Not So Fast Hillary – This Email Thing Is Far From Over

hillemailIf you listen to the Clinton Camp, thanks to the FBI, the email scandal is done.

It’s over.

Hillary is only extremely careless.

She’s not a criminal.

Hey, we’ve all been extremely careless and posted dumb photos on Facebook and still landed that dream job, right?

While the Clinton spin wants to put all this in the rear view, it’s far from over.

In fact, the real heat may just be getting started:

Although the FBI has cleared Hillary Clinton of criminal wrongdoing for her “extremely careless” treatment of classified information, the inquiries into her private email use are far from over.

Members of the House Judiciary Committee will grill Attorney General Loretta Lynch Tuesday about her decision to close the Clinton email investigation without filing charges against anyone involved. The chairman of that committee, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, led 200 House Republicans in a push Monday for the Justice Department to reveal more details about how it reached the conclusion that Clinton should not be charged for her conduct.

Beyond the political hurdles that lie ahead for Clinton and her aides, the presumptive Democratic nominee faces three additional probes related to her personal email practices that could further expose her conduct as secretary of state to scrutiny.

How can people possibly rationalize voting for someone who was investigated for her handling of sensitive government information in a previous responsible position that was proven to be “extremely careless”?

Any business would fire such an employee and mark the file “Do Not Rehire”.

Not only that, but if enough people are foolish enough to elect Hillary as President, with this shadow of doubt hanging over her, it will be impossible for her to effectively govern and lead this country.

She has zero credibility and trust.

Kinda like the members of Congress, huh?

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