New Snowden Leak Delivers Devastating Blow to NSA Defenders

12225549305_77f3c113ac_oThe latest Edward Snowden document leaks show clear evidence that the NSA is not simply in the business of vacuuming up massive amounts of meta data looking for anomalies.

Evidence of personal medical records, family photos of children, resumes of job hunters, and academic records of school children from over 10,000 account holders were cataloged and recorded.

The truth is, the NSA collects and stores extremely private data of citizens in violation of The Constitution.

Snowden has called their bluff with this leak. Either the NSA denies they gather this private information, or claims they can safeguard the release of this private information are false.

I never thought I’d see this day: The founder of Lawfare has finally declared that a national-security-state employee perpetrated a huge civil-liberties violation! Remember this if he ever again claims that NSA critics can’t point to a single serious abuse at the agency. Wittes himself now says there’s been a serious abuse.

The same logic applies to Keith Alexander, James Clapper, Michael Hayden, Stewart Baker, Edward Lucas, John Schindler, and every other anti-Snowden NSA defender. So long as they insist that Snowden is a narcissistic criminal and possible traitor, they have no choice but to admit that the NSA collected and stored intimate photos, emails, and chats belonging to totally innocent Americans and safeguarded them so poorly that a ne’er-do-well could copy them onto thumb drives.

They have no choice but to admit that the NSA was so bad at judging who could be trusted with this sensitive data that a possible traitor could take it all to China and Russia. Yet these same people continue to insist that the NSA is deserving of our trust, that Americans should keep permitting it to collect and store massive amounts of sensitive data on innocents, and that adequate safeguards are in place to protect that data. To examine the entirety of their position is to see that it is farcical.

It’s clear.

The NSA should not be allowed to collect and store this private personal information. It’s unconstitutional.

The NSA is not capable of safeguarding the information it does collect and store.

Will Congress step up, take action, and reform the NSA?

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