Obama’s birthday rejected as holiday

Despite the fact that Barack Obama is beloved by many in his home state of Illinois, there will be no state-sanctioned holiday celebrating his Aug. 4 birthday.

However, the vote taken on this matter in the Illinois House of Representatives was close, according to a report on Thursday in the Washington Examiner.

Chicago Democratic representative Sonya Harper claimed that making the former president’s birthday a state holiday would “honor the man who adopted Chicago as his home and served in the Illinois state Senate,” but the vote fell short at 54-57.

Representative Steven Andersson of Geneva suggested the holiday be honorary, noting that “even Obama wouldn’t want the cash-strapped state to give state workers another paid day off.”

After all, even President Ronald Reagan’s Feb. 6 birthday is not a holiday, despite the fact that he hails from the Illinois town of Tampico.

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source: http://dennismichaellynch.com/obamas-birthday-rejected-holiday/

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  • David Swan

    Obama is beloved by more than people in his state. I’m a moderate and that is what Obama was. He was intelligent, and thoughtful, taking in all the information he could before making a decision. I think he was (and is) treated the worse of any president In can remember since the 50, despite the horrendous state of the union he inherited. I never heard him complain about the past just improve the future.

    That is in stark contrast to our Trump who takes all the credit for a good economy and says he inherited a ‘Disaster’ At best he is a entrepreneur, not to be confused with any kind a proficient manager, (He has failed at any kind of a complicated business) and at worst, a textbook narcissist like I have never seen. I’m just hoping there are enough level headed Republicans in office to keep us out or world embarrassment, and worse, World War III.

    • David in MA

      Obama is a FN muslim and America does not need to honor a FN muslim!
      All muslims must be eradicated.

      • The Redman

        Shouldn’t have done all those hater pass peckerwoods either. haahhahahhahaahahahah

    • 101Airborne

      David Swan,,My Dearest David, try not inhaling,that shit is frying your brain!! Just a few things to think about with O’bastard and his side kick Valerie Jarrett #1-Ten plus TRILLION DOLLARS ADDED TO THE NATIONAL DEBT(more than all the previous Presidents combined) #2- Failed Olympic Bid (Olympic city to be placed on the slums owned by Guess Who?? Valerie Jarrett and family),very convenient !!! #3-Remember SOLYNDRA, Yup, that was O’bastards and Jarretts’ F.U.(five handred and thirty five million of the tax payers money down the shiter!!! #4-Remember how many CZARS(unconstitutional) O’bastard had?(20 plus)..#5-Michelle “O” had how many women attending her needs(try 24),the most any other first lady ever had was (2)…#6- O’bastard and family spent 1.2 BILLION just on vacations in his eight years..All from government records my friend!!! On the other hand President Trump receives one dollar for his presidency and has to deal with O’bastards’ F.U. policies in Seria,

    • GrizzlyIX

      IF I was the type to seek addiction of the most obscene drugs that Satan, through the ilk of the half-breed Obomonation concoct, I would want what THIS BIRD is SMOKIN’! ! !

  • cp123

    Hope he doesn’t are it to the next one.

  • dahubb55

    If it had passed, would we celebrate as the Day the Destruction of America began?

    • Joan Freda

      Yes…we’d have a second DDay.

    • The Redman

      Dat day began when yo pappy creeps in yo room late at night. stupid inbred. hahahahhaahahahah

  • Marc Goldstone

    Face it Obama was the best Muslim President ever!
    As he promised he stood with the Muslims not the American People. He imported hundreds of thousands of Muslims with statistically 25% that want Sharia Law where our women would be treated worse than dogs. The next generation of Muslims will be indoctrinated to seek the destruction of our Constitution in favor of their 7’th century barbarism.
    Obama never had our backs and he did everything in his power to make the USA a 3’rd world country.

    • Richard Manzo

      I agree 100 percent, I could not have said it better!!!

      Richard A. Manzo Sr

    • 101Airborne

      Marc, Absolutely true!!! The only Holiday that would be fitting, is the day they bury that SON OF A [email protected] …Half-breed liar!!! Hopefully in a swamp,beside Hillary!!

