Bad News If You Oppose Iran Deal

iran-643322_640The Republicans vowed to fight it to the bitter end.

Even top Democrats such as Chuck Schumer opposed it.

Yet, in the end Obama is guaranteed a win.

With a retiring liberal Democrat vote in the bag, Obama’s Iran deal is a sure thing.

Retiring Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) is the 34th senator to support Iran nuclear deal, guaranteeing that President Barack Obama will be able to sustain a veto of an attempt to kill the agreement.

“No deal is perfect, especially one negotiated with the Iranian regime,” the longtime senator, who is not running for re-election, said in a statement Wednesday. “I have concluded that this Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the best option available to block Iran from having a nuclear bomb. For these reasons, I will vote in favor of this deal. However, Congress must also reaffirm our commitment to the safety and security of Israel.”

The Associated Press first reported on Mikulski’s decision. Sen. Chris Choons (D-Del.) and Bob Casey (D-Pa.) announced their support for the deal on Tuesday, putting Obama just one vote short.

Congress is expected to have a majority to support a resolution opposing the U.S.-led multinational deal with Iran, but now there will not be the necessary two-thirds to override the certain Obama veto.

Good news.

Now Mitch McConnell and John Boehner can pass Obama’s Iran deal while voting against it.

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  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    There better news with this “THING” is that no matter who the next president is, we will be at war with Islam in a big way, sometime between 2018 and 2020, but no later then 2020. This war will have been brought to us by the Left-Wits, who once again with ridiculous, and little thought to their “do-gooder” ideology, and policies, will bring along more losses of liberty, freedoms, and lives. But that is ok, because they will get their reduced population, they may even get the end of their beloved global warming, as a few nukes if used could bring on a global cooling.
    Neville Chamberlain didn’t think, and either does today’s version.

    • Byron Hall

      This war has already started! The Muslims are here as well as the Chinese…yes the Chinese. In order to be eligible to study abroad a Chinese citizen must serve in the military first and they must sign a loyalty oath. This is a fact so by definition we have over 250,000 Chinese ‘troops’ in America (or should I say ‘Obamica’) currently. Also has anyone put aside their outrage about the normalization of Cuba for long enough to really see Obastard’s plan? Closest communist allie? If US National Guard and/or soldiers refuse to fire on US citizens, Cuban operatives certainly would have no problem.

      • used_to_be_a_liberal

        The longer that piece of crap is in office the closer we get every day to blood shed in the streets, and I am not talking about what we have now. There are so many directions that something could go in on a domestic front, it is difficult to determine any fact from any fiction, or even general speculation, what was once called paranoid conspiracy theories, have unfolded as truth, to say the least we are living in very dangerous times.

        • Frank

          Your so so right he is a 2 faced half black half white traitor lying MF ass who doesn’t give a shit about us gay asshole ,, married to a gay half man half woman ,, not born in USA not a press. an imposter, asshole,, going to get the world blown into a piece of dirt,,,the usa people are sick of this shit, and we are rising, He doesn’t plan on going anywhere will try for third term when that doesn’t happen he’ll declare marshall law and demand to stay we have to drag him out today

      • game50

        Byron: Can you say Jade Helm 15….MartialLaw training on city streets though out the U.S.A. . Barry sign it on March 16,2012.
        check out FEMA Camps,mass graves and stock pile of ammo in 5 different departments within our government…watch yourself..and God Bless America.

        • Byron Hall

          I have been paying attention to this guy for six years maybe longer I’m aware of everything that he is doing and implementing Jade Helm is being implemented in Texas because it is the largest and most independent state Obama knows that if he can take down Texas other states will be very leery trying to fight back. They will have to spill my blood to change my country!

      • Mr.Mudd

        Don’t forget the 50k Russian soldiers inside America presently..

        • oldtimered

          It was 13,000 a few years ago, did he allow that many more in for training with our troops/
          The Chinese are now training with our Navy in the Pacific, on board and learning our tactics.
          Who voted this treacherous alien in anyway?
          Pray for the USA and the world.

          • lori

            145,000 un troops as well

          • Mr.Mudd

            Currently there are over 200k foreign soldiers inside America…

          • oldtimered

            Damn. Obama said he wanted a 30,000 army to use in the US. Guess he made it.
            If the 200,000 figure is correct and the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorists have tens of thousand of trained people from their 35 or so training camps in the US and the open borders allowing more ISIS etc. trained in, along with weapons and explosives, they are going to be a real nuisance.
            The drug cartels and gangs have at least another hundred thousand and Obama gave them 40 miles into Arizona that US citizens are barred from.
            The count goes up.
            Guess the 60 some million or more US citizen gun owners are going to have some work to do if they all start misbehaving.

