Nursing Home Nightmare Caught on Hidden Camera

It’s every family’s nightmare. Dale Wilson was visiting his 79-year-old father at the Palm Garden Nursing Home n Winter Garden, Florida, when he noticed unexplained bruising. Suspicious, he set up a hidden camera in his father’s room. What he found was horrifying.

Two Certified Nursing Assistants, Yashika Zenobiaha Jones, 28, and Rose Dorlean Blaise, 35 can be seen battering the elderly man, who is an Alzheimers patient. MyFoxPhilly continues the story:

Police cited the video and interviews with other staff members regarding three specific incidents that happened over a timespan of three weeks:

On Oct. 7, Jones was rubbing her hands on the victim’s face and making punching motions to agitate him. There is another nurse in the room.

On Oct. 16, Blaise appears to lunge at the victim as he gets agitated and flails his arms. In a police report, it says the woman used her legs and feet to stomp on his bare feet or kick him in the leg.

On Oct. 24, Jones again is seen making punching motions at the man. She also grabs his wrists, uses his fist to punch himself in the face, and slapped him in the face, police said.

Jones is facing two counts of battery of an elderly person, though she denied the accusations. Blaise is charged with one count of battery on the elderly; she declined to comment when questioned by detectives.

Both are in the Polk County jail being held without bond.

“I said I had no idea what was happening to you,” Wilson said of his conversation with his dad. “I know there were people in here being mean to you. They can’t be mean to you anymore. They’re gone. I promise. We’re going to look out better and make sure this never happens to you again.”

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is far from rare. A congressional study says reports of serious sexual, physical and verbal abuse are “numerous” in American nursing homes. The study was prepared by the minority staff of the Special Investigations Division of the House Government Reform Committee. It finds that 30 percent of the country’s nursing homes, 4,283 facilities, were cited for nearly 9,000 instances of abuse during the two-year period from January 1999 to January 2001.

Issues cited most often included untreated bedsores, malnutrition and dehydration, substandard medical care and sanitation, and preventable accidents. In 1,601 of the cases, the violations were substantial enough “to cause actual harm to residents or to place the residents in immediate jeopardy of death or serious injury.”

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  • greatdragon

    Report any incidents to the Administrator, Ombudsman for the facility, your state licensing board/ DSHS and the police. Camera in a resident room is legal.

  • donjusko

    Where’s the respect? They should never be aloud a care job were there is another person involved. What are their first names, I want to warn our State’s hospitals not to hire anyone that is black and has that name. I’m tired of PC.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      Used to be they hired caretakers off the street, many were illiterate, then after several incidents States started having NA’s certified, they had to take a 6 week course and pass a test, still these are low educated people and many are not citizens, especially in So. Fla. We do have to remember some of these residents have no family left, but many are there because it’s less problem for the family, I’ve seen so much of both, and wish I could give an answer, but there really is no cut and dried solution.

    • Walt Mitchell

      Oh, FINE!….So you would make it harder for an HONEST black person to get a job in a nursing home JUST because that person happens to have the same first name! You are overreacting with that kind of thinking! The perpetrators’ FULL names are surely in the “system” so that no other nursing home will hire them! Leave the innocent people alone!

      • donjusko

        Innocent? You call the perps “them” and I call them black. I’m not smart enough to use the “system” like you. Just give me the names Mr. Innocent.

        • Walt Mitchell

          You are misunderstanding what I said! I have no sympathy whatsoever for the perps! I meant that by tainting OTHER black people who happen to have the same first name, you would be making it difficult (if not impossible) for THOSE people with the same name to get a job, however capable they were! THOSE people had done nothing wrong! THEY would be the innocent victims! As for the perps, I say throw the book at them, black OR white!

          • vettevet

            Amen to that, Walt!

          • donjusko

            Amen ti that Walt. Just give me the names, if you can spend time restating all the goodies you stated you can surly give me the names as you can work the system better, if it won’t hurt your PC ego.

          • Walt Mitchell

            Why do you insist on picking a fight with me? We AGREE that the perps deserve punishment! And BTW, don’t throw that “PC ego” crap at ME. I *hate* PC! FYI, I am a lifelong conservative Republican! So there!

