What You Need to Know About the Milwaukee Riots

59980895_953c7965eeThe MSM loves showing the images of a burning city.

They love talking about all the reasons for the civil unrest and riots.

They love sharing their liberal opinions and preaching political correctness to the masses.

Here are the seven facts you need to know about the Milwaukee riots that eruopted following a fatal police shooting of a Black teen:

Violent protests erupted in Milwaukee on Saturday following the fatal police shooting of an armed 23-year-old black male who police say has a “lengthy arrest record.” Although very little was known about the actual incident, rioters took the street setting the city ablaze.

Here are seven things you need to know about the Milwaukee riots:

1. In response to reports of the police shooting, angry protesters began causing disturbances at around 3:30 pm on Saturday in Milwaukee

2. Throughout the night, officers were violently attacked by members of the protesting mob.

3. The rioters set a gas station on fire at around 10 pm, while spontaneously shooting bullets into the heavily-populated area.

4. The rioters also set a bank on fire, in addition to at least three other buildings.

5. The rioters assaulted journalists on the scene, kicking, punching, and throwing reporters on the floor like rag dolls.

6. Many of the most violent rioters were affiliated with BLM or other black nationalist movements.

7. On Sunday morning, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker activated the national guard.

This was no peaceful protest in response to a perceived injustice.

No it was simply an escalation of the Black Lives Matter true intentions.

When is the Main Stream Media going to stop the preaching and call Black Lives Matter what it really is:

A domestic terrorist group.

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