One Chart Shows How This Is Destroying the Middle Class

middle classWhat is really happening to the Middle Class in America?

It’s being destroyed.

Donald Trump talks about how and why this is happening.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton ignore it.

In fact it’s liberal Democratic policies that are most responsible for killing the Middle Class.

One of the biggest things destroying Middle Class wealth is skyrocketing health care costs.

Obamacare was promised as the answer to curb rising health care costs.

It’s totally failed to deliver on this promise.

Check out this article at ZeroHedge. One chart sums up exactly why Obamacare is failing and how it’s destroying the Middle Class:

Ever wonder how politicians and bureaucrats can go out and deliver the same misleading propaganda to various media outlets each day and keep a straight face while doing it?  Are these folks so detached from the real world that they go back to the “safe space” of their offices in Washington D.C. and pat themselves on the back thinking they’ve actually duped the American people into believing some alternate set of facts that have no basis in reality?  Or, are they so immersed in the false narratives day in and day out that they actually start to believe their own rhetoric?

No matter the reason, one narrative we’ve found particularly misleading this week comes to us courtesy of Marjorie Connolly, of the Department of Health and Human Services, who has the brutally difficult job of defending the “success” of Obamacare as it literally on the verge of collapse from soaring premiums and declining insurer participation.  While we certainly don’t envy the position of Connolly, we do find some of her comments to the press “slightly” misinformed.

As for Connolly’s suggestion that consumers will continue to have “robust” choices in 2017…we’re not sure that people in the majority of the Southeast and Midwest with only 1 “option” for 2017 would agree.

Only choice and competition can lower skyrocketing health care costs.

With few options, the Middle Class is at the mercy of the special interest insurers, drug companies, and the government.

The greed of the special interests and the government will always win.


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