          • donjusko

            Ok, I apologies, I was too harsh. My problem really has nothing to do with you. All I want is their names. Not a lecture about how I may hurt other blacks. o has me edgy. I hate Politically Correct also and I’m for Ron Paul as much as I against o.

          • Walt Mitchell

            Apology accepted! Peace has been declared and we’re done with the issue. The whole point is that abuse of the helpless in nursing homes is an outrage, no matter who is doing it and to whom it is being done!

          • donjusko

            That’s a good reply, great reply! I like the idea of a camera in the room.

          • Walt Mitchell

            Thank you, Sir! Of course I agree with that! It’s rock-solid PROOF of the abuse, rather than a he-said/she-said situation!

            I’m not sure yet whom I want to run in 2016. I know whom I DON’T want: Sarah Palin or Jeb Bush! For different reasons, I don’t want either one of them as the Rep. candidate

          • donjusko

            Does the person in question have to be an existing elected person? Someone with a name recognition factor? Or does he have to be recommended by someone with a good voting record? I want to find somebody to run too.

          • Walt Mitchell

            Name recognition is an all-important factor, though not necessarily the only one.

            Sorry, but I need to end this exchange–I stay up too late at night and I am trying to break myself of that bad habit! On top of that, I have a busy day scheduled tomorrow, even though I am retired from the workforce!

            Good night! :-)!

          • donjusko

            No problem, I was staying awake until 12-1 PM, now I try to get to bed at 9 Pm. That wakes me up at 5 or 6 Am. I can live with that. It’s only 7:30 Pm here on Maui now.

          • Silver

            I agree with you wholeheartedly on those two!!!!

          • Walt Mitchell

            Thank you, Silver! And I don’t mind telling you why! Palin is often a good spokeswoman for Republican/Conserative ideology. But far too often, she has blurted out something that tells people that she’s ditzy! I can’t have a woman like that running the country!

            As for Jeb, my reaction to that idea is no, no, NO!!! He may have done some good stuff while he was Gov of Florida–but on HIS WATCH, the Child Protective Service system was a shambles! It culminated in the WORST possible outcome: Two children in the system actually turned up MISSING!!! And as far as I know, neither of them was ever found! To me, that smacked of cronyism. I don’t know this for a fact, but it smells like he put a buddy or a relative in charge of the system instead of someone who was TRULY qualified to handle that complex job! In general, I know that that happens a lot in politics, but it SHOULDN’T–unless the person in question is actually equipped for it! So, please, Reps: DON’T give us Jeb Bush! (Besides, Hillary would chew him up and spit him out in debates! GAWD, how desperate she is for that job! But Benghazi will be the albatross around her neck when she runs!) :-p!

          • Silver

            I agree. Every time I hear Palin say the same tired “common sense solutions”, I cringe. And Jeb pushes common core. My grandsons are in Private school and are so advanced from their friends and cousins in public school. Two of them started at the same private school and are having a terrible time trying to catch up. They were used to little to nothing.
            I pray we come up with a great, conservative nominee. I really get tired of holding my nose in the voters booth, which I’m headed for Dec. 6……. Runoff with Landrieu and Cassidy. He was a Democrat and gave money to Landrieu in one of her campaigns. She always pulls it out in the runoff because people stay home and don’t vote in the runoff. Same thing for representative to replace McCallister…. Who was caught on recording kissing his aide. Louisiana politics!!!!! ;-))

          • Walt Mitchell

            Landrieu was running against two other candidates, so it would seem to me that if the votes that went to the two other candidates were to be combined, Cassidy would have enough total in the runoff to run Landrieu out of office! She insulted the GOOD people of Louisiana with that comment about why the Prez didn’t do well down there. That caused such an uproar that it is the only reason that I even know who she is! (I watch O’Reilly, but I don’t drink in politics 24/7!) Voters better turn out for the runoff if they really want to get rid of her!

          • Silver

            Sad thing is Col. Rob Manness was the best candidate….. A true conservative. Cassidy was a Democrat and supported Landrieu previously. Manness is supporting Cassidy……sorry to say Palin will be with him when he throws his backing to Cassidy. And this is not the first time Landrieu has insulted us. Her father Moon was mayor of NO. They have black ancestors so they have always had the backing of the blacks, even though nothing has changed in their neighborhoods. Several have seen that conservatives have done more, but as they tell me, it’s like talking to a brick wall.

