Parents of Student Furious about What This Middle School Teacher Told Their Son

BibleTwelve-year-old Loyal Grandstaff, like some of the other students in his Missouri middle school, enjoys reading during his free time. The only difference is Loyal’s choice of reading material. He prefers reading his Bible. Recently, however, when he took out his Bible during free period, his teacher came over and told he would have to read something else.

An article in Western Journalism says:

Grandstaff explained that he was reading quietly and never subjected anyone else to the contents of the Bible.

“I was just reading because I had free time,” he said. “A time to do what I wanted to do, so I just broke it out and read.”

The student explained his teacher nonetheless told him he was not allowed to open it in class.

The Marshall, Mo., middle school student explained that the Bible is his favorite book, noting that he chose to read it to himself during a free period last month.

“He doesn’t want me reading it in his class because he don’t believe it,” the student said of his teacher, “because he feels like he’s shut down.”

His parents are prepared to fight for the seventh grader’s right to read the book of his choice. Justin Grandstaff, the student’s father, said the teacher’s action not only “violated his freedom of religion but also his freedom of speech.”

The concerned parent went on to compare his son’s solitary activity to the behavior of many of the school’s other students.

“There’s kids walking around disrespecting their teachers,” he said, “kids walking around cussing and everything else; and they’re practically getting in no trouble at all.”

Bueker Middle School Principal Lance Tobin said Bibles are not banned on school grounds, but he does not yet have enough information to discuss the specific’s of this case.

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