            Here is the gun oil with 13% pig fat in it. This will send at least the Muslim terrorists to hell if they are hit with a bullet from a gun cleaned and oiled with this.

            Stock up, and send some to hell.

          • Mr.Mudd

            I read this number was all foreign troops..I am X military.
            I know i am on the enemy list..Last year in Yankee land
            Pa. they sold 600 thousand hunting licenses. Pray GOD
            gives us a chance to fight back.Obama is a baby killing queer. Google it..O and gay bath houses and O and baby
            shelving..I lost friends over the last 2 elections. Now they
            see how wrong they were..I tried to tell them. To dam late now..I don’t look for 16 elections..Familiarize yourself with the chains of bondage and you prepare your own limbs to wear them.Accustomed to trample on the rights
            of others,you have lost the genius of your own independence and become the fit subjects of the first cunning tyrant who rises among you.

    • brucefandrews

      We have been in a war with the muslims for over 8 years and we are loosing. Most of this country runs around with their face on their cell phones and their thumbs on the key board and their heads up their ass.

    • oldtimered

      The war will be in Europe and Russia, who is helping Syria and just talked to Iran as the Iranians announced a whole mountain of nuclear material has been found.
      We are in the sights of these 2 evils and China.
      If we ever allow another un natural born alien in the White House who knocks our Navy down to pre world war two strength as Obama has; we are toast.
      The evil Obama has done will have to be changed completely and that means no dems win anything. If you are a dem and patriot, and can’t vote republican ; then vote independent, but never again democrat that destroys us
      Pray for the USA and the world.

      • used_to_be_a_liberal

        Oldtimered, I agree with you 100% on that P O S Obama. I do have a bit of a different take on this eventual war with Islam. Some say we are already at war with Islam, to a certain extent I will go with that, however I am talking about a real war, a major war, not a police action, not a Vietnam type of conflict.
        We have been set-up for this event since Bush 1 first became president, continued by Clinton, enhanced by Bush 2, Then pushed forward by Obama, who is doing a great job of playing the part of Neville Chamberlain..
        I believe we will be at war sometime between 2018 and 2020, but no later then 2020. Russia, China, and the U S A along with other allies will invade the mid-east. Islam as we now know it will be ended, Russia, and China will not leave, and they will not only claim the spoils of war, they will take it. The U S may do the same.
        All the signs are there for this to happen. Russia has been setting itself up as the saviour of Christianity in Europe, China in the last 5 months or so, has out-lawed Islam. The U S has been under Obama, scamming, and conning every faction over-there. Setting them up to take them down.
        Muslims world wide will rise, riot in the streets, police on a world wide basis, who have been militarized will handle them.
        I could go a lot deeper with my opinion on this, but I would end up filling more then just a page.
        The game of playing nice in the sand, and the conning, the scamming by Russia, China, and the U S A of the mid-east will soon end.

        • oldtimered

          Yes we are at war with Islam except for the tragic voting in one as resident of the White House.
          Russia is now supplying our so called enemy Syria. Russia may have supplied Iran the nuclear mountain they say they just found, for sure Russia is supplying anti air and missile missile protection to Iran, and has been.
          We helped Saudi Arabia keep there pipeline to Europe when Russia invaded Georgia to take that one over and stop the Saudi’s.
          Russia is sending nuclear bombers into our airspace regularly and their submarines cruise our waters at will.
          China just sent 2 new warships into Alaskan waters.
          Cina has taken over both ends of the Panama Canal. China is drilling for oil with the Cubans in our backyard.
          Obama ids decimating our military.
          Even if Russia and China don’t invade us or fire nuclear weapons on us, they are not looking for us to help in the Middleast.
          They are supplying our chosen enemies.
          No we are weakened. Russia and the Moslems have a perfect window with millions of Muslims entering Europe to invade Europe together.
          We with this pansy resident of the White House will not respond. They know they have free reign and Europe will have to defend itself on its land, ruling out their nuclear weapons response.
          We will have a great president, but late for Europe.
          No used to be a liberal; by the way congratulations on your sense, the Russians are using Obama and placing troops in our country to hold us back not join us, I fear.
          As a reformed liberal you may not realize how many times Russia was ready and going to first strike us in the last 50 years. It would make people cringe if they knew. Putin was around for some of that with the KGB and he has not changed.
          Pray for the USA and the world.

