threw 12 fellow passengers overboard — killing them — because the 12 were Christians, Italian police said Thursday.

Italian authorities have arrested 15 people on suspicion of murdering the Christians at sea, police in Palermo, Sicily, said.

Why migrants are dying to get to Italy

The original group of 105 people left Libya on Tuesday in a rubber boat. Sometime during the trip north across the Mediterranean Sea, the alleged assailants — Muslims from the Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal — threw the 12 overboard, police said.

Of course, this is a story, you’ll need to dig hard to find.

It’s unlikely to hit CNN’s TV air.

The question is this:

This is one incident where the Muslims were caught.

How many other unreported incidents of Muslims killing Christians remain undiscovered and unreported?


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