      • Lycanroc

        Racist Mother!!! Eat CACA! Why does everything not white have to be so damn negative with you, you 101 Airborne TURD! You’re a disgrace to your uniform and service,

        • 101Airborne

          Lycanroc, That half-breed [email protected] is half white,does that make him a half a TURD!! Sh#t for brains!!! All you dimwits ever think of is race.. Try being objective some time and forget about skin color!! That MORON that occupied the W.H. for eight years was the most divisive son-of-a-bitch on the face of the earth!!! If you weren’t so race-blind not to have realized it, I feel sorry for you..You began your “RANT” with “racist mother” and my reply to that is “absent father”..Instead of you black males impregnating females and not taking responsibility for your actions, (76% of black babies born in the U.S.-father AWOL),try taking care of that situation before shooting your mouth off about whites!!!!!! Your half-breed Prez. didn’t do a dam thing in Chicago with black on black shooting deaths and never mentions the number of black abortions being performed with our tax dollars, yet wants to be showered with accolades.. Please state one positive thing accomplished by this “fraud” that made our country better, keeping in mind his ten trillion dollar spending spree to put our country in deep debt, O’bamacare promises not kept, Iranian F.U.,Solyndra F.U.(wasted $535 million tax-payers dollars),etc.etc.etc.

          • Batbear

            Excepting the ad hominem and unnecessary profanity–well said. Nailed the entire problem with Obongo, whose every act impoverished and jeapardized the nation.

          • Faye

            As I’ve posted elsewhere, I feel confident that we would be well into our Islamisation by now were BHO still president.

  • asowsear

    a forged birth certificate doesn’t tell us which day he was born.

    • The Redman

      Nor do U inbreeds have em. hahahhahaahhahaah. sow

      • Batbear

        Come on, man. You’re embarrassing the brothers. Make sense.

        • The Redman

          Most all of the white-folks who sneaked in 2 america never had birth records. how’s dat, nutty-cub. hahahahaahahaaahh

    • 101Airborne

      REASON BEING!! He was hatched!!!

  • Brady Harness

    What is solely demonstrated is that Illinois has become yet another sad member of the Socialist agenda; thank how ever that at least enough people still own their own minds to vote that INSANITY Down!!!


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    • S. Wicks Jr

      Define chemical. Even sugar and salt are chemicals or chemical compounds!

      • The Redman

        Its white-folks dat inbreed wit dog breath. hahahhahahahhaha. sara

  • Hellhound

    If anything, they ought to make it a day of mourning.

    • The Redman

      4 yo no good mama, huh. jack-bo. haahhaahahahhaha

      • Patricia Beeftink

        Limited vocabulary, HUH???

        • The Redman

          I bet U’ve had no “limit” wit men, huh. patrick. hahahahahahahahahah. tramp. did I spell it right. hyahahahahahahahahaha

    • 101Airborne

      Announce it on SNL…Every circus needs a clown!!!

  • stonecold621

    if it was funny i could laugh….but its not!
    the land of both lincoln and reagan was close to giving this son-of-a-b!tch of a false messiah a national holiday?
    after eight years of full bullsx!t, the state of illinois is about to give him a national holiday.

    this country is soooooo phucked in the head

    • The Redman

      Like yo mama was 4 having U, huh. pebble-boy. hahahhahahahaaha

      • maross600

        Actually that works, I like it

        • The Redman

          Hang in there. ross

  • jlcham

    He should be remembered as the biggest MISTAKE this country ever made. What a BOZO!

    • The Redman

      trump-ah-hump U, idiot

      • Patricia Beeftink

        To Trump in the card game of Bridge means to WIN. “hahahahahahahaha”

        • The Redman

          Hey, Patrick. most white-folks tend 2 burn their “bridges” behind em. like trump-ah-hump U. hahahhahahahaha. loser.

          • Batbear

            Not “Patrick,” you pre-human primate. It’s PATRICIA. I probably should not expect precision from a creature which breaks out in truncated sloganized and non-sensical sayings–and thinks that these are arguments.

            KUM-AHN, MA-YAN.

          • The Redman

            R yo lice acting up again. nutty-bear. hahahahahahahaaah

          • Lycanroc

            It’s Patrick. Her last name describes her as a Trans-gender.

          • Batbear

            Thank you, Lycan, I didn’t see that; my error. Nevertheless, despite the apparent confusion about which of the two sexes she, he or it thinks itself to be, Pat was correct in the statement about what it means to “trump.” And–although I erred in regard to Pat’s dysfunctional approach to genetics, I appear to be correct about the primate status of her critic.

            So far, no pertinent, or even coherent, reply has come back from him.

      • Batbear


        • The Redman

          U ah troll, huh.

    • Janeway

      Honor the alleged birthday of someone who has bent over backwards to hide his actual
      birth record? He spent many thousands on lawyers to keep his birth certificate hidden.
      Why? Maybe because an Indonesian citizen had no business even running for high
      office in America, to begin with. In order to be an Indonesian citizen (which “Barry” was
      when he was in school there under his step-father’s surname), one must completely
      renounce citizenship in any other country. There’s no such thing as dual citizenship in
      Indonesia. When did Obama become an American citizen after being Indonesian? Did
      he ever actually??? In college, he was registered as a “foreign student,” so the event
      of turning American must have been post college…. Celebrate a birthday still shrouded
      in mystery? I don’t think so!

