Obama’s Felony Theft of the Taxpayers

16018574316_c450277836_bWhat’s the big deal about $1.7 billion of taxpayer money?

We needed it to get the Iran deal done.

Except here’s the thing…

Obama never got the approval of Congress to spend your tax dollars and give a cash payout to Iran.

Or, in other words, Obama simply stole the taxpayers money and gave it to a terrorist nation.

The Obama administration took steps to withhold from lawmakers the details of a $400 million cash payout to Iran and continues to rebuke inquiries from Congress for information about how another $1.3 billion in taxpayer funds was awarded to the Islamic Republic, according to multiple conversations with congressional sources apprised of the matter.

U.S. officials familiar with the recent transfer of $400 million in hard currency to Iran withheld details of the exchange from Congress during briefings in classified and unclassified settings, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

The disclosure threatens to complicate efforts by the administration to downplay new reports detailing how U.S. officials used an unmarked aircraft to transfer $400 million in “pallets of cash” to Iran on the same day it freed several U.S. hostages.

Lawmakers and others have claimed for months that the payment was part of a “ransom” aimed at securing the release of the hostages. The White House denies this claim and has said the payment was part of a settlement to resolve decades-old legal disputes with the Islamic Republic.

Of course, if Obama had provided the details of the cash exchange with Iran, Congress would have quickly shut him down.

While the $400 million ransom freed hostages, Obama continues to hold Congress hostage with his end around maneuvers.

These issues involving national security, foreign policy, and use of tax payer funds deserve an open and honest debate in Congress.

It’s too dangerous for all of us to have any President cutting deals such as this with our enemies using our money.

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