‘New American Antifa’: Inevitable Result Of Liberal Outrage

College campuses are ground zero for the outrageous behavior of social justice warriors which has ranged from mass-chanting protests to rioting and violence. Over the last several years, Americans have quietly observed the increasingly disturbing and escalating antics of progressive university students.

The throngs of masked rioters who have violently shut down events by conservative and alt-right speakers over the last year — via threats or actions — ironically refer to themselves as “anti-fascists,” or Antifa for short. Antifa has been around in various forms across the globe for some time. This article speaks specifically about the masked thugs rioting and inciting violence on college campuses, e.g. Berkeley.

The formation of the new American Antifa isn’t sudden; it evolved, in part, from a single student screaming at a Yale professor in late 2015.

Just prior to Halloween 2015, the Intercultural Affairs Council at Yale University sent an email to students which offered advice regarding potentially offensive costumes. The Associate Master of Silliman College, Erika Christakis, publicly responded to the email. In her response, after a long and very politically correct preamble, she simply asked:

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source: http://www.dailywire.com/news/15892/why-antifa-was-inevitable-result-liberal-outrage-frank-camp#

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  • Christopher Tabin

    whoever said that Antifa was considered anti-fascist, they are dead wrong. they are the ultimate definition of the socialist fascist movement that is destroying our country as we speak. it’s not their business to go around inciting violent protests in our cities just because Donald Trump is our president. the democratic liberal media have really sunk a new low, and i’m talking about the kind where sewer rats make mincemeat out of their corpses.

    • Russell Lissuzzo

      Christopher the antifa thugs are actually fascist in their consistent focus in their shutting down any opinions other than theirs. But, they are classic trotsky(ites) unionist thugs. The “tougher” antifa thugs are transparent, they are union …AFL-CIO, SEIU, ACORN and various subsets of unions paid by soros and steyner.
      I do know of what I speak with this. I have dealt with these union thug-fucks for years. I despise ALL UNIONS!!!!~!!!

      • Rex Whitmer

        Actually Russell, unions are not the thugs you make them out to be. Back in the early nineteen hundreds men were forced to work in unsafe working conditions, were worked twelve hour shifts, and could be fired for no reason at all. It’s true the unions have at time overstepped their boundaries, but There was one case in New York city where women seamstress’s were locked into a factory for a twelve hour shift. The factory caught fire and more than two hundred women were burned to death because the formen (all males) ran out and left the women trapped. There were times when miners who had gone on strike in Colorado and were thrown out of their company homes were machine gunned by the US Army. There were thousands of cases of businesses maltreating their workers! That doesn’t mean that the unions did no wrong! When there was power in the unions, the union leaders made compacts with gangsters back in the thirties. Today Unions are arbitrators between companies and employees. The Unions still are more interested in politics than in protecting members, but they do an awfully lot of good for the unprotected employees. Remember, the business owners often do much more damage than the employees.

        • Bob Mac

          Communists took over the unions, then MAFIA took over from them.

          • The Redman

            white-folks. demons in pink skin, huh. bobbie. hahahahahhahahaahha

    • The Redman

      Zip-it christina, U ah taboo inbred. hahahhahahahahah

  • VictorLandry

    I pity these morons when they get out into the real world. They don’t have a prayer of surviving except in their parents basement.

  • Howleyesque

    HOW EXACTLY IS a modern day version of Ernst Rhoem’s SA an “inevitable result?” Since when is utter hypocrisy by gullible, brain washed FOOLS who are SUPPOSEDLY educated ACCEPTABLE? Hideously OPPRESSIVE idiocy is just that and is the RESULT of nothing more or less than the ABDICATION of their duty of the officials who ALLOW these THUGS to REMAIN ON THEIR CAMPUS!

  • Larry

    Anyone know or remember the Night of Broken Glass? Our Universities and college campuses have turned into Socialist Liberal Mecas. The Historical significance is lost on those who refuse to acknowledge the truth. Our country did not always have a muddled sense of right and wrong. There existed principles that one could live by and rely on as a basic fundamental truth that would carry you and your children throughout your life. Do no harm. Provide for your family, faith family community. There was pride in our land of the free.

    • Rex Whitmer

      That does seem to be the goal and end all idea of the so called Liberal (actually the modern NAZI movement.) There are several potential Hitlers among them, and all of them are facists! Parents, if you have any sense get your kids out of these breeding grounds for fascism. If you don’t, you will reap the same or worse rewards that Nazi Germany faced!

  • Ima Barber

    These people!e are what water cannons and billy clubs were invented for. Use them and stop this stupid [email protected]

  • The Redman

    white-folks ruined america