Nunes On The Memo

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) attended Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” where he claimed Democrats and media are trying to connect the House GOP Intel memo with the Mueller investigation.

Anchor Bret Baier raised the question, “[Y]ou know there are some members who are using this to question the Mueller investigation. Are you separating the two?”

Nunes then replied, “Well, I think what’s happened is, I think the mainstream media and the Democrats are tying this to the Mueller investigation. Because they’re trying to perpetuate this nonsense of obstruction of justice. Because they’ve left the Russia collusion issue. They know there was no collusion. And you know, I’ve been saying this for a year now, that there was no evidence of collusion.”

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  • Jmanjo

    The Democrats are trying to cover their butts because they are all in trouble for treason. They are going to pay for their crimes!

    • The Redman

      Nah jo-boy. most white-folks-(98%)- R inbreeds who have been raping their own brats, and R now ruining america and the world. hahahahahhahahahahahha

  • The Redman

    No good white-folks have ruin america

  • old_salty_dawg99

    The Democraps and the MORON MEDIA want to use everything to try and oust Trump. They still think( if brainless or braindead are able to do that function)for some IGNORANT REASON that Hitlery will through some miracle get the position of President. Anyone with a brain knows that even if they removed every Republican that would follow Trump in office if he were removed from office that the first Democrap would NEVER pick Hitlery as their VP and they definitely would NEVER step down to allow her to take over. Now I know this and does everyone else if they are HONEST enough to admit it that belong to the Democraps or the MORON MEDIA. The Democraps are trying to do one other thing besides the delusional as to Hitlery and that is protect Obozo the EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN. Now we know at least anyone who can think and has listened to the FACTS knows that Obozo who before running for office was supposedly a CONSTITUTIONAL law lawyer yet of all the office holders before him VIOLATED that DOCUMENT CONSTANTLY. Those who listened and know even a little about the law know that the Uranium One deal was iffy as to being TREASON. We do however know that there are several things that Obozo did that are Flatout TREASON. 1) Not having Manning who knowingly gave several thousand documents(750,000 some say) to Wikileaks. These documents were classified and Manning’s act of releasing them was an act of TREASON as is Obozo’s not having him charged for it. Next was his telling our enemy in Afghanistan(The Taliban)when we were leaving that Nation which is called Aiding and Abetting the Eneny again an act of TREASON. Then there was a double act of TREASON. First he released 5 TERRORISTS now some will say so what well we are at War with TERRORISTS and have been since shortly after 9/11. Congress declared it and that is a Constitutionally declared War so freeing those men was TREASON. Then the reason for freeing those TERRORISTS was also an act of TREASON see he did it to free a TRAITOR. Bowe Bergdahl is that TRAITOR. See he deserted his post in the middle of the night. Then shortly there after that there were recordings of radio calls he made asking the Taliban which we are at War with to come guide him to them because he wanted to join them that made him a TRAITOR and his Desertion got several people( his fellow soldiers killed and severely wounded). When Bergdahl was returned to America instead of putting him on Trial for his TREASON Obozo did nothing but brag on how he was able to free an American. Then as a DELIBERATE SLAP in the FACE of every service member Obozo gave Bergdahl something he was not eligible for namely promotions to Sargent. The judge who sat in judgement of Bergdahl’s Desertion let him walk without any prison time another slap to those who are serving or served. Now Obozo we find not only had two members of the Military tried and jailed for far far less acts of mishandling of classified documents allowed Hitlery do so on a MASSIVE LEVEL and he went out of the way to ensure she was not even charged much less tried. He weaponized the FBI and DOJ to attack Trump both before and After Trump WON the election. There are members of the FBI who were actively trying to keep Trump from winning via a PHONY DOSSIER of trumped up charges of Trump being helped by Russia to win and since it failed to keep him out they are now trying to get him impeached. This is also TREASON. How you ask?? Simple to overthrow the duly elected President is TREASON when that person has done no wrong. The only person who would be aided by Russia would be Hitlery. They paid her $145 Million dollars for the Uranium One deal as well as what they paid for the Uranium and whatever Russia gave Obozo which we may NEVER know since he has hidden everything about himself since he got into politics. The FBI and DOJ and every other department or Government entity that Trump has power over as far as who runs things needs PURGED of all those who were hired or appointed by and while Obozo was in office. That goes for those appointees who converted to hires doubly they have done everything they can to stop Trump and the agenda he was elected to pursue. Sadly he cannot do the same org both houses of Congress with the Democraps and the FRAUD REPUBLICANS like McCain, Flake, and Collins to name three there are many more who need gone. Hopefully Nunes memo will get at least a few of those CRIMINALS Obozo let infest DC tossed into prison.