Newly Released Emails Blow Up Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony

Hillary_for_America_2016_LogoEvery time there are more emails released from Hillary’s private server, you gotta wonder…

How long can this woman keep up the ruse?

When is the hammer gonna fall and Hillary gets indicted for felony crimes against The State?

Will the Main Stream Media connect the dots and bring to light the inconsistencies between Hillary’s 11-hour Congressional testimony and what was actually communicated in her emails?


It’s up to concerned citizens to keep spreading the word and outing Hillary for what she is.

Check out this report and view the videos included and decide for yourself:

Some of Hillary Clinton‘s newly-released emails are making statements she made during the recent 11- hour Benghazi hearing before a House panel a little harder to believe.

Fox News found several conflicts between the emails and Clinton’s testimony.

The news organization found discrepancies between how she classified her relationship with confidant Sidney Blumenthal and how she actually used the information he brought to the table.

Fox also noted that Clinton had more responsibility for the security of State Department officials than she let on during testimony.

Without a doubt, classified information passed through Hillary’s private email server. As Secretary of State she had the top responsibility to protect the sensitive nature of this information.

In addition, the emails prove her testimony as less than forthcoming.

During her entire career, Hillary has been one step ahead of countless scandals.

When will we finally have the silver bullet needed to take down this public menace?


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