          • Silver

            My sister in law had to go to a nursing home for 3 months before she passed away. The black ladies were so kind to her and treated her with so much respect. It matters not the color if the person doing bad things. I don’t care if they are purple. The person who treated her hatefully was white. These people are hard working. I’ve seen mean and lazy people in every race. Until you can prove what they did they can’t get rid them. Kudos to this family for putting the camera in. Those scumbags should rot in jail. And by the way, I met a black lady trying to buy cheap diapers for her grandbaby. She had lost her job at a nursing home because she caught 2 workers….black… Peeing in the cups of orange juice on the breakfast trays and laughing about it. She went to the director, who was friends with the mother of one of the men, and she was fired “for spreading malicious rumors,”. She was fighting it. I sure hope she won!!!

          • Walt Mitchell

            I hope so, too, Silver! Thank you for relating this.

  • nonstopca

    I’d like about 5 min. alone, with each one of them…..

    • Silver

      And this is why I have my 91 year old mom at home. Scumbags.

      • Jeanne Stotler

        Good for you, my great grandmother lived with her daughter as well until she died, grandfather died in our front bedroom, back then everyone took care of their families, I am now 83, and I live with a son, although I enjoy good health, mental and physical, they saw what they were like growing up and I have a beautiful home and enjoy cooking and such for him.

        • Silver

          Thank God for families. My dad died at home. He was blind, had one foot amputated and was on dialysis. He never had a bed sore and was in a hospital bed for 5 years. We promised him he would never go to a nursing home. I know there are families who have to work and have no choice. I had to work, but my mom was with my dad. He was at dialysis 3 days a week. I gave him his meds in the morning and breakfast before I went to work. My daughter came after school and used the hoyer lift to put him in bed for mom. So thank God we were able to work things out. I know it’s not easy for many families. God bless you.

      • patriot 86


      • Mary

        When my mom had to go in a nursing home I stayed there the whole time. She was just there a month before she died and they didn’t seem to like it that I slept in the chair every night but they didn’t make me leave. After she died this place got into trouble for taking naked pictures of some of the patients but my mom sure wasn’t one of them. I guess that’s why they weren’t so happy about my being there. That’s okay, at least they weren’t able to abuse her.

    • patriot 86

      Oh yeah ‘ they would never harm anyone ever again .f*****g scum

  • Jeanne Stotler

    I was charge nurse on a floor in a Nursing home and heard what sounded like a slap, the NA denied hitting the patient, said patient hit her, I saw no marks on either BUT I assigned the NA to rooms near the Nursing station, I caught her hitting another patient and fired her on the spot, after filling an incident report and calling shift supervisor, a police report was filed but family wouldn’t press charges. Dealing with elderly and those with Dementia is hard work, it’s like dealing with a bunch of 2 YO’s except they have adult bodies, abusing a defenseless person whether elderly or a child should NEVER be tolerated. This NA’s mother also worked for us and she had it in for me after that and was fired by supervisor as well.

    • vettevet

      Good for you Jeanne….you stuck to your guns!

    • patriot 86

      Good for you that took courage.

  • DrRGP

    But why?

  • WiSe GuY

    Looks like a hate crime to me.

    • DAY8293A

      My sentiments exactly!! Can you imagine the national attention this would have gotten if it had been white nursed attacking a black man???? We should be rioting like the stinking black mobs do all the time!! They need a dose of their own medicine!!


    If this were my mom , these ppl would never make it to court , I may would spend the rest of my life behind bars but justice would be served up my ways

    • patriot 86


  • aurora9

    Incidences like this is the reason I kept my mother at home and nursed her myself for seven years. Once they are now longer in your care, you have no idea what they are going through, and many times they cannot tell you. She took care of all her children and it was time for us to take care of her. Unfortunately, my sister died years earlier and my two surviving brothers were creeps, constantly trying to agitate and undermine us for what little she had left. Last I heard, one of their wives got Alzheimer’s, too.

  • Guest

    video shows the officer assaulted the young man first.. charges should go from there.

  • Robert Jones

    A continuation of black on white aggression. The obama administration has set race relations back hun
    dreds of years.

