NYC Mayor Handcuffs NYPD – and Cops Are Livid

KillCopsAnti-police demonstrations continue in New York City, despite a request from Mayor de Blasio that they cease until after the funerals of the two policeman recently murdered in Brooklyn. Now police sources are complaining that the Mayor has refused to allow the police on the street to do their jobs. No arrests were made Tuesday night, although bottles were thrown at police and other laws were broken.

According to Breitbart News, the NYPD source said:

Last night was an abortion–air mail. The bosses are weak. [They] Let them sh*t all over us. Real cowardly. This is part of a bigger picture. This was extremely well thought out… I’m thinking that the planning of this goes back to the campaign.

He added that police had read protestors an order to disperse from the intersection of 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard at least “10 times” before they continued marching. The words “kill Cops” were painted in front of the nearby 88th Precinct house, and the 75th Precinct received a bomb threat.

The reporting team of NYCAlerts has been broadcasting the story via Twitter:

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