  • maross600

    hey a state holiday for a big government failure seems ironic.

    • The Redman

      Yep. like; trump-ah-hump-day. hahahhahahahahahah

      • maross600


    • 101Airborne

      They could have a National shoot your neighbor day in Chicago!! See if they could beat last years numbers!! Thanks to O’bastard!!!

  • Joan Freda

    I’ll make my snarky comment when I quit laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Redman

      Funny inbred name, huh. hahahhahaahahhah. john fred

  • donl

    Who was the Idiot that even thought of that? A holiday for a disaster? Go Away!!

    • The Redman

      Yo mama did

    • 101Airborne


  • edorr1atcoxdotnet

    The state of Illinois, and the United States DO NOT need a holiday named after a crook and traitor to the United States.

    • The Redman

      trump, huh, e-rod

      • Batbear


        • The Redman

          trump the crook. R U a certified troll. hhaahahahahahahaha. R A bootleg.

  • KLW9008

    GAG ME!

    • The Redman

      Wit a turd, huh. hahahahahhahaahahah

  • nococidences

    Arrogant Bastard. He said he fell in love with me. Was it 20 years ago when Malia was born to play me, or was it 8-5-13, when he didn’t have my 23.1 Billion dollars? That’s the day Isabelle was conceived.

    • The Redman

      Meth much.

  • jim_shipley

    How did ill get to be his home state? Everybody knows he was born in Africa.

    • The Redman

      How’d U get dat stupid name. hahahahahahaahah

    • 101Airborne

      He followed the corruption!! Mayor Daly(with Valerie Jarrett as his chief of state)..Check out Valerie Jarretts’ BIO and you’ll see what I mean!!!!!! She was, and still remains O’bastards closest confidant living with him at O’bastards’ new $5.6 million dollar house in D.C….(THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT))..



    • The Redman

      white-folks like U, R some of the worse terrorist in the land. skid. hahahahahhahaha

  • myworld5


    • The Redman

      U live in a lonely meth0head world, huh. porky. hahahahhahahahahah.

      • myworld5

        You are the ‘sickone’ fella —- I’m a ‘citizen of the world – 5’2″ 113 lbs – and you better get YOUR meth-world in shape …I’ve never taken drugs in my life …sounds like you have and still are ! been in politics all my life of research …and it’s people like you and Obama that are destroying our country —- God Bess the USA !

        • The Redman

          Lil inbreeds like U, ruined america long ago, gnat-butter. hahahahahahahahah

        • Patricia Beeftink

          He may O’D.

  • The Redman

    white-folks ruined america

  • Richard

    I will not celebrate his birthday, but you can brt your sweet ass that I will party like a big dawg on his death day! I will even spread my extra special yellow liquid all over his grave!

  • Patricia Beeftink

    “Despite the fact that Barack Obama is beloved by many in his home state of Illinois,”

    Name FIVE of them. And we already have a day named for him, April Fools Day. He deserves a holiday named for him, about as much as he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. And quit blaming IL for Obama, we’re NOT his home state. If you want to pin him on somebody, blame HI. It’s bad enough we really are HILLARY’S home state. Hopefully, some day we may be adding her and Barack to the Democratic Wing of one of our fine prisons. They can name a cell block for BOTH of them, his and hers.

  • ColoradoCommish

    How did “RTF” come to use a story out of “The Onion”….. What?!?!?….You mean this was real?

  • Batbear

    Marc Goldstone has said it all better than I can. However, I have these thoughts:
    He did increase some things. Look at the national debt.

    Like Democrat presidents before him, he gave to the world; Carter gave away our ownership of the Panama Canal. Clinton gave away our ownership of Subic Bay and destroyed tens of thousands of M1-A/M21’s/M-14 rifles which, highly prized by our military snipers, had to be repurchased by the Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yomama, er…I mean, Obongo…gave away our control of the internet. See? Obongo is right up there with the rest of ’em. I was worried that he might give away Gitmo or even Ohio.

    He also gave away the hard-earned victory our boys earned in Iraq in 2004. Threw it away.

    He gave us global instability–and expanded ISIS from a bunch of fruit cakes in pickup trucks to a global enterprise.

    He brought about KUCOO (Kenyan Unaffordable Care Order and Obsession), which will leave ALL Americans without governmental healthcare support by the end of 2018.

    He gave us BLM and unprecedented national racial tensions. He also gave bequeathed to us a network of spies in the intelligence community, for domestic spying on everyone–without even FISA court approval.

    What a guy. I would entertain the idea of a national holiday honoring his birthday–but only in Kenya.

  • ardvietvet

    My Birthday would be a better choice….