    • SFCJimmySimmonsUSArmyRetired

      …..and sheet, Yo!

    • Rod McDonald

      You are a true nut case……

      • patriot 86

        How so rod ‘cuz he tells it like it is .I suppose you see nothing wrong with this video huh libtard.

      • rita


  • Mys77

    Working in a nursing home requires a very special kind of person who is very patient, kind and caring. The elderly deserve so much better.

    • patriot 86

      Much better than that scum ‘she’d be out on her ass if she tried that with my family.

  • 2egypt

    This is why I kept my husband at home after he had a stroke instead of sending him to rehab….I just don’t trust them. And they are not cheap either, so why pay for crap like this???

  • tom2

    Again, our priorities are screwed up. We have red light cameras, speed cameras, parking lot cameras, school bus cameras, inspection sticker cameras, license place cameras, police drone cameras and on and on. But we have no health care cameras. Perhaps it’s because there’s no revenue in protecting the sick. Perhaps it’s time the people kicked some political butt until they do the right thing. And these two witches? Double the normal max for assault, battery and ugly behavior. Oh, and totally ban them from the health care industry.

  • vettevet

    It hurts my heart whenever I see anyone bully an elderly person. Especially when the poor soul is in a confused state with Alzheimers. I feel fortunate that my and my wife’s parents went relatively quickly, without lingering issues that would invite abuse, as in this video. Thank God they had the benefit of a camera!

  • I have personally been in 4 hospitals and 1 rest home and the treatment in all of them was

  • disqus_iCgF4UjXVT

    Nursing home are the hell on earth for those in them. These people have everything worth anything stolen. I had one of my parents in one due to her needs required professional care. The staff at the nursing home were to dam lazy to let those in a wheel chair to go to the bath room. In fact, we took her out of one home because they were not seeing that she got her medication. I went up there every day to make sure she was taken care of. They charged me for things that the insurance company alreay paid them for. Every month I was over charged about $1000.00. When I tried to find someone to inspect the place, I found that these homes all belonged to an organization that was suppose to inspect them. By belonging to the organization, they were allowed to inspect themselves and the State would not inspect them. I think we all know how that works. The cost for these places is nothing short of Highway Robbery and the service is non existence.

  • robocop33

    Abuse of the Elderly in Fl is rampant but the penalty is rather severe. It is just hard to prove. With the camera set up, these two are going to prison which is exactly where they belong. If they get out in time they of course should NEVER be allowed the elderly again. Actually they will probably elderly themselves and we can only hope that karma comes-a-calling!

  • josh crissen


  • 2egypt

    The problem is that blacks will always be nasty to whites…best not to let them take care of whites…only blacks. I have seen this before with other people.

  • JimmyMac6778

    Emotional and physical abuse in nursing homes is rampant. Low life abusers like this should be fired, banned from anything to do with the health care profession and incarcerated – followed by million dollars lawsuits against them and the nursing home.

  • KSW

    We pay lawyers $300-$600 per hour. We reward website developers and computer programmers with thousands per month to develop internet games. Stockbrokers rake in millions with speculating on stocks for their clients. Actors and actresses rake in millions for a single TV episode or movie. Elite athletes have million dollar, multi-year contracts. But what do we pay the workers who take care of our elderly and sick in hospitals and nursing homes? Barely above minimum wage and many times these people are working short handed, without adequate staff that could help them do the best job possible. Part of the reason is because these facilities can only charge a set amount to house and care for the sick and elderly. These charges are fixed by the government and insurance companies, so in turn, the facilities are limited in what they can pay their workers and still be able to stay in business. We might have better quality workers if we paid them more and gave them more assistance in the workplace. I don’t excuse these workers and the abuse they levied against this helpless individual; they rightly deserve to be punished. But I can understand they might be over worked, underpaid and possibly frustrated that they had to work a double shift again because not enough staff are available. This is a job undervalued by society and will always be so. Therefore, we cannot expect that the situation will be any better in the future. We will get empathetic, caring and thoughtful caregivers only when society wants to pay them decent wages and staff these home with sufficient staff. In the meantime, the $300-$600 per hour attorneys are lining up to sue the pants off the nursing home, its owners, the management staff and everyone else they can find, so that this facility will go out of business and not be able to help anyone.