If Obama Says It It Must Be True

7950403522_75d556ae6c_bIsn’t it astonishing to listen to President Obama’s excuses?

He came into office blaming George Bush for the mess he had to clean up.

Then, when he met resistance to his socialist policies, he blamed the Republicans in Congress.

As a result, Obama has effectively contributed to increasing the division in America.

But no, Obama claims this division is not his fault:

President Barack Obama has just declared that he has not contributed to the divisions that have sprung up in the country over the last seven years, and it must be true because Barack has said it.

Obama has become the personification of the story the Emperor’s New Clothes. In the Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tail for children, the emperor, hires two of the best weavers in the empire to create a new outfit for him. The weavers promise the best suit for him, but when the suit is ready, there is nothing there.

The weavers tell the emperor that only those who are unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent cannot see the outfit, and begin to mime the actions of dressing the emperor in his new outfit. The emperor’s advisers and the townsfolk claim to see the new clothes, and express their admiration, because none of them want to be considered stupid or unfit for their positions. Like a clown, the emperor walks bare-butt naked down the street, and everyone pretends that he is dressed in the best.

It takes an innocent child to break the illusion by saying, “Why is that man naked?” It’s at that point that the townspeople realize that what they are seeing is not what they were told they were seeing.

The great promise Obama had as the first black President was to heal America and close racial division.

Unfortunately, President Obama, you are striding down the street in the final days of your Presidency bare-butt naked.

You have no one to blame but yourself.



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