New U.S. “Scrip” Coming? (dollar alternative)

Over the next 6–12 months, the U.S. will experience its biggest and perhaps last test as a country.

  • It will challenge your emotional and fiscal security as a “provider” (if you have a family).

  • It will test how much faith you actually place in the mainstream media.

  • And—as it unfolds—this event will challenge your very idea of what it means to be an American in this great country.

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You see, key changes in the world’s largest market have set in motion an inevitable sequence of events…

This market is 40 times larger than the U.S. stock market…and it literally controls all of the world’s smaller markets…

Stocks, bonds, commodities, you name it.

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Historically, when this large market crashes, a predictable chain reaction occurs:

→People panic…credit markets dry up…and the economy and financial markets experience dramatic losses.

This oversized market crashed in 1893, and it triggered a full-blown economic depression.

  • 500 banks failed.

  • 4 million Americans lost their jobs.

  • 16,000 businesses went bankrupt.

We also saw a similar cause and effect in 1837 and 1932—two of America’s worst economic depressions.

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Recently, a legendary figure in the financial field, New York Times bestselling financial author Doug Casey, and his research partner E.B. Tucker released a video documenting this market phenomenon.

They detailed how this market has recently made an “historic move in the wrong direction”…and why everyday Americans should be “very concerned.”

According to Casey and Tucker, the early effects of this historic move are already all around us:

  • Countries are waging a “war” on physical cash. Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark and others are on pace to ban cash altogether.  Even Louisiana has banned certain cash transactions.

  • Interest rates are moving despite what America’s central bank does…

  • Major U.S. banks are setting aside billions of dollars for bankruptcies that “haven’t happened yet.”

“Every major crisis of the past 200 years has begun with activity in this colossal market. I’ve moved my family’s money in anticipation of what’s coming next,” Tucker said.

To learn more about this development, readers can watch the detailed presentation Casey and Tucker filmed. For the moment, this video is available online HERE (it’s free). How much longer it will remain so, we don’t know, so watch it now.

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