Obama’s Desperate and Dangerous Legacy Hunt


Yes, he got Health Care Reform passed thanks to a pack of lies and a stacked Congress of Democrats.

Sure, the economy improved, but now it shows signs of serious concern.

He failed to close Guantanamo, and the Iraq and Afghanistan battlefields are now extended throughout the Middle East with ISIS emerging as a stronger force than al Queda.

His time is office is drawing to an end.

While the recent Supreme Court rulings to support the ACA (and save) and approve same-sex marriage are labeled as legacy victories, Obama seeks to ride his hot streak to forge a lasting legacy with negotiating deals with Iran and Cuba.

Even if they succeed, they will pay out only when he has left office. If they fail, by leaving a repressive communist regime in Havana miles from America’s shore, or Iran with a nuclear weapon, they will tarnish his name in posterity.

Both initiatives are not just deeply important to the U.S. posture on the world stage, they are the ultimate test of an idea central to Obama’s political DNA: that talking to U.S. adversaries instead of fighting them is a show of strength and not weakness.

Best week in Washington: Barack Obama’s legacy

And each also has the potential to elevate Obama’s uneven record as a global statesman, a record that hasn’t yet lived up to towering expectations challenged by a turbulent world resistant to U.S. power and a troublesome generation of foreign leaders.

His legacy as a great President is certainly in question.

The forced legislation and sloppy roll-out of the Affordable Care Act is hardly the criteria for a legacy. The fact is, health care costs remain too expensive and are certain to rise.

To give Obama credit for same-sex marriage approval is laughable considering Obama’s previous objections to it. How can a person’s evolving opinion on an issue be considered the mark of leadership legacy?

With Obama’s efforts to negotiate deals with Iran and Cuba, isn’t he talking to the wrong countries?

If Obama was serious about forging a true legacy he’d be in heated discussions with China and Russia.

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