          • used_to_be_a_liberal

            Every thing that you pointed out is true. I may be using the wrong term here, but I classify all that as “diversions” Prior to World War 2, there seemed to be the same sort of thing. And yes this P OS is playing his part of a demented pansy, just as Chamberlain played the part of an idiot.
            I think if one were to pull back the curtain, then we could see, that this whole thing is very close to a replay of prior World War 2 situations, and events.
            It is not Obama that will be in charge of this or anything else. It will be the next president, and nothing of a major invasion will happen prior to 2018, but no later then 2020.

          • oldtimered

            Although your explanation of war may confuse some who actually fought in these “diversions”, but ok.
            If we elect another piece of garbage democrat to the White House your dates may have merit for our concern.
            If we elect a good republican hopefully our military will be being rebuilt and our moral ideas will be reforming to a patriotic and determined future.
            With the Moslems now invading Europe by the millions soon and the Russians dealing with Syria and Iran; which along with ISIS will be the terror powers of the Middleast; the Russian war power and equipment and the arming of the Moslem hoards in Europe Russia’s dream of having Europe would be a cinch with Moslem help.
            If the dates are earlier, like 2016, Obama will do absolutely nothing. Of course that means Russia and China and Iran should leave us alone for fear of waking the sleeping giant.
            The next president if democrat would allow us to be taken over by the UN.
            If republican we rebuild the USA and about the time we are ready to help Britain and France and Germany; probably the few European countries left, will need our help.
            If it went to the third world war; which I believe it won’t, we will have to nuke Eastern Europe and help defeat the Russians and Moslems.
            My belief is on a more Heavenly plane and prophecies and statements of a recent nature.
            No third world war, it has been forgiven by Heaven, but many “diversions” or what most involved will consider full out war.
            The Russians will be converted as promised by the Blessed Virgin in Fatima in 1917. The converted Russians will turn on the Moslems and drive them back to the Middleast.
            We will get back to our Judeo Christian roots and natural law and the US Constitution.
            The suffering won’t be over but we have a chance.
            Of course if nukes start flying I hope to be at ground zero because the world will be almost destroyed and not livable for years.
            Pray for the USA and the world and the conversion of sinners and of Russia.

        • oldtimered

          One more thing. I would not tell a Viet Nam War veteran that he was not in a real war. You may end up with an argument that is over quickly.
          We lost 55,000 men.

          • used_to_be_a_liberal

            I absolutely understand that feeling, it was 3 military guys I meet a long time ago, who helped out of my “liberal” head-space, I will never forget those men. At the same time, what I mean by a real war, is one that is all out, and with-out, or with as little political interference as possible, one that is meant to be fought and won, with little rules, where the men and women know what their job is, and they do it, with-out hesitation or worry, with-out being handcuffed, or ordered to fight with one hand tied behind their backs.
            I do think that the word war is used far too loosely, and has lost some of it’s meaning.

      • Mr.Mudd

        Actually GOD’s word tells us that WW3 will begin in the region of the Euphrates River. ISIS is in fact fulfilling Bible prophecy. … We are all witnessing the beginning of W.W.III in the middle east. Israel will nuke Damascus.Antichrist will sign a peace treaty. Israel will probably lay down their nukes after they nuke Damascus..By peace he shall destroy many.

  • Austinniceguy

    It is all backroom dealings with this elephant eared monkey. This old b*tch signed the death warrants of millions of people and couldn’t possibly care less. I am certain that she has been guaranteed a very cushy and pleasant retirement by this ni**er.

    • Diane Smith

      Austin nice guy? I was w you until the last word you used ….That is happening alot. While we might agree and want to up-vote or ‘ like ‘ a statement, there is some off-putting phrase or word that most will not put their name to.

