Obama Calls on Coast Guard to Fight Something They Can’t See

412225441_fba8090d53_zPresident Obama delivered a stern (and frightening) warning to the recent graduates of the Coast Guard Academy.

Climate Change.

Battle Stations. All hands on decks. Load the torpedoes.

Once again, Obama delivers the old (and lame as Al Gore) immediate fear threat of the dangers of climate change:

“I’m here today to say that climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security, and – make no mistake – it will impact how our military defends our country,” Obama said

He added that climate change deniers are negligent and derelict in their duties.

“And if you see storm clouds gathering or dangerous shoals ahead, you don’t just sit back and do nothing. You take action to protect your ship, to keep your crew safe. Anything less is negligence. It is a dereliction of duty. And so too with climate change. Denying it or refusing to deal with it endangers our national security,” he said.

Immediate risk to national security? Even if climate change is real and happens to be man-made, what is the Coast Guard going to do about It? Search a drug-smuggling boat for evidence of improper recycling of plastic?

Dereliction of duty? So, if you don’t agree with me about man-made climate change and somehow figure out how to fight it, you can be relieved of your post and discharged from service?

Let’s tell Obama who REALLY is unfit for command.

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