New Gold Law to Impact 1.6 Billion People

New Legal Ruling Stuns Gold Investors


EB Tucker, lead analyst for Casey Research, believes gold is ready for a big move in the weeks following the election.

Just weeks after the election, a global legal organization will issue a stunning announcement…

A new legal ruling that could trigger the biggest single-day gold buying spree in history.

Within 24 hours, the impact will be felt all around the world.

1.6 billion potential gold investors will begin scooping up gold in a frenzy.

The biggest market players will join them, including 112 billionaires and the world’s largest central banks.

Overnight they will all pile into gold for the first time ever, sending the gold market skyrocketing.

In fact, a staggering $3 trillion is poised to disrupt the gold market on a single day.

And we don’t have to guess the profits at stake.

Something similar has happened three times before, and each time gold soared to record heights.

This time around we’ve calculated a target price upwards of $5,000.

The Most Lucrative Way To Profit From This Upswing

We’ve also identified the single most lucrative way to profit from this imminent upswing.

A secret gold trade that’s made millions for our firm’s founder—Doug Casey—and readers who followed his recommendations.

Already, Doug has used this trade to multiply his money 7-times over in 2016—and gold is only trading at $1,350.

So imagine the kind of fortunes up for grabs as gold surges to $5,000.

If we’re right, this trade could turn every $10,000 into a million-dollar nest egg. And that’s just for starters…

The profits could be life-changing.

“It doesn’t matter who wins the election,” says EB Tucker, lead analyst at Casey Research, “This is already set to take place. And the only thing left to do is prepare yourself quickly, and correctly because the weeks ahead of us are crucial.”

EB and the folks at Casey Research have compiled their research on this new “gold law” into an urgent presentation. In it, you’ll see why this coming development could send gold to $5,000 within a matter of months. Plus the one move everyday Americans can make in order to see an absolute fortune.

For the moment, this presentation is available to the general public here, and I’d strongly recommend you watch it right now.



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