      • Austinniceguy

        The fact is that I don’t care who agrees with me and who doesn’t. It was he and Sharpton who started what lead to the BLM movement. It was he who started this ACA that took my $375.00 a month healthcare premium, which bought me excellent healthcare to $1,275.00 a month for less than mediocre care. That same ACA made it where my neighbor who has a special needs child and took him to a specialist 3 miles from home, now has to drive 74 miles EACH WAY, 3 times a week. It was he who traded 5 top level alqueera animals for one lousy, useless deserter. It was he who forced through the Iran deal which is the death warrant for millions. With me you are what you do. There are millions of illegal cockroaches pouring into this country and I’m sure you’re offended by that term, as well. I don’t care. When it happens that it was one of your loved ones who was raped and killed by one of those illegal roaches you’ll have to remind yourself to be PC and wish them well. I don’t need you telling me that you will not “like” anything I post, I don’t care. I’m sick and tired of all this PC BS that is being thrown in my face every day. I’ll ask that you think of this when you go to IHOP and can no longer order this or that because they were sued for offending the ragheads by serving pork, or the gays because they refused to cater their weddings. Stay PC, it really is working out well for you. Pretty soon your sons and daughters won’t even be considered gender different, just gender neutrals.

        • Triple J Jackson

          Thank You ! My brother and a [email protected]#& is not a color its is a person Black ,white or brown its how they act that makes them one. A good person would never act like they are. Some of my closest friends are Black and they feel the same way. But I have a clan of white Niggers that live down my road pure gangster acting trash.

          • Austinniceguy

            And thanks to you, my brother, for getting “it”. I love people of all colors, socioeconomic backgrounds and, sexual preferences. I HATE all ni**ers, no matter what color or how much money they have or don’t have.

          • Betty4440

            glad to see some one read the same thing I did about n!**ers. my mother made me read it when I was 8 or 9 years old.I am now 75. and it has always stuck with me. so if a person acts like one they must be one.and that is putting rapist and murders in the same group.

        • Diane Smith

          Your use of profanity was the point I was trying to make. I don’t think I deserved THIS tirade. I am 76 y/o and was taught to use proper, polite descriptives and dislike intensely, anyone making their point using bad language. Please re-read my two sentences. I certainly didn’t spew anything for which you are accusing. I just think a point can be made WITHOUT profanity.

          • Austinniceguy

            Again, I don’t give a shit about you or how you feel about my posts. You use the fact that you are 76 years old as a reason you should be treated differently from anyone else on here. Just like the Hildabeast, you could be a big, fat, worthless liar. If not, I don’t care, you rant against me I will take you to task. If this is happening “a lot”, don’t you get it? We are tired of all the PC bullshit we are faced with. If you are 76 years old you have little to worry about. You die and we are left to deal with all this shit. It would be great if you took it with you when you when you drop dead but, WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT!!! I’m not going to fall for some bleeding heart BS. You sound like some “plant” from Hildabeasts campaign.

          • Mr.Mudd

            Sorry mam but you get in a crowd of blacks and it’s nigger
            this and nigger that..That’s Fact..Let a whitey say the N word and it’s front page news..

    • AndoverAndy

      If they think they will have a comfortable retirement they are deluded. Radio active fallout will swirl around in the earths atmosphere for years and there will be no safe place from the coming tide of violence. Leaving office will mean that she will not be protected by the government as a priority any longer. Bad mistake for her.
      We simply need a list of the pandering, self involved senators that put themselves, ahead of us and the country and then we need to get out asses off the couch and make sure they never hold office again. that their names are linked forever with hatred and death to the world. they are not smarter or better educated then the rest of us. they believe that the Iranians are as corrupt as they are, and will not use these weapons… “I mean common they are not mad men after all .. are they?” yes they are, because they believe in something that you cannot imagine. senators…they actually believe that god has chosen them to chastise us.

      • Austinniceguy

        I couldn’t agree more. The problem we are faced with is that there are at least 94 million members of the welfare class who DO vote because they won’t give up their subsidies and welfare checks. We also have a lot of registered voters who just throw their hands in the air and say, “well, my vote won’t make THE difference”. We MUST, MUST, MUST make our voices heard. Not just on these blogs but, most importantly, at the polls. We’re in a bad way but if the Hildabeast gets in, we’re NEVER going to recover. She spent her 4 years as sec of state selling us out, piece by piece, to foreign governments in exchange for possibly hundreds of billions of dollars for her foundation. They will come to collect and she will pony up, she cares less about this country than the porch monkey. She’ll make his eight years look like “the good ol” days”.

  • Teri Eggert

    Senator Ted Cruz posted the Op-Ed, how the Republicans can still fight this Iran Deal. It may work, but there sure are a lot of if’s. Obama has guaranteed that Iran will become a nuclear power within the next 5 years.

