Obama’s Foreign Policy Shows He’s Clueless About This Basic Quirk of Human Nature

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 7.27.53 PMThroughout the civilized history of man, appeasing a weaker enemy has proven to never work.

The outcome is often disaster.

Human nature wins out in the end.

Obama’s ego-fueled efforts to display his compassion and enlightenment reveal a total misunderstanding of basic human nature.

As a result, Obama has earned not praise, but contempt and resistance for his failed foreign policy, both at home and abroad.

The common bond among the various elements of the failed Obama foreign policy — from reset with Putin to concessions to the Iranians — is a misreading of human nature. The so-called Enlightened mind claims that the more rationally and deferentially one treats someone pathological, the more likely it is that he will respond and reform — or at least behave. The medieval mind, within us all, claims the opposite is more likely to be true.
The most important characteristic of a sound diplomat and negotiator is the acknowledgment of this sad human characteristic, which to some degree is innate in us all. It was often said during the Cold War that the Soviet hegemonists would rather negotiate with right-wingers than liberals, apparently on the premise that those they could not bully they respected, and those they could bully they felt only contempt for. It reminds me of a minor Chinese official who once told me that she thought Obama must be a master of intrigue; otherwise, she could not believe a leader would so frequently neglect his own country’s strategic interests.

Without question, Obama’s willingness to appease has weakened the United States position as a world power.

It’s upset a delicate balance among nations, especially in the Middle East, and with Russia.

Hopefully, the next administration can fix Obama’s mess before it’s too late.

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