Why Paul Ryan Needs to Step Down From His Position

60961129_mPaul Ryan continually shows animosity towards Donald Trump. He waited until very late to endorse the Republican nominee, and he still criticizes him any chance he gets.

After the decade-old tape of Donald Trump making inappropriate comments about women was released, Ryan canceled a meeting with him. Even though the words were not the kindest, Ryan has no business openly rejecting his Party’s nominee.

Trump took to Twitter to express his frustration. He took a jab at Paul Ryan that many agree with.

“Paul Ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fighting Republican nominee.”

Ryan has responsibilities as Speaker of the House, and he needs to attend to those. Instead, he chooses to spend his time bashing Trump. Sources say he is focusing on keeping a Republican majority in the House and Senate. However, that will not matter with a Democrat in the White House. We see that now with Obama and a conservative Congress.

Other establishment politicians have greatly criticized Trump. Some have called for him to step down and for the GOP to give his position to a candidate they like better. The establishment fears Trump. Democrats and Republicans alike are quick to attack him. However, they do this because they know he will put an end to their corruption.

If Republicans want a conservative in the White House, it is time to put personal issues aside. The next President will be choosing Supreme Court justices. The next President will change this country for good or for much worse.

Donald Trump is the Republicans’ only chance. If Hillary is elected, she will appoint liberal SCOTUS justices and reject any law proposed by conservatives. Conservatives will not have another victory in Washington for at least the next decade.

It is time for Paul Ryan and the other establishment politicians to get on board with Trump. They will if they know what is good for this country’s future. He will put an end to the corruption, even theirs, in Washington, and that is what they fear. However, the American people elected those lawmakers to serve them, and that is what they need to do.

GOP, put your personal problems with Trump aside. The only other option is Hillary Clinton. Even if Trump is not the candidate you want, Hillary is even further from that. Do what is best for the American people, or soon, there may not be an America anymore.

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