Obama’s Oath of Office “Meaningless” Now That He’s Done This

obama cryDidn’t Barack Obama take an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States?

Yet again, we see Obama’s failure as a leader and President.

Yes, the recent mass shootings are horrific and disturbing.

But the answer isn’t more gun control.

Especially in light of the terrorist shooting in San Bernardino.

The last thing we need is cry baby Obama acting on his own to advance his liberal agenda:

As Breitbart says of the planned actions Politico reports:

Neither of these executive gun controls would have prevented even one of high profile shootings from the last decade, but both will succeed in placing a further burden on the exercise of the 2nd Amendment.

So, never mind that these actions will not have actually have the purported impact the president claims.

Once again, we have a president preparing actions which will infringe upon Americans’ constitutional rights. And rather than going about them through due process — working with Congress, which he’s proven incapable of doing — he’s doing an end-around. And rather than deliberating on these constitutionally-cramping actions thoughtfully and with input necessary to make sound decisions, President Obama is pursuing them with an eye toward political expediency — and the “splash” he can make.

Here’s Obama more interested in making a “splash” rather than demonstrating leadership and making his case to a Congress who opposes him.

The reasons for these mass shootings and gun violence are complex.

They demand an engaged debate based on facts.

Not another executive order that strips away our most basic Constitution rights without a voice.

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