Obama’s Cuba Press Conference – YUUGE Win for Trump

Autohuur-CubaPresident Obama’s recent trip to Cuba was filled with “political optics”.

It revealed Obama as a leader (or lack of leadership) on the world stage.

Obama’s trip to Cuba, and the unfortunate Brussels bombing that happened during his trip, could prove to be a huge win for Donald Trump.

Check out this article to discover how Obama blew it in Cuba… and how one would never imagine Trump doing or saying the things Obama did in Cuba:

The best and the brightest in the Obama White House probably never thought of it, but Monday’s fiasco of a news conference in Havana was the best campaign commercial Donald Trump could ask for.

Can anyone imagine Trump standing by impotently while a tin-pot dictator from a Third World hellhole railed against the United States in front of the international press?

“We defend human rights,” Cuban despot Raul Castro declared, according to Time magazine. “… Actually, we find it inconceivable that a government does not defend and insure the right to health care, education, Social Security with provision and development, equal pay and the rights of children. We oppose political manipulation and double standards in the approach to human rights …”

Of course, Castro also ranted about the “illegally occupied” Guantanamo Bay (leased by the United States under an agreement from 1903.) He even denied the country holds political prisoners (“What political prisoners? Give me a name or names …”)

Imagine, a public dressing down from Castro, a communist leader, blasting the United States health care, education, Social Security system, and human rights… and the United States President agreeing with him?


Sorry, Raul, your brother and your commie henchmen kept your country a third world island paradise cut off from the opportunities of capitalism and world commerce for 50 years.

Shut up and get back in your rusted out ’57 Chevy.

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