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      maybe less if this deal goes through, they can go straight to North Korea, and get what they need.

  • snowyriver

    Any that vote for an Iran “deal” ??? Who was behind the twin towers attack??? Is Iran an enemy of the USA?? How many know that the “Iran deal” gives them 1.4 billion taxpayer dollars?? Does aiding and abetting with an enemy of the USA make you a guilty of treason?/

    • Mr.Mudd

      Sorry to bust your bubble it’s 150 Billion..Not 1.4Billion..

      • snowyriver

        Thank you for the update… it is still taxpayer dollars?

    • lori

      yes guilty. twin towers our government did that and israel and a few others. just google
      truth about twin towers

  • independent thinker

    This deal reminds me of a song by the Stanley Brothers. It goes something like this “Don’t care if I lose a hundred dollars trying to win a dime…”

  • Patriot47

    They could have followed Cruz’ advice to inform queen skippy that without full submission, the 60 day clock hadn’t started. Instead, they allowed queen skippy to surrender. I told you all the majority of congress is complicit in treason. They just proved it.
    Still think you can vote this garbage away?

  • wildeagleone

    What the hell is the big surprise?? We have been under a dictatorship since Obama was voted into office and every one he has put in position plus the Demon Crats and the f c uk ing Republican leadership have gleefully assisted him in every endeavor to destroy this nation

  • rightsmite

    Of what use are the Republicans in Washington? Not one damned thing has changed with them in the majority. They vote with the democrats and against the will of those who voted for them. The Republicans are WORSE THAN THE DEMOCRATS because they lied about how they would vote and all the great things they would do. We knew how the Democrats would vote and they stick together.

    • Mr.Mudd

      Only 1 Repub voted for this madness..Get your Facts Straight.

  • rtryon

    The most amazing point is that the agreement insulates all for it from being voted out for their perfidy. They will always blame the Ayatollah for not being agile enough to see that his minions are cheating while doing his will, so that he would invite our response. Of course, now with billions to spend, the n. Koreans will be to blame for selling nukes as they did to Pakistan! Yup! They don’t even need to cheat in Iran, just go buy in N. Korea. I wonder will the first bombs explode in Seoul or include Israel and us at the same time? Europe may not be spared either, but Russia will escape.

    I wonder where and how the Obamas might respond? Will he be dictator of the U.N. or just the U.S.?

    • lori


  • Donald Clark

    Who is drawing lines through half of this dialogue? It is annoying, especially if it is drawn through your name! Let’s quit that shit. Sorry to use that word, but that’s what it is. mf.

  • 1inamil

    I hope the bomb drops on this witch first; or better yet, may she suffer a million deaths for what she has done!!!! This woman has no conscience at all; just love of money!

  • The Fox

    This doctrine is a writ of death for Israel and the U.S. and should be enough to try the Islamist Immoral Homosexual Illegal President from Kenya who should be in prison awaiting the hang man noose and nothing less.

  • Chris Robinette

    Add 2 more to the treason list.



  • James in Texas

    I must again state that the Democrat Party no longer exists, Period! I look back to more than 100 years of Blue-dog Democrats in my Southern family who had “issues with Race”, but who also loved their Country and many of them dedicated their lives to the defense of this Nation. This “rag of a Party” that lies and calls itself the Democrat Party are what they have shown themselves to be, I give you the very best of this “pile of Cowards”, B. Obama, N. Pelosi, H. Reid, The entire Black Caucus, and nearly every elected Socialist/ Communist in the Congress! As for this “lady” that is retiring, she shows her courage by making her last decision, on the way out the door, to destroy America, again!

  • oldtimered

    I thought this article was going to be about Senator Nelson of Florida. He is also retiring and his treasonous speech, saying we would be checking Iran’s nuclear sites; which he knows is a lie because the Iranians specifically bar us from any entry to their country, makes him a treacherous liar.
    That is what makes sen. Nelson so evil and treacherous, he lied and sold his vote for whatever he did and turned again on this country and its citizens and allies.
    I would hope the citizens of Florida would demand impeachment.
    Pray for the USA and the turncoats of the US Senate’s conversions.

  • bertroga

    We have been betrayed by the political establishment, who put the party first before the safety and security of our once great nation. GO TRUMP GO!!!